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Vietnam mobile applications industry


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Currently, Vietnamese mobile phone users have a trend to searching for more smart applications that urges the mobile content providers to "engage" deeper into the challenging and promising industry of mobile applications in Vietnam.

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Vietnam mobile applications industry

  1. 1. Vietnam Mobile Applications Industry 04, Oct 2012 03:30 p.m - (Source: Infonet)Currently, Vietnamese mobile phone users have a trend to searching for more smartapplications that urges the mobile content providers to "engage" deeper into the challengingand promising industry of mobile applications in Vietnam.The Great Transformation in the Global Mobile Applications MarketIn July 2008, Apple-"the giant” has launched first mobile application store (App Store) with 500 exclusiveapplications for their particular products as iPhone, iPod ... This is considered as the "Big Bang" of thesmartphone revolution. So far, Apples App Store hits over 10 billion downloads last year with a morethan 4 millions of created applications, plugging the first flag on the path of mobile apps business of interms of both content and end-user experience.After the success of Apple, a series of followed mobile carrier launched its own application store, inparticular like the Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, and Blackberry App World ... The factor"Competition" appeared as a strong element in mobile applications market which is increasinglyexpanding in diversity of form and business model.Google Play Page 1
  2. 2. In fact, if five years ago, the phrase "mobile application on the market" is a very vague concept, it is nowgrowing with storm speed in accompanied filed of passion update technology, youth human resources,firm financial resources from small and large businesses in worldwide, that have been generating theturnover of U.S. $ 7 billion (2011) and it is sufficient to prove that the mobile application business isreally prospective, a fertile land of opportunity and worthy investment.Vietnam - "The Promised Land" for Mobile Apps BusinessAccording to recent research of Altimo fund (a non-profit organization was established with the aim tosupport social investment activities in emerging markets), "The West" includes North America andWestern EU - "the mother" of modern technology now only accounts for 40% of the total assets ofglobal telecommunications market. The scale and balance of power in the mobile industry is nowleaning towards the emerging markets, including Vietnam.According to the General Statistics Office (GSO), in the first month of 2012, the number of new phonesubscribers reached 832,200, up 15.4% from the same period of last year. Of which, mobile phonesubscribers accounted for 830,000, a year on year rise of 18.1% and the remaining 2,200 were fixedphone subscribers, down 88% on year. Accordingly, till the end of January 2012, Vietnam had about 134million phone subscribers, including 15.5 million fixed phone users and 118.5 million mobile phonesubscribers. In addition, the country’s number of broadband Internet subscribers reached 4.3 million, up18.7% on year with about 33.4 million users. Vietnam is considered as a potential market; monetizeattractive and much blank space for mobile applications business.Addition, the Vietnamese psychology of the is very curious and loves to grab the latest trend and preferto own their new and brand things, so many market experts also really surprised by the marketpenetration of smart phones, which has been warmly welcome and rapid replace the features phones ina very short time.Moreover, the Vietnam network operators have a strong investment in deployment of 3G infrastructurein nationwide and offering the cheap package of data fee, aimed at the majority of users in range of agefrom 15 to 24... Vietnam is suitable for an appropriate conditions and opportunity to boosting up thedevelopment of mobile application industry.Mobile Game - “Wind of Change"Recently, rising from the massive invasion of smartphones, electronic games industry is powerful growth.Huge profits created from the classic game in the world ... and the terms "gift from the God" in Vietnamhas become the driving force making enterprises tending to do the mobile game business.Scanning on the dozens of publishers on the market such as MinhChau Corp. (MCCorp), VTC, Smobi,Iwin ... Most of their products are the popular mobile title game in China, customized in Vietnameselanguage and launched to the market. The advantage of these products is compelling content, simpleplay, supports most operating systems from Symbian to Android, iOS. Page 2
  3. 3. Online mobile game can be played on both feature phones and smartphonesActually, well development in two years, mobile game is the new kind of mobile application in Vietnam,but not so that the "falling away" before the application in the world. On March, two game MinhChau,TruThan of MCCorp reached top 20 Google Play rankings for the worlds most attractive and popularmobile applications. In particular, in August this year, the game MC Vo Lam 3 has broke himself recordto stepping up into the top four rankings. This demonstrates that the Vietnamese mobile game markethas certain influence on the international scene.In SummaryWith a dynamic market and the market such as Vietnam, together with the available technicaladvantages, the businesses following the mobile application industry is an inevitable trend. However, itis standing in front the problem how to maintain the growth, and has more Vietnamese-brandedproducts. This should needs to macro strategy and more professional activities.(More reference: ) Page 3