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Italian chestnuts


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My aim is to bring the Italian chestnuts b2b trade to a new stage, where quality, volumes and programmes are managed at a higher level of skill and guarantee.

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Italian chestnuts

  1. 1. Italian ChestnutsMy aim is to bring the Italianchestnuts b2b trade to anew stage, where quality,volumes and programmesare managed at a higherlevel of skill and guarantee
  2. 2. 2012: a tough season for Italian chestnuts• The Italian chestnut industry faced two major challenges during the 2012 season: the summer drought and the gall wasp.• Many traditional packers had to drastically reduce their volumes, others had to close down their operation due to a lack of volumes.
  3. 3. A new wave• We can offer consistent supply from major Italian chestnuts specialists, bringing a new wave of professionalism into the business. The current customer base includes all main Italian and UK supermarkets.• Volumes of fresh chesnuts and marrons have steadily increased in the last years to 14,000 tons in 2012.
  4. 4. Keys to growthThe growth is based on simple milestones:• a constructive approach to develop customer loyalty based on shared strategies about quality, availability and prices;• own chestnuts and marrons farms;• a national network of growers centered around storage and collection facilities in all main Italian growing areas;• one-site centralized packaging operations in the North of Italy;• long term storage to cover the spring business (January to March);• only water treatment on conventional chestnuts, no chemicals used;• NOP certified organic crops;• an integrated production flow which includes semi-finished products (deep frozen peeled chestnuts and marrons) and finished products (prepacked fresh and dry chestnuts, glaze marrons);• partnerships with growers and packers in the main European growing areas.
  5. 5. We are open to new trading partnersWe are open to new trading partners for fresh chestnuts who:• can develop a relationship based on long-term mutual development;• need a strong supply partner to back up their quality and volume commitments for supermarket programmes;• require a guaranteed flow of produce from the beginning of October onward;• are looking to a modern and professional partner for Italian chestnuts.
  6. 6. ContactsThomas Drahorad(Business development)English, italiano, español, francais, DeutschLinkedin profile thomas@ncx.itTel. +39-059-7863815 skype thodraItalian Chestnuts on Internet:Website Google+ Facebook