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Vietnam mobile game 2013


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Published in: Business
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Vietnam mobile game 2013

  1. 1. Mobile Game Vietnam-GMO: Prediction for Market in 2013 27th, Jan 2013 - 23:46A busy year ahead for Vietnam mobile game marketAt the end of 2012, it‟s appropriate time for the Vietnamese mobile game publishers to summedup their achievements in 2012, in the fact that it is a year full of playing crowds and strong wavesof energize competition with a series of game titles such as VanKiem from MCgame, HaoThien-VTC mobile, PhongThan-FPT or ChienThan- Sgame. It becomes obvious that the Vietnammobile game market is still occurring in environment of high volatility and fierce in this year,2013.In recent, for the initial assessment through the several development ratio of the mobile market inVietnam, it could be seen that the period of smart-phones are booming with continues and newrelease of a product.Thus, mobile online games for mobile will become an attractive content of entertainment forVietnamese youth, instead of sitting in front of a computer; the player can join any battle at anytime and everywhere. In first period of the mobile games development, all publishers haveinitially no pay any attention on products investment as image and game-play, but only afteroperation time, almost of the publishers has been focused more their effort to make products in
  2. 2. perfect to meet the demandable mobile market. After only a very short time, online mobilegames have become a trend among young people today.The year 2012, also marked the success of the game VanKiem, a “key” product of popularpublisher- MCGame, in the reviewing opinion of the majority of players; it is the most beautifulgraphics and compatible to all mobile operation platforms. After tremendous success ofVanKiem , a lot of publishers probably are also the envy of the revenue generated from thisgame. It cause that it will open up an attractive and potentially rivaling market field for 2013The fact that, most of the online mobile games are came from China, besides the investment costof the mobile game products are also affordable, the operating system is also quite simple. Whilemobile gaming market is proven as a really potential sector. Therefore, the current majortraditional computer game – (PC game) publishers in Vietnam will be join in this market andusing their strong ability to conquer the attractive segment with their own launching andoperating strategy of much game titles in 2013.According to some information on review, in 2013, it is expected to launch two online mobileiOS (iPhone & ipad) and Android masterpieces from well-known brand as MCGame isMinhChau (three kingdoms) and Volamtruyenky3 (JX3- Swordsman). Meanwhile, VTC is alsoexpected to announce their first product is HoangDe (the Emperor), and the big as FPT and VNG(Vinagame), or Sgame must also eyeing on this lucrative market. In players „expectation, letswait for the most fascinating game coming launch in 2013.With this situation, the coming period will be a turbulent period of the online mobile gamingmarket.
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