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IXLeeds 2 Members update

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IXLeeds 2 Technical Update

  1. 1. IXLeeds Technical UpdateIXLeeds 2 / 12 of September 2012Thomas Mangin
  2. 2. Technical UpdateSince IXLeeds 1 ....Work on our core servicesEmailNew switching platformLooking GlassRoute ServerBehind the scene
  3. 3. Mailing ListsLIThe initial Leeds Interconnect groupopsfor operational discussionplease make sure you are subscribedmembersfor members discussionvery low volumeevent-announcenew mailing list, subscribe if you want to know about IXLeeds’ events.http://mailman.ixleeds.net/mailman/listinfo/members
  4. 4. Contacting us by mailnoc@ixleeds.net , peering@ixleeds.netany problems with the LAN or servicesgoes to andy and thomasplease do _not_ send only one of us direct mailssupport@ixleeds.net , info@ixleeds.netany question about ixleedsgoes to the whole board (currently)directors@ixleeds.netthe board email address
  5. 5. Migration to the Brocade RX8Installation and Migration in MarchSurprises during installationBack to front installation (wrong cold aisle)Front to side airflow intake for powerSide to side air-flow intake for the switchOvernight workNo complicationPort security works well (some of you know about it)Thank you tofor the donation and the configuration template / manualsAndy and Craig for their help on the night
  6. 6. Right location
  7. 7. First Uplink
  8. 8. CompletedInstallation
  9. 9. Switch UtilisationCapacity16x 10GB ports96x 1GB portsUtilisation1x 100 Mb portprevious route collector (still doing IPv6)21x 1 Gb port12 1.5k VLAN members2 9k VLAN members7 Infrastructure ( 4x servers, 2x route servers, uplink )2x 10 Gb membernew member port plugged (with PI)
  10. 10. TrafficTraffic at the exchangeStill driven by a very few membersMost networks are eyeballsOver 300 Mb this AutumnThis week around 100 MbLive graphs ?changed a few time the backend(witchtrial on previous server, cacti, going to FranceIX)need to be merged to keep historydifferent RRD format .. not as simple as it sounds at first.ETA: with SFlow or before
  11. 11. New Looking GlassNew tools availablehttp://lg.ixleeds.net/by Daniel Piekacz (in the room) from Exa Networksusing ExaBGP (our current route-collector)Publicly released last weekhttps://code.google.com/p/gixlg/Already other public location using it ..http://www.freestone.net/lg/
  12. 12. New Looking GlassA few glitches to ironNothing major.I am on it ...Still not completed.IPv6 still on Cisco ..Google “IPv6 vlan ubuntu bug” (now fixed)
  13. 13. Looking GlassPublic visibility of the collector
  14. 14. Looking GlassRoute information
  15. 15. Looking GlassRoute information
  16. 16. Looking GlassRoute information
  17. 17. GIXLG in a network
  18. 18. Visualise your Paths
  19. 19. More Specific
  20. 20. Route ServersFinally ... They are readyThank you tofor sharing their work with usAndy for installing the server and configuring them ...You can connect !Collector : / AS 51526RS1 : / AS 57932RS2 : / AS 57932Not yet available on the 9k LAN“Preempting : No Martin, no IPv6. At least not yet”
  21. 21. Behind the sceneIntranetdatabase driven- members- roles- phone- email- infrastructure- location- swith(es)- linecards- ports- vlans
  22. 22. Behind the sceneIntranet
  23. 23. Behind the sceneIntranetWe are missing contact information for a fewmembers, we will be contacting you shortly.
  24. 24. Behind the scenecontinued ...Quickly* to not be too boringPaper .. workThe connection policy ratifiedRIPE resources request and transferDocumentation (network, servers, ...)Server .. workNew servers installation and maintenanceWEB, DNS, NTP, SYSLOG, MAIL/Mailing Lists, ...Offsite backupsWebsite .. workWebsite (DB integration) whizz-kid anywhere ?Late .. workquite a _lot_ on our todo lists .....* Yes I can speak even faster
  25. 25. Technical Updatetime is limited .. problem happensSFLOW statusLAN issuesand lesson learned
  26. 26. SFLOWA work in progress.Thank you very much toFor sharing their work with us ..is there any IX we did not borrow something from ?Planning to make their work generic.And release it to every Euro-IX membersSome work leftThe code is good, need cleanup and making generic
  27. 27. IssuesOne global LAN issueall the port went downrequired a reboot of the switchfound an issue with remote syslog ...Many port security violationA few member suffering from MAC leaksRoute CollectorTwo separate issues (one in April) not service affecting (one last week)Fixed quickly (but some members left their session down)left members without session while it was updated / fixed
  28. 28. IssuesWhat did we learnNeed for better (external) monitoringMembers were faster to detect the fault than we wereBetter out of band solutionMake sure we have console OOBThe right console cables is now left on-siteWe could not access the switch before the reboot :(
  29. 29. Technical UpdateNew services9K VLANPrivate InterconnectMore services ?
  30. 30. 9,000 Bytes MTU VLANInspiration : draft-mlevy-ixp-jumboframes-00Took some convincing to get RIPE to agree ..Allows to pass encapsulated traffic unfragmentedL2TP, SAN, ...Requires a new portNo extra cost - Just ask for itNew Service
  31. 31. New ServiceMember to Member PIProvided by many IXeshttps://www.euro-ix.net/tools/ixp_matrix“vlan services”Possible onexisting port as a VLANmost practical, preferred routeon a dedicated portfor free (as long as we have no port pressure constraint)Like normal peering LAN, two optionsIPv4 / IPv61500 / 9000 Bytes MTU
  32. 32. Moving Forward ..Starting new services ?Private User GroupPoint to Multi-PointStill BGP between different speakersProvide more value to our membersstarting partnership to become as well a plaform for servicesA marketplace for transit ?Allowing different joining condition for foreign networks ?Require a consultationBoard strategic review on new servicesPresentation to members for a vote
  33. 33. Technical UpdateGood of the internetL-ROOTM-LABNews ServiceMore ?
  34. 34. Looking ForwardIX helping to keep traffic localone of the reason for peeringIX helping with resiliencepeering is distributedIX helping internet researchhelps our members
  35. 35. For the good of the internetProviding connectivity to friendly organisationL-ROOT DNS ServerConnecting an AnyCast DNS serverProvide resilience for DNSGoogle “godaddy outage million sites”M-LABMeasurement Lab (M-Lab) is an open, distributedserver platform for researchers to deploy Internetmeasurement tools.
  36. 36. For the good of the t’interwebNews servicerequested by a memberaccess to usenet news to your customers via IXLeedsbinary free to begin withonce online, point your DNS to it :DAny more ?mirror of popular sites ? Distribution, etc.others
  37. 37. Questions?thomas@ixleeds.net