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Adventures of piggles


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Adventures of piggles

  1. 1. An HACEY BOOK ADVENTURES OF PIGGLES ©2009 The purpose of this book is to help children understand how to make their environment a better place to live and also encourage them to take actions. Children and parents will find it fun to read, share and enjoy.
  2. 2. Written by: Robinson Rhoda Illustrated by: HACEY creativity centre For more information, questions or comment email: or visit All rights reserved.
  4. 4. It was the middle of the school break and Piggles was visiting his cousins in Bluelily hills. He would be staying for a few weeks and his cousins had planned many things they would do together. They lived close to Greenwood forest and played a lot among the trees that grew there. Piggles had just woken up when he heard his cousins playing outside. “Come on sleepy head” called Paul, the eldest of his four cousins, “we have lots of places we want to take you to”. Piggles got out of bed and went to clean up. He took a bath and brushed his teeth, then went to have breakfast. When the dishes were done, Piggles and his cousins set out to Greenwood forest. The trees were tall and thin, unlike the trees they had in Greenvalley, which were thick and had many leaves. “There used to be a lot of trees here, but most of them have been cut down” Anne said as they walked through them. “That‟s awful,” Piggles said as he passed a tree stump.
  5. 5. “Yes, but what can we do? The wood is used to make furniture and for wood to start dinner and a fire when it‟s cold. Soon all the trees will be gone and then we‟ll have to look somewhere else”. As his cousins pointed out different flowers and animals to Piggles, he could not help but think about what would happen to the forest soon. Bluelily hills had more animals living there than they had in Greenvalley and soon they would have nowhere to stay. There had to be something Piggles could do to save the forest, but what? It was lunchtime when the little pigs came back home. Their mother had made them a picnic basket so they could have lunch in the garden. They kids were delighted and hurriedly set the blanket on the grass under the oak tree. As they
  6. 6. ate, a little squirrel scampered up and down the tree gathering nuts to store for winter. “What a busy little animal‟ said Piggles “by the time winter comes he‟ll have a lot of nuts in store”. “That‟s just Roger,” Paul said, “He gathers nuts all the time but the problem is he hardly remembers where he buries them”. “Yeah,” giggled Lily, the youngest “He‟s getting pretty old and forgets things so we feed him during the winter”. “But where are all the nuts he gathers?” asked Piggles a little puzzled. “They grow where he buries them”. John, who was Paul‟s twin said. “One year during spring, we found little oak seedlings springing from the ground by the house. Roger had buried them there last summer and forgotten all about them”. Just then, Piggles had a brilliant idea. He knew exactly how they could save the forest.
  7. 7. Just before supper, Piggles left the house and walked by himself to Greenwood forest. He wanted to see if his idea could be done. He walked through the tress searching the grass as he passed by each tree. Just when he thought he would not find what he was looking for, he spotted it next to a flower beneath one of the trees. There in his hand was the answer. “We‟ll just do what Roger does, bury them and forget about them,” Piggles told his cousins during supper as he showed them the seed he had found in the forest. “They‟ll grow into big trees and have seeds and they‟ll be more trees in Bluelily hills then you can imagine”. “Are you sure this will work?” asked John “I‟m sure Roger buried more than one seed.” “Then we‟ll do just that” Paul said, standing up “We‟ll gather as many seeds as we can and we‟ll bury them where the trees should be.” “But we are just seven,” Lily said, “Bluelily is bigger than just seven.”
  8. 8. “We‟ll get the other kids from school to join. I‟m sure their parents won‟t mind when we tell them, and they could help.” The little pigs talked about their plan to save Greenwood forest till it was bedtime. In the morning, they would go to each house and ask them to join in. By mid morning, there were twenty-six children armed with baskets ready to go seed hunting. Some parents went with them to make sure they did not get lost or hurt in the forest and to help with the picking. When it was lunch, the children gathered in the park to know how much seed they had. They had gathered sixteen baskets full of seeds! That was a lot of seeds.
  9. 9. “I don‟t think there‟s enough space in the forest to plant all these seeds,” Anne said, a little crest fallen. “Then we‟ll just have to find space somewhere else” Piggles said. The grown-ups were very impressed with what the children had done. “I‟m sure the Mayor of Bluelily hill could find somewhere for you to plant your seeds” said Mrs. Bison. They went home hopeful that they would be given somewhere to plant their seeds. “Do you think we‟ll get a place to plant our seeds?” asked Lily when they were in bed at night. “I hope so,” replied Paul “I can‟t think of any other way we can save the forest.” They all slept, dreaming of a new forest full of sturdy trees with lots of leaves. The next morning, when the kids were out in the garden, a message came for the Mayor for them.
  10. 10. “The Mayor would like to see us,” said Piggles as he read the letter. “He asked that we meet him for tea this afternoon.” “We get to have tea with the Mayor,” exclaimed Anne “This is going to be so much fun.” The Mayor was in his garden at home when Piggles and his cousins arrived. “Young lads!” boomed the Mayor in his loud voice “It‟s good to have you here. Come have some tea.” After tea, they sat down to have a little extra cake. “This little town is very grateful to you young lads. You‟ve found a way to save the forest and provide the next generation with a source of wood.” The Mayor got up and stood before Piggles and his cousins. “We had a little meeting yesterday with everyone in Bluelily hill and we‟ve all decided to make a little contribution to this seed planting you‟ve started.” The Mayor called his aid, Mr. Trump, and whispered something into his ear. A few minute later, Mr. Trump came back with a rolled up paper beneath his arm, which he gave
  11. 11. the Mayor. He opened it out and it showed a map of all Bluelily hill. “You see this area here,” said the Mayor, pointing to a rather large area on the map. “This is where you and your friends are going to plant all does wonderful seeds you‟ve been collecting.” The Mayor turned the map so Piggles and his cousins could see clearly where he was referring. “Everyone has agreed to help you with the planting. So by tomorrow be sure to be there in your overalls for some planting.” With that the mayor shook each of their hands thanking them, and bade them a good day.
  12. 12. Piggles couldn‟t believe it. It was the next day and they were standing on the large piece of land that the mayor had given them; it was even bigger than Greenwood forest! It had been called Lily Park and everyone who lived in Bluelily hill was there in his or her overalls ready to plant the seeds. Through the morning and most of the day, they planted seeds that would eventually grow into strong trees. They took breaks in between and talked of how nice it would all look when the trees were grown. They decided to make it a tradition in Bluelily hill. For every tree that was cut down, they would plant more in its place. Piggles spent the rest of his stay playing in the hills with his cousins, and sometimes they would go and play in Lily Park and imagine what it would look like when all the trees were grown.
  14. 14. It was a Saturday morning and Piggles and his family were doing their house cleaning. Each of them had a particular chore that they had to complete by mid morning when they would all sit down and have a late breakfast of eggs, homemade bread, and some home-cooked broth. Piggles was assigned to taking care of the garden, and of course, cleaning his room. Piggles enjoyed taking care of the garden. He loved watching things grow and taking care of them. He picked up his garden towel and watering can, and a pair of pruning forks, then went to their garden and began pulling out the weeds and watering the flowers. When he was through, he washed his hands before entering the house and kept all his things he had taken out back in the shed. His room was not really in a mess so he was able to finish cleaning up in time for breakfast. Piggles and his family sat down for breakfast and talked about things they had planned for the day. Piggles was going to visit a friend of his, Peter the hedgehog, and they were going to the park with their other friends. After breakfast, Piggles and his sisters washed the dishes and placed them back in their proper places.
  15. 15. Piggles walked over to Peter‟s house, which was just beside Cherrywood forest. “Good morning ma‟am,” Piggles greeted Mrs. Hedgehog. “Peter and I are going the park this morning.” “That‟s nice Piggles, it‟s a beautiful morning and I think Peter should be through with his breakfast by now. Why don‟t you go in and check on him.” Piggles walked into the house as Peter was clearing the breakfast table. “Hello Peter, are you almost ready?” Piggles asked as he walked over to help Peter carry some dishes. “Good morning Piggles.” Peter replied with a smile. He had been waiting for Piggles to come over, he had something important to tell him. “I just need to wash the dishes and I‟ll be ready to go. But we might have to make a stop on the way to park.” As they washed the dishes together, Peter told him about the stop they were making. One of their friends, Beverly Beaver, was ill and had not been in school for a couple of days.
  16. 16. “We definitely have to go by her house,” said Piggles. They told Mrs. Hedgehog that they would be going over to Beverly‟s before meeting with their friends. Luckily, Beverly lived by the park where they were supposed to meet. When they got to Beverly‟s house, they noticed that the place was oddly quiet. “That‟s strange,” Piggles muttered to himself, “there‟s always something going on in Beverly‟s house.” When they got there, they had to knock for a while before the door was opened by Beverly‟s father. “Morning Piggles, Peter” Mr. Beaver greeted them with a sniffle. He also looked sick and carried a handkerchief with him.
  17. 17. “You must be here to see my little Beverly. It would make her feel better to see her friends. Why don‟t you come in.” Mr. Beaver invited them in and led them to Beverly‟s room. “Please try to be quiet. You see, Beverly‟s mother and sisters are also feeling under the weather,” he said as he shut the door behind them. Beverly lay on her bed with her blanket drawn up to her chin. “Hello Piggles, hello Peter, it‟s so nice of you to visit” Beverley‟s voice was hoarse and underneath her eyes were swollen. She looked very, very sick. “Oh my! We didn‟t know you were this sick, or the whole class would have been here to see you.” Peter said quietly so as not to disturb the rest of the house. “It looks like your whole family is sick Beverly,” Piggles said, “what‟s wrong?” “We really don‟t know.” Beverly replied sadly. ”One minute we are all having dinner, and the next morning we are all sick. Although my daddy was the last to fall sick.”
  18. 18. “I‟m really sorry you‟re feeling so bad,” Piggles said. “Yeah, me too. I hope you feel better soon,” Peter added. They talked for a while longer before they said goodbye and left. “I wonder what made Beverly‟s family sick?” said Piggles. “Maybe it‟s something they ate, or drank or something.” Peter guessed. Piggles thought for a while and decided that maybe he might be able to help. They told the rest of their friends about Beverly and her family‟s illness and that maybe it was something they had eaten. They knew the Beavers ate fishes mostly so they decided to go to the river to see if there was something wrong. There were six of them so Piggles split them into two groups of three, one group to go upstream and the other to go down stream. Piggles, Peter and Sam the tortoise went up stream while Red the fox, Bill the cuckoo and Paul the skunk went down stream. Piggles and his friends followed the river upstream checking if there was anything peculiar about the river. Just when they were about to give up and turn round, they spotted
  19. 19. something floating downstream. Curious, they fetched it out of the river. It was an empty soda can! What was that doing in the river, thought Piggles. They walked on and finally got to the source of the problem. There was a huge pile of garbage beside the river, which was gradually spilling into the river! “So that‟s what‟s making the river bad!” Piggles exclaimed. “No wonder the Beavers are so sick. The garbage is polluting the river. I‟m sure they must have been swimming in the river as well.” “This isn‟t good.” muttered Peter “Who knows how many other families are sick because they‟ve been swimming in the river or getting their food from it.”
  20. 20. “We have to do something quick.” Piggles faced his friends “We have to clean the river.” They went back to the park were the rest of the group was waiting. “We didn‟t find anything,” said Paul the skunk. “But we did” said Piggles. He told them about the garbage that was spilling into the river and how it was probably the reason why the Beavers were sick. “We‟ll clean the river and move the garbage from the bank to stop it from spilling back in.” Piggles said. “I‟ll ask my daddy where the garbage can be moved to, but first let‟s clean the river.” Piggles and his friends got some fishing nets, rakes, rods and shovels. They started by first moving the garbage heap away from the bank to stop it from spilling back in, then they used the nets and rods to fetch the garbage out of the river. They worked all morning and by lunchtime, they were through.
  21. 21. “We need to make signs along the riverbank so that garbage doesn‟t get dumped here anymore.” Piggles said as they sat down to rest. “We‟ll make them using cardboards,” said Bill “and nail it to wooden beams so we can plant them in the ground and everyone who passes can see them.” “Everyone should make at least two sign post,” said Red, “We‟ll come back after lunch and place them along the bank of the river.” They all went home excited about the signposts they were going to make. They had been thought in class how to use
  22. 22. markers and crayons to write in big letter blocks on cardboard so it could be seen from afar. When Piggles got home, he told his father all they had done that morning. “Looks like you‟ve had a busy morning son” his father said “I‟ll tell you what, I‟ll get you the wooden beams you need and I‟ll go see Mr. Skunk. I think he has a truck we can use to move the garbage somewhere else where it won‟t make anyone sick.” Piggles was very happy. He made three big signposts. One of his signpost read „DON‟T DUMP GARBAGE BY THE RIVER‟. He wrote it in big red letters on a plain white cardboard. By the time the group assembled again after lunch, they had sixteen signposts and placed all of them along the riverbank. Piggles‟ father came in Mr. Skunk‟s truck with some of the other parents and moved the garbage away from the river. They also brought waste baskets that Piggles and his friends placed around so garbage could be put in them instead of in the river.
  23. 23. At the end of the day, Piggles and his friends were given presents for cleaning the river and Piggles mother made them a chocolate cake, which they all enjoyed.
  25. 25. It was getting close to the end of spring and Piggles was very excited. Soon it would be time for the school talent show. Piggles enjoyed participating in the school‟s shows and was very happy it was here again. “Rehearsals for the school talent show will be stating soon,” said Miss. Tenderfoot in class one day. “I hope you all will participate.” “We will.” chorused the class. After school, Piggles and his friends gathered in the playground. “What will you be doing at the show?” asked Sam. “I don‟t know yet” said Piggles thoughtfully, “but I‟ll think of something. I could always do a recital though.” “I am going to do a juggling act,” Bill said proudly. Everyone laughed, they all knew Bill could not juggle but he tried every time. On his way home, Piggles passed by the bookstore to say hello to Mr. Williams, the owl.
  26. 26. “Why, if it isn‟t my favorite pig.” Mr. Williams said when he spotted Piggles. “How are you Piggles?” “Good afternoon Mr. Williams, I‟m very well, thank you.” “I have a new book in store today” Mr. Williams told Piggles, “would you like to see it?” Piggles loved reading and was delighted that Mr. Williams had offered to show him the new book. Piggles took the book form him and sat down to go through it. The book was about the environment and the things that were happening to it. “Can I buy the book, sir?” Piggles asked.
  27. 27. “I tell you what Piggles,” said Mr. Williams “since I still have to put the book on show, I‟ll lend it to you for a while and when you‟re through, you can return it.” Piggles thanked him and hurried home. In his room, Piggles sat on the bed and opened the book. He read about how the climate was changing and why it was changing “Oh no!” Piggles said, “This isn‟t good. The environment is changing and not for the better. I don‟t think anyone knows about it.” Piggles took the book and went over to see his friend Peter the hedgehog. “All the smoke and waste we make is changing the climate,” Piggles said to Peter. “I didn‟t know we were doing so much harm” Peter said sullenly “what can we do?” “We could let people know how much they are hurting the environment and causing a climate change” Piggles said “and tell them how they can stop by reducing their carbon footprint”
  28. 28. “What is a carbon footprint?” asked Peter puzzled. “It‟s the amount of carbon you produce” Piggles said “it says in the book that all the fuel we burn releases carbon in to the environment and right now there‟s too much carbon which is causing the change.” “Oh dear!” Peter said getting more depressed, “maybe that‟s why last summer was so hot and winter so dreadfully cold.” “I think so,” said Piggles thoughtfully. “We have to let everyone know what‟s going on and how they can prevent it.” “But how?” asked Peter “how do we get everyone together to listen to what we have to say?” “The school talent show!” Piggles exclaimed. They were going to give a drama performance at the school talent show. That way, everyone who watched would get the message and be able to do something about the climate change. “But we‟ll need actors.” thought Piggles. Before supper, Piggles and Peter went to each of their friend‟s houses and told them about the climate change and how they could tell
  29. 29. everyone else. They all agreed to meet the next day in school during break to begin rehearsals for the play. During break the next day, Piggles and his friends gathered in the playground. Piggles had already informed Miss. Tenderfoot that they would be performing a play during the talent show and she was very pleased. “What are the characters in the play?” asked Red the fox. “How many scenes are we doing?” asked Sam the tortoise. “Do I get to wear a costume?” asked Beverly the Beaver. Piggles arranged everyone in line and assigned a part to each. Beverly was in charge of costumes and Peter in charge of refreshments. Piggles was going to be the director, which
  30. 30. was fine with everyone. The bell for the end of the break rang and they had to stop rehearsing. “We‟ll meet after school at the park,” said Piggles as they walked back into class. The talent show was in two weeks and Piggles and his friends worked hard during rehearsals. Mrs. Hedgehog made muffins and sandwiches for them and sometimes, the other parents too would send them a meal. Mrs. Beaver made the costumes for them, which they would wear, one the day of the talent show. It was the day of the talent show and Piggles and his friends were rehearsing for the last time. “Do you think we will do alright?” asked Sam a little doubtfully. “Of course we will” Beverly said self-confidently. “We rehearsed well and we all know our line so we‟ll do fine.” The talent show started by 1:00pm. The principal welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Then he introduced the anchor for the event that was going to call the
  31. 31. participants on stage. There were kids doing juggling acts, magic, singing and other wonderful things. The audience clapped after each performance and were really enjoying themselves. “It‟s our turn next,” said Piggles a little nervous when the lat act finished performing. Piggles and his friends were called on stage and they began their act. Sam acted as the climate, and when Red acted as though he was burning wood and causing a lot of smoke, his face turned sad. Piggles, who was the rain refused to come out and Bill, who was the sun danced around hotter and hotter. Peter acted as the wind and came blowing strong and hard causing a lot of damage. At the end, Red stopped causing so much smoke and Sam was happy again. The audience stood and clapped when the play was over and Piggles and his friends left the stage. Piggles had another performance to give in the talent show. It was a recital about the environment and climate change, and how our actions were doing more harm than good to the environment.
  32. 32. After the show, the parents and children gathered on the playground where a meal had been arranged. “That was a wonderful performance,” said the principal to Piggles and his friends. “I never knew we were causing so much damage with the little things we did. “ Some of the parents who were around agreed with the principal. They had not thought about what was happening to the climate and how it could affect them. “From now on” said Mrs. Mutton, “I‟ll watch my carbon footprint and make sure it‟s as little as possible so I don‟t leave a mark on the environment.”
  33. 33. The other parents agreed to also reduce their carbon footprint and watch what they do to the environment. Piggles and his friends had helped them understand how they could help themselves and their environment.
  34. 34. OUR PAST ACTIVITIES AND PROJECTS IN BRIEF. HACEY 1st World AIDS day (Dec. 1st, 2007) focused on addressing the challenges and chances available for people living with HIV/AIDS, and those living with them. ‘Let’s talk about sex’ (Nov. 30th, 2007) a symposium on the struggles faced by youths concerning reproductive health and the choices they make. Debate competition (Feb. 27th, 2008) enlightening the youths on the various activities that they engage in that affect the environment and what this pollution to the environment causes. World Health day (Apr. 7th, 2008) educating and informing the youths and general public about the effects of climate change, and how this affects their health. Also, enlightening them on what they can do to protect themselves and their families from these effects. PSN and SPAN National Conference (July. 13th, 2008) involved in the organizing of both events to promote the interest of the youths and on public health research to combat discovered hinderances to complete health. HACEY 2nd World AIDS day (Dec. 1st, 2008) focused on addressing the overlooked struggle of both the infected and the affected.
  35. 35. Health clubs in secondary schools (Mar. 2008) creating focus groups in secondary schools in Ilorin where students can be educated and get involved in health issues concerning them and their environment. World health day (Apr. 7th, 2009) spreading the information through telecommunication on how health institution can better improve their safety to enable them better provide service to the public. World malaria day forum (Apr. 28th, 2008) a coming together of students to discuss and proffer solutions that can be implemented to reduce the occurrence of malaria and reduce ignorance of causative factors of malaria. Other projects by the organization include: A health bulletin: PATH a medium to effectively spread the information of health throughout the society. Human development centre dedicated to developing the youths and students morally, mentally, emotionally, physically, etc using behavioural change methods and participation of every youth. Research centre undertaking research to discover and develop better methods of improving the health of our society, and provide valuable
  36. 36. information to help researchers carry out comprehensive data collection and interpretation. Book on HIV//AIDS titled ‘HIV/AIDS: the future of the infected and the affected’. To empower people with adequate and relevant knowledge on the effect of HIV/AIDS on those infected with the disease, and those that live with them or have been disadvantaged by the disease. Song on HIV/AIDS composed to pass the message that there can be a world where AIDS is no more a threat to humanity, and that we can all live together, both infected and those that aren’t, in harmony.