Vietnam – the paradise for 3 g users


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Vietnam – the paradise for 3 g users

  1. 1. 1Vietnam – the Paradise for 3G usersMarch, 2013John Navy was a British tourist to Vietnam. When he arrived inHanoi, as advised by the tour guide, he bought a pre-paid simcard for hissmart phone to communicate during the time he stayed in the country.Though he was told before that the telecommunication services inVietnam are very cheap, he really got surprised when he had to pay lessthan three dollars only to buy a VinaPhone simcard with the account valueof over five dollars.He was also told that 3G wave is ready everywhere, while the services arevery cheap. Especially, the tour guide assured that even if he uses thesimcards without inhibition, he would not use up all the money during hisstay in Vietnam.John and his friends could not imagine that in such a developing countrylike Vietnam would they be able to use 3G services anytime, anywhereand at such low prices. He could surf on Internet, chatted and made callsvia Skype and Viber without any interruption, no matter where he was, inHanoi or in Ninh Binh durig the excursion to the Bich Dong cavern.As the tour guide said, John had not used up the money in the simcardaccount until the last day in Vietnam. “The landscapes in Vietnam arewonderful, while the 3G services are incredible,” he said to the tour guidewhen he left.Not only John and the British tourists felt surprised about the developmentof the telecommunication infrastructure development in Vietnam. Other
  2. 2. 2foreigners got surprised that they could check mail, surf on Internet,accessed to Facebook, play mobile online game and made callseverywhere at such low fees, just one dollar for one month use. Especially,the communication was not interrupted even when they went to remoteareas.Over the last two years, the development of 3G services has slowed downin many countries due to the global economic crisis. Meanwhile, theinvestments in 3G networks in Vietnam still have been increasingsignificantly.By the end of 2012, the number of 3G subscribers in Vietnam had reached16 million. The mobile network operator that provides the service has sixmillion subscribers.In 2012, despite the economic crisis, the turnover from 3G services stillincreased significantly. VinaPhone, one of the three biggest mobilenetwork operators in Vietnam, has reported the high 60 percent growthrate in the year.It is VinaPhone, which has pioneered in upgrading 3G network into 3.5Gwith the maximum download speed of 21.6 Mbps and upload 5.76 Mbps.MobiPhone and Viettel are also following similar steps.However, mobile network operators have been advised to reduce theinvestments in 3G technology and pay more attention to increase theirturnover. While they have made heavy investments in the new technology,the number of 3G subscribers, though having been increasing rapidly, isstill modest, about 10 subscribers for every 100 people.Doan Quang Hoan, a senior official of the Ministry of Information andCommunication said at Mobile Vietnam 2012 that the ARPU in Vietnam isjust five dollars per subscriber, which is much lower than that in Japan (58dollars), South Korean (46 dollars).“The growth rate of the turnover is slower than the growth rate of thenumber of subscribers,” Hoan said.(Source: VTC)