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08 05-12 astellas presentation-q1


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08 05-12 astellas presentation-q1

  1. 1. Financial Resultsfor 1Q/FY 2012 Ending March 31, 2013 August 1, 2012 Yasumasa Masuda Senior Corporate Executive, Chief Financial Officer Astellas Pharma Inc. 0
  2. 2. Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Information This material includes forward-looking statements based on assumptions and beliefs in light of the information currently available to management and subject to significant risks and uncertainties. Actual financial results may differ materially depending on a number of factors including adverse economic conditions, currency exchange rate fluctuations, adverse legislative and regulatory developments, delays in new product launch, pricing and product initiatives of competitors, the inability of the company to market existing and new products effectively, interruptions in production, infringements of the company’s intellectual property rights and the adverse outcome of material litigation. This material contains information on pharmaceuticals (including compounds under development), but this information is not intended to make any representations or advertisements regarding the efficacy or effectiveness of these preparations nor provide medical advice of any kind. 1
  3. 3. 1Q/FY2012 Financial Results (Billion YEN) 1Q/FY11 1Q/FY12 Change 2Q/FY12 Progress per 2Q/FY12 Actual Actual Forecasts Forecasts Net Sales 251.6 243.2 -3.3% 476.0 51.1% COGs 77.4 73.4 - as % of sales 30.8% 30.2% -0.6ppt Total amortization SG&A for OSI and Agensys 81.7 74.0 -9.5% Excluding R&D 32.5% 30.4% •1Q/FY11 8.1 bn YEN as % of sales (of which OSI: 6.3) •1Q/FY12 6.0 bn YEN R&D Expenses 43.5 42.8 -1.5% 86.0 49.8% (of which OSI: 4.3) as % of sales 17.3% 17.6%Operating Income 48.8 52.8 +8.4% 75.0 70.5% as % of sales 19.4% 21.7% Ordinary Income 50.3 55.7 +10.7% 75.5 73.8% -Special gain and loss (net) -8.1 bn YEN Net Income 25.1 35.4 +41.1% 52.0 68.2% -Decrease in income tax burden rate (47.0% → 25.6%) Comprehensive Income 14.3 -4.0 -128.5%●Exchange Rates (Average for the FY; YEN) USD 82 80 2 80 strengthening of YEN EUR 117 103 14 105 strengthening of YEN 2
  4. 4. 1Q/FY2012 Results: Analysis of Change in Sales(Billion YEN) [Sales vs. Previous FY] -8.3 (Billion YEN) -8.3 Major positive factors  Global/Vesicare +0.7 Funguard/Mycamine +0.9  Japan/Micardis [Family] +1.1 Growth of New Product Group +6.5 Celecox, Symbicort, Geninax, Bonoteo, 251.6 243.2 Argamate, Betanis  Americas/Scan +0.7 Tarceva +1.0 Major negative factors  Grobal/Prograf -2.0 Harnal -3.4  Japan/Lipitor [Family] -5.8 Gaster -1.8  Americas/ Absence of DPP-IV royalty of the 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 previous year (due to sale of DPP-IV related assets) -2.2 [Forex impact: -8.1] [Impact of NHI drug price reduction in Japan: -6.2] 3
  5. 5. 1Q/FY2012 Results:Analysis of Change in Operating Income (OP) (Billion YEN) [OP vs. Previous FY] +4.0 (Billion YEN) +4.0  Decrease in gross profit: -4.3 <negative factor>  Decrease in sales: -8.3  Decrease in COGs ratio: -0.6ppt -Decreasing factor: Forex impact on elimination of unrealized gain 52.8 -Increasing factor: Change in product mix, 48.8 including impact of change in lipitor contract  Decrease in R&D expenses: -0.6 <positive factor>  Impact from the change in depreciation method: Approx. -1.2  Decrease in SG&A excluding R&D expenses: -7.7 <positive factor>  Decrease in cost for VESIcare business in the US 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012  Decrease in amortization cost due to sale of the DPP-IV related assets in the previous year [Forex impact: -0.1] 4
  6. 6. Sales by Region (local currency basis) *Calculated based on the location of the sellerIncreases in Europe/Asia, Decreases in Japan/Americas Japan Europe 1Q/FY12 Progress per 1Q/FY12 Progress per YoY YoY revenue 2Q/FY12 revenue 2Q/FY12 (%) (%) (Billion YEN) Forecasts (%) (Million EUR) Forecasts (%) 137.7 -1.2 49.6 477 +2.0 54.7 Sales in Japanese market: 134.0 bn YEN (-0.4%) -Growth in Vesicare, Mycamine and Eligard-Impact of NHI drug price reduction and generic products -Continuous contribution of bendamustin revenues-Contribution of major growing products and new products and legacy products: 145 million EUR (+11%) Americas Asia 1Q/FY12 Progress per 1Q/FY12 Progress per YoY YoY revenue 2Q/FY12 revenue 2Q/FY12 (%) (%) (Million USD) Forecasts (%) (Billion YEN) Forecasts (%) +13.1 579 -1.8 52.8 9.9 +9.6 excluding 52.5 forex impact -Growth in VESIcare, Scan and Tarceva -Absence of DPP-IV royalty of the previous year: $-27M -Growth driven mainly by Prograf 5
  7. 7. Urology: Vesicare, Betanis and Harnal Growth of VesicareVesicare Three Urology Products(Billion YEN) (Billion YEN) 26.7 (+3.1%YoY) 25.9 0.5 0.7 43.1 41.1 (-4.6%YoY) 7.6 7.2 Asia Europe Harnal 17.2 13.8 Americas 9.9 10.6 Japan Betanis 0.6 Japan: Launched Top Share in Sep. 2011 in Japan, US 7.9 US (Myrbetriq) 7.8 and Europe Approved 25.9 26.7 in Jun. 2012 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 Vesicare Japan: -1% [YoY] Americas: +8% (USD basis ) Europe: +19% (EUR basis) 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 Asia: -11% (excluding forex impact) 6
  8. 8. Immunology (Including Transplantation) and Infectious Diseases:Prograf and Funguard/MycamineSoftening of decreasing trend in Prograf, Growth in Funguard/Mycamine Prograf Funguard/Mycamine(Billion YEN) (Billion YEN) 7.3 (+14.8%YoY) 41.7 39.7 (-4.8%YoY) 1.7 6.3 0.5 Asia 1.1 3.7 Exports 4.4 0.4 1.2 Europe Asia 0.8 Americas 17.2 Europe 14.1 2.0 2.2 Japan Americas Japan 7.5 7.9 [US] Generics’ share of TRx: 66% (Week of Jul. 20, 2012) 3.1 3.2 12.4 Apr. to Jul. cumulative: 65% 11.0 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 [YoY] [YoY]  Japan: +12%  Japan: +6%  Americas: -3% (USD basis)  Americas: +15% (USD basis)  Europe: -6% (EUR basis)  Europe: +72% (EUR basis)  Asia: +22% (excluding forex impact)  Asia: +23% (excluding forex impact) 7
  9. 9. Oncology: Tarceva and Eligard Combined Tarceva and Eligard revenues grew to 12.8 billion YEN Tarceva-related Revenues Eligard (Europe)(Million USD) (Million EUR) 114 (+15.7%YoY) 35 (+12.3%YoY) 98 31 43 42 Non-US revenue 71 US revenue 56 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 8
  10. 10. Major Products in Japan (excluding global products) Growth of major products and new product group Lipitor [family] Micardis [family] New Product Group (Lipitor, Caduet) (Micardis, Micombi, Micamlo)(Billion YEN) 22.0 (+36.7% YoY) 24.7 22.6 (+5.3%YoY) 21.5 1.5 Argamate 16.1 6.0 Symbicort 18.9 (-23.5%YoY) (+31.6%) 4.5 2.2 Bonoteo 0.7 (+208.2%) 2.9 2.9 Geninax (+2.3%) 9.2 Celecox 7.9 (+17.4%) 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 1Q/FY2011 1Q/FY2012 9
  11. 11. Launch in Japan:Kiklin Capsules and Regnite Tablets in Europe: DIFICLIR TabletsKiklin Capsules (Launch: June 2012 in Japan) Regnite Tablets (Launch: July 2012 in Japan)Indication: Treatment of hyperphosphatemia in Indication: Treatment of moderate-to-severepatients on dialysis with chronic kidney disease primary restless legs syndrome DIFICLIR Tablets (Launch: May 2012 in Europe) Indication: Treatment of adults with Clostridium difficile infections 10
  12. 12. Continuous Introduction of New Products and Optimizing Resource Allocation■ Continuous product introductions (approvals and launches) JP/US/EU May EU Jun. JP Jun. JP Jun. US Jun. JP DIFICLIR launch Symbicort new dosage Kiklin launch Myrbetriq approval Gonax approval (Clostridium difficile and administration (Hyperphosphatemia ) (Prostate cancer) (Overactive bladder) infections) (Adult bronchial asthma, as-needed use in addition to maintenance therapy) Jul. JP Jul. JP Regnite launch Combined vaccine approval Quattrovac subcutaneous (Restless legs syndrome) injection syringe Asia and Oceania Singapore Taiwan Advagraf approval (Apr.) Febric (febuxostat) launch (May)■ Optimizing Resource Allocation Jun. 2012: Partnership with Drais to develop ASP7147 Transferred the assets to Seldar - “Multi-Track R&D” Approach - Jul. 2012: “Horizon Tablets, Powder, Injection” “Sosegon Tablets, Injection” Decided to transfer marketing and manufacturing authorization rights to Maruishi (Effective from Oct. 2012) 11
  13. 13. Overcoming Patent Expiry of Major Products andPosting Sustained Growth Continuous growth in sales andnet since the FY2010 low Continuous growth in OP sales and OP Net sales from the bottom in FY2010 (Billion YEN) OP 1,150 DOE 6% 226.0bn YEN ROE 15% OP 1,100 146.0bn YEN OP 1,050 131.5bn YEN OP 1,096.0 1,000 119.1bn YEN 950 972.0 969.3 900 953.9 850 FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 Forecasts Targets No change in FY2012 forecasts announced in May 2012 12
  14. 14. R&D Pipeline
  15. 15. Status of Astellas’ Pipeline :In-house, new molecular entity :In-house, additional indication or additional formulation :Licensed-in Red: Changes from the previous announcement Filed P3 P2 P1 mirabegron (OAB, EU) solifenacin/mirabegron (EU) ASP7035, ASP0306 Urology solifenacin/tamsulosin (EU) solifenacin (Pediatric, EU/US) ASP3652 ASP4901 (AKP-002) (CP/CPPS etc., EU) ASP3652 (JP) , ASP6432 certolizumab pegol ASKP1240 (Transplant, US) Immunology diannexin (DGF, US) (MTX-naive RA, JP) ASKP1240 (JP) (including certolizumab pegol ASP015K (RA etc., EU/US/JP) isavuconazole (Aspergillosis, ASP2408 Transplantation) (RA insufficiently responding ASP7373 (Influenza, JP) candidemia, EU/US) ASP7374 (Influenza, JP) ASP2409 and Infectious to current therapies, JP) ASP0113 (CMV reactivation ASP4058 ASP0113 (SOT, EU/US) Diseases in HSCT, EU/US) linsitinib (NSCLC etc., US) enzalutamide (PC, Post- enzalutamide (PC, Pre-Chemo sepantronium sepantronium (JP) Chemo EU/US) etc., EU/US/JP/Asia) (BC etc., EU/US) AGS-16M8F/AGS-16C3F erlotinib (NSCLC etc., US) quizartinib (AML, EU/US) ASG-5ME, ASG-22ME Oncology tivozanib (RCC, EU/US) AGS-1C4D4 ASP1707(PC, EU) (Pancreatic cancer, EU/US) ASP3026, ASP9521 OSI-027 (RCC, US) ASP9603 degarelix (3M, JP) enzalutamide (BC) tivozanib (BC, CRC, EU/US) quetiapine (BPD, JP) quetiapine (MDD, JP) ASP0777, ASP8477 Neuroscience capsaicin (PDN, EU) ASP9226, ASP6973 ipragliflozin (Diabetes, JP) ipragliflozin (Diabetes, EU/US) DM beraprost (Chronic renal PSN821 (Diabetes, Obesity, EU) failure, JP/Asia) ASP1517 (Renal anemia, EU) ASP7991 Complications bixalomer YM311 (Renal anemia, EU) ASP1517 (JP) and Kidney ramosetron (IBS OD, JP) acotiamide (FD, JP) (Hyperphosphatemia in YM311 (JP) Diseases, linaclotide (IBS, JP) patients not on dialysis.JP ) Others ramosetron (IBS Female, JP) ASP1707 (Endometriosis, EU/JP)OAB: Overactive bladder, CP/CPPS: Chronic prostatitis/Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, MTX: Methotrexate, CMV: Cytomegalovirus, HSCT: Hematopoietic stem cell transplant, SOT: Solid organtransplant, DGF: Delayed graft function, RA: Rheumatoid arthritis, PC: Prostate cancer, NSCLC: Non-small cell lung cancer, RCC: Renal cell carcinoma, BC: Breast cancer, AML: Acute myeloidleukemia, CRC: Colorectal cancer, FD: Functional dyspepsia, OD: Orally-disintegrating, BPD: Bipolar disorders, MDD: Major depressive disorder, IBS: Irritable bowel syndrome, PDN: Peripheraldiabetic neuropathy 14
  16. 16. Changes in Pipeline Status Since May 2012<Approved and Filed> Approved Product Name Target Disease Area Stage Changes(Generic Name) Overactive bladder associated with Myrbetriq symptoms of urgency, US Approved Approved in US in June 2012. (mirabegron) urinary frequency, and urge urinary incontinence Gonax Prostate cancer Japan Approved Approved in Japan in June 2012. (degarelix) (One-month formulation) Filed Code No. Target Disease Area Stage ChangesGeneric Name NDA submitted in US in May 2012. Metastatic castration-resistant prostate MDV3100 US -NDA accepted and priority cancer who have received docetaxel- Filedenzalutamide* Europe review granted in July 2012. based chemotherapy MAA submitted in Europe in June 2012.*p-INN (proposed international nonproprietary name) NDA: New drug application, MAA: Marketing authorization application 15
  17. 17. Changes in Pipeline Status Since May 2012<Stage Up and New etc.> Stage up, initiation of new study etc. Code No. Target Disease Area Stage Changes Generic Name ASP1585 Hyperphosphatemia in Entered into P3 in Japan (AMG223) patients not on dialysis with Japan P3 (Preparing for initiation of P3 bixalomer chronic kidney disease studies) [New indication] Entered into P3 in Japan YM060 Irritable bowel syndrome Japan P3 (Preparing for initiation of P3 ramosetron Female patients studies) [New indication] Irritable bowel syndrome Preparing for NDA filing based on YM060 Bioequivalent (Orally-disintegrating Japan the results of bioequivalent study ramosetron study tablet) [New formulation] NSCLC (combination with MetMab) US erlotinib P3 Conducting P3 studies Colorectal Carcinoma Europe Pediatric Ependymoma Entered into P2 in Europe and Europe ASP1707 Endometriosis P2 Japan (Preparing for initiation of Japan P2 study) New P1 Code No. Target Disease Stage Changes Lower urinary tract symptoms associated ASP6432 P1 Entered into P1 with benign prostatic hyperplasia 16
  18. 18. Changes in Pipeline Status Since May 2012<Discontinuation and “Multi-Track R&D”>  Discontinuation Code No. Target Disease Stage Reason for Discontinuation We have decided to discontinue the development ASP5034 Type 2 diabetes P1 after comprehensive review of P1 study results and competitive situation etc.  Discontinuation in part of indications Generic Name Target Disease Area Stage Reason for Discontinuation Non-small cell lung cancer Development for the indication of (First line for patients with unresectable hepatocelluar carcinoma was EGFR mutation, adjuvant, US discontinued because P3 results showed erlotinib combination with MetMab), P3 Europe that addition of erlotinib to sorafenib did not Hepatocellular carcinoma, improve overall survival (primary endpoint). Colorectal carcinoma, Development for other indications continues. Pediatric ependymoma Deleted from the pipeline list because we decided not to develop it by ourselves. (We transferred its assets to another company as a part of activities of “Multi-Track R&D”.) Code No. Target Disease Stage Changes -Transferred the assets to Seldar. ASP7147 Irritable bowel syndrome P1 Drais will conduct further development. -P1 ongoing. 17
  19. 19. Mirabegron (YM178): Development Progress Japan: Launched on September 16, 2011 EU: MAA filed on August 24, 2011 US: NDA filed on August 26, 2011 NDA approved on June 28, 2012 Asia: Obtained top line results in multinational P3 (China/Korea/Taiwan/India) in April 2012 -The study met the primary endpoint. -Mirabegron was well tolerated. Preparing for NDA filing in some of countries of Asia and Oceania 18
  20. 20. Oncology Pipeline Expansion Project Target cancer Characteristics P1 P2 P3 Filed Filed PC: Post-chemo in US/EU Enzalutamide Prostate cancer (PC), 1st androgen receptor signaling PC: Pre-chemo MDV3100 Breast cancer (BC) inhibitor EU/US/Japan/Asia BC:US Potent, selective, long half-life RCC: EU/US Tivozanib Renal cell carcinoma (RCC), Colorectal inhibitor of VEGF receptors 1, 2Small molecule ASP4130 cancer (CRC), Breast cancer (BC), and 3 CRC, BC: EU/US Quizartinib Potent and selective 2nd Acute myeloid leukemia generation FLT3 kinase inhibitor EU/US AC220 Degarelix 1M formulation: JP Approved Prostate cancer 1st GnRH antagonist in Japan (Gonax) 3M: JP Sepantronium Breast cancer, First-in-class survivin YM155 Non-Hodgikin’s lymphoma suppressant EU/US/JP ASP1707 Prostate cancer* Oral GnRH antagonist ASP3026 Cancer ALK tyrosine kinase inhibitor ASP9521 Prostate cancer ASP9603 Prostate cancer st Erlotinib NSCLC (1 line for patients with EGFR HER1/EGFR tyrosine kinase mutation, adjuvant, combination with US (Tarceva) inhibitor MetMab), CRC, Pediatric EpendymomaOSI Linsitinib Ovarian cancer, IGF-1R/IR tyrosine kinase Non-small cell lung cancer inhibitor US ASP7487 (OSI-906) OSI-027 Renal cell cancer mTOR kinase inhibitor US AGS-1C4D4 Pancreatic cancer Antibody (target: PSCA) EU/USAntibody AGS-16M8F/ Antibody utilizing ADC Renal cancer (target: ENPP3) AGS-16C3F Antibody utilizing ADC ASG-5ME Prostate cancer, Pancreatic cancer (target: SLC44A4) Antibody utilizing ADC ASG-22ME Solid tumors (target: Nectin-4) *P2 for indication of endometriosis NSCLC: Non-small cell lung cancer 19
  21. 21. Enzalutamide: Development Progress Study Target Design P1 P2 P3 Filed Post-chemo Study completed.P3 Patients with progressive castration- Placebo- NDA in US: May 21, 2012 FiledEU/US resistant prostate cancer previously controlled, -NDA accepted and priority review[AFFIRM study] treated with docetaxel-based n=1,199 granted in July 2012. chemotherapy MAA in EU: June 26, 2012P3 ADT failure Placebo- Completed enrollment:EU/US/JP/Asia Chemotherapy-naive patients with controlled, May 2012 progressive metastatic prostate cancer Selected sites in Asia will[PREVAIL study] who have failed ADT n=1,680 remain open.P2 LHRH analogue failure To compareEU/US Advanced prostate cancer patients with who have progressed while on LHRH Ongoing[TERRAIN analogue therapy or following surgical bicalutamide,study] castration n=370 CompletedP2 Hormone-naive Open-label, enrollment:EU Hormone-naive prostate cancer n=60 January 2012 Post-chemo CompletedP1/2 Patients with progressive castration- Open-label, resistant prostate cancer previously enrollment:JP treated with docetaxel-based n=46 April 2012 chemotherapyP1 Breast Cancer Open-label, First Breast cancer patients who have failed Patient In:US prior hormonal therapy n=27 April 2012 ADT: Androgen deprivation therapy, LHRH: Lutenizing hormone-releasing hormone 20
  22. 22. Tivozanib: Development Progress Study Target Design P1 P2 P3 FiledP3 Renal cell carcinoma Comparing the CompletedEU/US Monotherapy efficacy and safety of Preparing[TIVO-1 study] (Patients with advanced tivozanib with for NDA/MAA filingPivotal renal cell carcinoma) sorafenib, n=500P1b Renal cell carcinoma Open-label, CompletedUS Combo with temsirolimus n=28 Colorectal cancer Comparing theP2 Combo with mFOLFOX6 efficacy and safety ofEU/US tivozanib with Ongoing versus mFOLFOX6 +bevacizumab bevacizumab, n=252P2 Breast cancer Preparing for P2EU/US Breast cancer andP1b Colorectal cancer Open-label, n=24 OngoingUS Combo with capecitabineOther studies in renal cell carcinoma:-TAURUS study (P2 in EU/US): Initiate the study to compare patient preference of a first line therapy after receiving both tivozanib and sunitinib in sequence-BATON-RCC study (P2 in US): Ongoing exploratory biomarker study Presented the results of TIVO-1 at ASCO in June 2012 ASCO: American Society of Clinical Oncology 21
  23. 23. Ipragliflozin (ASP1941): Development Progress Recent update of development status▼ Japan: P3 Monotherapy study (24-week open-label) : Initiated P3 (add-on to SU, Pio, α-GI and DPP4): Last patient out Asia: P3 Monotherapy study: Initiated P1 P2 P3 Monotherapy Completed (n=129, 16w) (placebo controlled DBT) Monotherapy Initiated (n=145, 24w) (24-week open-label) Monotherapy (long term safety) Summary results obtained (n=182, 52w) JP Summary results obtained: Metformin (n=168) Add-on studies with other Last patient out: (52w) anti-hyperglycemic drugs SU (n=225), Pio (n=150), α-GI (n=100), DPP4 (n=100) Recruitment completed: Nate (n=100) Long-term renal impairment Recruitment completed (n=150, 52w) Monotherapy US P2b Completed (n=412, 12w) dose-finding Dose-finding add-on study EU/US with metformin P2b Completed (n=343, 12w) Add-on study Initiated (n=280, 24w) Asia* with metformin Monotherapy Initiated (n=480, 24w) *Korea, China, and Taiwan SU: sulfonylureas, Pio: pioglitazone, α-GI: α-glucosidase inhibitor, DPP4: DPP4 inhibitor, Nate: nateglinide 22
  24. 24. Ipragliflozin: Results of P3 (Metformin Add-On)in Japan, Presented at ADA Excerpt from the slides presented by Astellas at ADA on June 9, 2012 Study outline Mean change from baseline in HbA1c (+SD) ▼ ▼  Target: Type 2 diabetes mellitus  Study design, treatment arm: -Double-blind (24 weeks), ipragliflozin 50 mg or placebo, combination with Metformin -Open-label (28 weeks), ipragliflozin 50 mg or 100 mg, combination with Metformin  Treatment duration: 52 weeks  Number of subjects: 168  Primary endpoint: HbA1cIpragliflozin (50 mg/day) added to metformin therapy for 24 weeks was welltolerated and significantly reduced HbA1c levels compared with placebo by 1.30% ADA: American Diabetes Association 23
  25. 25. FY2012 Progress of Late Phase Compounds Phase 3 NDA Filing Approval enzalutamide quetiapine Pre-chemo * (Seroquel) PC acotiamide Launchedcapsaicin isavuconazole(Qutenza) enzalutamide DIFICLIR solifenacin Post-chemo pediatric erlotinib PC Mirbetriq (Tarceva) bixalomer Launched (Kiklin) ASP0113 Not on dialysis (VCL-CB01) mirabegron Kiklin certolizumab tivozanib certolizumab pegol pegol Gonax MTX-naive RA beraprost RA ** Launched sodium ramosetron (Careload) solifenacin/ Regnite (Irribow) tamsulosin ipragliflozin IBS Female PC: Prostate cancer, RA: Rheumatoid arthritis Japan Europe US EU/US * EU/US/JP **RA in patients who respond insufficiently to current therapies 24
  26. 26. Profit Distribution Policy Top priority on investment for growth of Rx business ▼ Dividends to be increased continuously based on mid- and long-term growth ▼ Share buybacks to be implemented in a flexible manner ▼ FY2012 FY2011 (Forecast) EPS 169.38 yen 212.16 yen Dividends per Share 125 yen 130 yen ROE 7.7% ― DOE 5.7% ― Implemented in a Share Buybacks(*) ― flexible manner *Excluding amounts for the buyback of shares consisting less than one unit 25