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Job boards and visible jobs in Japan


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Thoughts on the Japanese labor market for bilingual applicants, by a meetup organizer

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Job boards and visible jobs in Japan

  1. 1. Japan Bilingual Job Boards and Visible Jobs well as invisible jobs
  2. 2. About Me Live in Tokyo, organize Meetups for areas that I am interested in. This meetup is about getting a bilingual job in Japan, and talking about the different ways to explore and find jobs. I do this to share my experience and hear other people’s experiences. The Q & A is really interesting among participants.
  3. 3. Statistics on Japanese Employment Jobs on Bilingual Job Boards are approx. 5% of total jobs
  4. 4. >13% of the Japan’s Labor Force works in Tokyo
  5. 5. The ratio of jobs to job- seekers is listed to guide people as to areas that would be easier to find jobs From Hello Work Japan
  6. 6. Internet Job Search Popular among Job Seekers
  7. 7. Popularity of Internet Job Searching
  8. 8. Internet Job Searches and Recruiters make up almost 50% of the channels job- seekers use
  9. 9. Internet Job Boards in Japan Top 3 Bilingual Boards: Daijob, Careercross, Gaijinpot
  10. 10. Using a Bilingual Job Board Makes the Job Market More Transparent
  11. 11. Bilingual Jobs are approx. 5% of Jobs Offered at Hello Work
  12. 12. 83,000 applicant resumes on some job boards, with over 50% somewhat bilingual in Japanese and English
  13. 13. Searches on Job Sites Reveal Information Using Search to Understand the Job Market
  14. 14. Job Searches Using Aggregator Sites Can also Show Information about the Wider Job Market
  15. 15. Japanese Job Boards offer a wide variety of jobs in industries
  16. 16. Job Fairs are another Resource for Job Seekers
  17. 17. “Invisible” Jobs Jobs not on the Main Job Boards but via Recruiters or direct on Company’s Website
  18. 18. Investment Banks have Conferences and Reports Featuring Leading Companies in the US
  19. 19. Lists Can be Downloaded from Bank Websites
  20. 20. Lists Can be Downloaded from Bank Websites (2) Checking their websites for Japanese for Jobs
  21. 21. Doing Research on Linkedin Learning about Potential Employers
  22. 22. Linkedin allows company employees to be viewed by potential employees
  23. 23. Linkedin also lets you check out jobs at their Competitors
  24. 24. Conference Calls • Join a conference call on the Hiring & Recruiting market in Tokyo • Ask questions and share information on hiring and getting hired • Call 050-3131-8611, press 4 to join the call
  25. 25. Thanks! • Visit us at: • • • • • Call us at: +81-50-3131-8611, press 3