Vietnam Online Mobile Game on August 2012


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Vietnam GMO 2012

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Vietnam Online Mobile Game on August 2012

  1. 1. Vietnam Game Mobile Online (GMO) market entered the "Land Mine" in August, 2012 Brian-NhaTrang 8/2012The fierce and intense competition between the GMO providers and the traditional MMO on PC, that raceis not inferior to each other on the market, indeed.Currently, GMO Increasingly showed itself to be a valuable resources with the ability to bring goodrevenue to the game pilishers (NPH), and the deployment process or the relatively operation are more"easier to breathe". Therefore, continuous titles in this category are to hit the market with further enhancein the quality of graphics and game play. Only for this month (Aug, 2012), Vietnam GMO market haswitnessed the birth of three promising name is MCVoLam3 ( MCGame or MCCorp), KyTien( MeCorp)and Emperor ( VTC). 1
  2. 2. Image of EmperorIt is easy to attract an attention from these gamer’s community of to mention of names-Emperor.Because of having a same developer with Minh Chau Online, that’s name of this pioneered mobile gamecategory in Vietnam, naturally seeing that the Emperor would own a superior quality graphics, detailedcharacter with the surrounding landscape for their game content.However, due to the game developers to take advantage of complicated configuration in game suchimages and effecting requiring Emperors players needs a new and strong phone can be enough to installand play. In addition, the games graphics is more common with Minh Chau, Van Kiem and the playershould not be easy to "forgetting and quitting Minh Chau game” for the other. 2
  3. 3. Image of Ky TienMeanwhile, KyTien has become ordinary solutions for the most gamers.Do not ask for anything more on phone configurations, players will be more easily accessible, despiteowning an “old” phone. Despite the cost of Ky Tien’s graphics quality decreased seriously, the detailsimage looks hard rough and no depth for player. This is not easily accepted, when especially that theplayer’s demand is continually raising up more to meet their own device. 3
  4. 4. MC VoLam3 (MCGame)It is easy to compare the two above products, MC Vo Lam 3 appeared to be a balance of both strength andreconcile features from the Emperor and Ky Tien, and added to more "flavor" of their game distinctcharacteristics. Game has a better compatibility with many different series of phone, ranging fromordinary to high quality graphics screen, and likely to remain relatively stable in game operation. Ofcourse the details will not actually like Ky Tien, Online, Emperor and Minh Chau, but completely enoughto satisfy the players - typically catching spectacular effects for the eye moves. Besides, the creating theimages and characters also evoke to the familiar to Swordsman’s fans. 4
  5. 5. In addition, MC Vo Lam 3 also impressed by the varieties of game play, quantity of unleash and richkungfu force option for gamers. Mcgame is also very skillful for launching MC Vo Lam 3 at this time,more or less "taking the best effect" of well-known brand name of Swordsman III, the hit and hot ofMMORPG’s titles from huge PC publisher- VNG, which plans about to publishing out in coming time.By combining these factors, on beta day, MC Vo Lam 3 has been released very successful with the firstnumerous download and log for play in impressively growth. That would be the premise for this mobilegame, which makes a breakthrough in the race against two remaining opponents still in the end of 2012. (Source: TagGame Blog) 5