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Vietnam online game on mobile phones gmo the rise of new empire 25-07-2012


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Vietnam online game on mobile phones gmo the rise of new empire 25-07-2012

  1. 1. Online Game on Mobile Phones (GMO): The Rise of New Empire HCM, Brian-(Source: Game Magazine-issued on 07/2012)There is a very easy to see that mobile games have a limitation of graphics and game playinteraction compared to PC games and web games. However, in last two years, the game for thephone has transformed itself and increasingly strong foothold in the Vietnamese community ofgame players.The Revolution of SmartphoneThere are many reasons to explain this. First, since the boom of smart phones generation, it canbe configured from quite high one to have been distributed to consumers with increasinglycheaper prices. Thus, limited graphics have been substantially reduced with the universal mobilephone to every hamlet or remote village in Vietnam. It’s not mention to most of the games onfeatures phones, which is written on the Java platform, it was just an opportunity to put afootprint in the market of mobile game content entertainment. The diversity of online mobile game supported for all OS platformThe second factor is the content of mobile game has improved significantly, thanks to the richand diversified general development of the world. If, as before, with a minimum system, due to
  2. 2. the limitation in terms of resources should the developer can only build a small game, as simpleas BrickBreaker, Solitaire, Sudoku ... Today, with the advantage of technology, online mobilegame has become so popular, the publisher has not stopped supplying these products to marketwith numerous unique and attractive features, and it’s not vastly inferior to PC or browser game.The Age of GMO EmperorIn the first days of "the empire of online mobile game," easily could name as the Minh Chau(MC Corp), Lord of the Rings (VTC), Avatar ... Perhaps with gaming interests brought from theold kungfu story "kiếm hiệp in Vietnamese words”, it has taken root in the blood of the gamers,so Minh Chau was quite favorable when approaching the player in gaming market and nothingstranger to the MMORPG game. "The feeling of playing a mobile game with almost the fullfeatures as online PC game is too great!" a Minh Chau gamer said.Along with the ongoing development of this new trend-, the publisher has been slowly realizingthat this GMO is a lucrative and potential market that has proven the success of Minh Chau Corp(Mcgame). Over the past year, MC Corp has articularly launched over six products of mobilegame like as Minh Chau, Minh Chu Vo Lam, Tru Than, Van Kiem and Vo Lam 3 will bereleased in late July / 2012, the same row series of "secret project" of this outstanding publisher.Together with the continuous development of this new trend, the publisher recognize that it is afertile and promising market that has been creating the success of the Ming Chau Corp. Do notwant to be outsiders, a "big one" in the field of online gaming is a publisher- VTC has alsojumped into the online mobile game with a series of projects after the acquisition of Avatar fromTeam Corp and Four Imperials, followed by Hao Thien and the latest Emperor proved theirambitious not small.However, keeping the position "King of GMO", Minh Chau is reaching for an internationallevel. In recent months, with Tru Than (a successful product of MC Corp.), Minh Chau hasstepped up to the top 20 Google rankings. It is could be said that the release of two Androidversion of this game did for that of the "blockbuster" became more intense. Besides, most of theMC Corp products support the maximum low level of symbian series like S40 or S60, this fullsupport should always be happy to the community of mobile game player and their enthusiasticresponseThe fire of GMO is so wide spreading and growing outbreaks than ever to continue as MC Corplaunched Van Kiem in May / 2012. These titles have been rated the most beautiful graphics onall current mobile OS platforms. The success of the Van Kiem in closed beta and official versionthat rocking the other publishers, who cannot sit still for missed their opportunity to take up in alucrative array of content. Therefore, a series of new product released after another, such as theHao Thien of VTC, Chien Than of Sgame and Phong Than of FPT.
  3. 3. A New "Legendary" On Mobile?The question is whether the advantages of readiness in engineering and a young market in thirstdemand like Vietnam market, online mobile game can create a new definition of online gamessuch as Swordsman of VNG (previously Vinagame). To answer that question, the Vietnam gamepulishers must prove by authentic products as well as their development of community of playersin the near future."Catching this trend in July, MC Corp will launch strategic products- MC Vo Lam 3. Designedwith the more simple controls and game stories are always interesting and attractive, MC VoLam 3 is very easy to play and suitable for many ages, especially young people. In eachadventure in game, a quickly action suffocated, or a part of the campaign a large scale are veryattractive and vibrant. I believe that with MC Vo Lam 3, Vietnamese players will be involved in amost perfect version on the phone so far, "said Nguyen Ngoc Dzung, the MC Corp’s director ofproduct. 8 Clans in MC Vo Lam 3
  4. 4. Known as Swordsman 3 on mobile so since the information of release in Vietnam, this game hasaroused waves "lives up to the golden age" of the Vo Lam game. The predicted successful of MCVo Lam 3 is not only is the victory of MC Corp, but also this is the motivation of the otherpublisher on the way to expand the empire of GMO. "It is entirely possible, as the mobile device is more modern and the user can easily access tonetwork and increasingly good infrastructure. Obviously, users will increasingly reach to GMOthan game on PC (PGO) ", Mr.Dzung said. ---------------------------The End----------------------------