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MarketExpander Corp presentation


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MarketExpander assists small and medium companies to expand their markets

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MarketExpander Corp presentation

  1. 1. MarketExpander ...kick-starts market expansion!
  2. 2. MarketExpanderMission: We assist our clients in defining and executing their market growth.MarketExpander in brief:MarketExpander kick-starts domestic and international market expansion for small andmidsized companies mainly in the high-tech segment.We work together with our clients management teams to define strategies andoperational plans, and, when needed, take on operational positions to expand marketshare and reach defined sales targets.We offer a risk and reward based business model to high potential clients.May 2010 M a r k e t E x p a n d e r AB 2
  3. 3. Sales and Marketing servicesMarketExpander assists our clients market expansion with the followingexamples of services, offered according to client need:Strategic assistance:• Review, or assist to define, a sales oriented business plan to secure the domestic or international expansion will happen.Interim management:• Provide strategic and/or operational senior management experience to complement your sales and marketing organization.• Deliver business results through managing contacts and negotiations with important customers.May 2010 M a r k e t E x p a n d e r AB 3
  4. 4. Kick-Start!1-page-Business-Plan™• MarketExpander offers an effective 6-hour workshop to define your Business- and Marketing plan. The workshop is designed for your core team and allows everyone to voice opinions, agree on current position of your company, and the way forward short- and long term.• The 1-page-Business-Plan™ functions as a useful tool to guide your daily operations, and easy follow up progress in your management team.• Everyone will know where you are going, be clear on the importance of their own contribution, and thereby shortening your time to market. 2010 M a r k e t E x p a n d e r AB 4
  5. 5. Client feedbackBuilding the company, enter the marketOur Assignment: Support MEEQ AB (publ) transforming from a knowledge company to a product company withdeliveries of products first on the domestic and then the international market"MarketExpander has worked with us to transform MEEQ to a successful company. They are driving our Sales &Marketing, providing results we could never have managed our selves e.g. the breakthrough order, and sales discussionswith executive management of international major corporations. MarketExpander has provided invaluable contributionto develop MEEQ.” says Jan G Fäger, CEO MEEQ AB (publ)International market expansionOur Assignment: Drive and secure entrance on the central European market by setting the first deal with aninternational market leader. MarketExpander served as Director Sales & Marketing as well as Programme manager forthe new business.“Thanks to MarketExpanders commitment to drive, set and maintain our business with our new customer, we got animportant deal with a market leader for the European market. says Alex Breton, CEO of PrintDreams AB.The 1-page-Business-PlanOur assignment: with high demands on time management and efficiency from client; Secure the clients managementteam are united on current position and way forward (e.g. Business- and market plan). Furthermore; the result must bedocumented in a usable way to support mgmt teams daily work."Digpros management team was guided to define our current position and long term targets, as well as immediateactions for our company, our offer and actins on the market, and all this took us not more than 6 hours! MarketExpanderdocumented the workshop in a simple, usable 1-Page-Business-Plan, which is now an important tool in our dailyoperations and follow up in our management team." says Bo Lundgren, CEO at Digpro AB Read more at 2010 M a r k e t E x p a n d e r AB 5
  6. 6. MarketExpander Core TeamLars Wolf, Senior Partner Anna Elmdahl, Senior Partner• Lars Wolf has been senior executive • Anna Elmdahl served as executive with responsibility for international at Ericsson, a market leading market expansion at Nokia, a global telecommunications corporation market leader within telecommunications. with global operations.• Lars also has several years of experience as international • Anna acted as negotiation leader internationally, setting sales director. deals for both products and services. She has been manager business development and several years experience of programme and project management. Thomas Nieburg, Partner • Thomas Nieburg has acted in the IT and telecom industry as business manager, marketing and product manager, key account manager, and project manager with international enterprises in Europe and in the US. • Thomas has founded and built companies in telecom and eBusiness.May 2010 M a r k e t E x p a n d e r AB 6
  7. 7. MarketExpander ready to go with you!May 2010 M a r k e t E x p a n d e r AB 7