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2011 vietnamese game market


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2011 vietnamese game market

  1. 1. 2011 Vietnamese Game Market: Year in Review Brian, Hanoi 3, 2012While the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) hasnt permittedcompanies to publish new online games, a chance has arisen for browser-based games and socialgames. Publishing web games is simple and easy, since the MIC hasnt designated them as onlinegames, instead treating them as Internet resources -- just the same as a website.So through this loophole, operators have freely published anything they want, without needingpermission from the MIC, as long as it can be called a web game. Operators can actuallystillpublish client-based online games without authorization, too. They just need to place theirservers overseas, register a .com domain, and launch the game.As the result, there were around 60 online games published in 2011, almost are webgames,including a few famous games such as Chinese Heroes Online, Loong Online, Dragonica,andLeague of Legends. In contrast, theres no lack of popular online games shutting down, suchas Atlantica Online, Rune of Magic, Band Master, and HotStep.Thats fewer shutdowns than last year, when twenty-two MMOs were closed due to variousreasons, but unfortunely, a lot of companies were penalized. In August, the HCM City DIC armof MIC fined many operators, included Minh Chau Entertainment JSC- MCC, EPI Technology,VTC Mobile-owned VTC Corp., VC Corp., Tinh Van Communication, Vinaphone, FGame, xGo,Speed E-Commerce, Gamevang.coms owner, Digital Solution, Blue Sea Joint-Stock, and FPTOnline, according to a report from Vietnamese IT site ICTNews.With the MICs temporary ban, the operators were no longer permitted to publish new onlinegames. This gave birth to a new trend--the operators now co-publish online games, which iscalled channeling. That makes easy to publish new MMOs legally without permission from the 1
  2. 2. MIC. Then gamers can see Business Tycoon Online on SGames site, VNGs social network ZingMe, and FPT Onlines online gaming portal Gate.Fortunately, 2011s was not limited simply to piles of web games. Hanoi-based indie developerEmobi Games put forth a miraculous effort to publish its first major video game, 7554, in theVietnamese market. This low-budget campaign-only game shipped 16 Dec in the Vietnamesemarket and is scheduled for an international release on Steam in Q1 2012. The developer teasesthat itll provide a multiplayer mode and free DLC for the English/French version, but now it hasmany problems to resolve. Gamers who preordered got angry because the express courierdoesnt work at weekends; the Limited Edition was poor quality prompting Emobi to discount7554s price; and an Vietnamese traitor begs 7554s illegal version on Chinese site.In another effort, VNG has exported successfully a social game overseas. On 24 Nov, theVietnamese leading operator announced that Pig Farm will be service in Japan by DeNA andSky Gardens also available soon. This follows up VTC Intercom, when the giant operatorlaunched its MMOs-licensed Journey to the West, Audition, and Websam, at many regions inlast year. 2
  3. 3. On the other hand, with the MICs current regulations and upcoming long-awaited Decree, its achance for overseas operators to invade the Vietnamese market. German developer TravianGames has already been servicing in Vietnam; Malaysian publisher River Walk Multimedia haspublished MIU in Vietnam before it stopped operating; Chinese giant Tencent, Shanda Games,and Changyou announced its intention to extend to SEA, including Vietnam.2011 now ends up with the waiting for Decree, 7554s disappointed sales, online games-unauthorized spreading, and threats from Chinese operators. What will happen in next year?Please put your comment below.Appearing first half of 2011, Minh Chau is massively multiplayer online role-players on mobile(GMO) with Vietnamese interface for “hot demand” on the market at that time. Coming to GMOMinh Chau, gamers will be transformed into the hero role of the Three Kingdoms history, theirown experiences in martial aggressively among millions of soldiers to create a new history byhimself.Thus, MCgame was immediately attracted the attention of gamers communities across thecountry with 1.7 million downloads of the game. And a walk around the forums, not hard to seenumerous exciting topic discussed, invite each other to establish alliances, corps exchange howto play, how to do tasks, in Minh Chau GMO.According to many gamers opinion, MCGame has been closely keep in touch with the playerduring their playtime when equipped with a lot of items in thecash shop as "superpower", the 3
  4. 4. form of simplified loading Xu (MC virtual cash) in any form charging such as prepaid phonecards, game scratch card or via a short code message system. Besides organizing regular eventsin game are also strong point of the game, helping the gaming community as well as additionalattachment is the chance to win valuable prizes from the MC operator.With the nature of mobile game, an further advantages of GMO Minh Chau is mobile gamingcapabilities, wherever and whenever you are, you could be play game. Just owning a phone inhand with GPRS, WiFi or 3G on the matter at hand, anywhere, at any time, gamers can unleashmaneuver in the world of "feeling the mix of your virtual and real world ".Mr Linh – The chief of game operator at Minh Chau said: "In Vietnam there are many gamemobile but most primarily using interface in English, Chinese difficulties for users. While MinhChau is themed MMO- Three Kingdoms with Vietnamese language, so the first part has attracteda large of youth Vietnamese since launched moment. The Minh Chau GMO was "covering" theentire mobile phone platform are available - from the low end to the series S40 for moreadvanced, more modern operating system as Android, iOS. So that the MC publisher is tryingour best to open more server, improving service quality to better for players. "Today, the mmorpg mobile gaming has quickly become a global trend "fever" in the youthcommunity. And with its advantages, Minh Chau game will definitely win the sympathy of manygame players have been and are about to know and play more this game! 4