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Personalized Mobile Applications in HealthCare by Bhargavi Upadhya


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Personalized Mobile Applications in HealthCare by Bhargavi Upadhya, Philips Innovation Campus, India

Published in: Healthcare
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Personalized Mobile Applications in HealthCare by Bhargavi Upadhya

  1. 1. 1 Personalization in Mobile Apps for HealthCare
  2. 2. HealthSuite DigitalPlatform For both healthcare professionals and consumers by incorporating advanced visualization and decision support analytics a people-centric, open platform for the development of Philips and 3rd party specialized applications
  3. 3. Addresses goals of healthcare ecosystem Healthcare Org (HCO) & Payers Population Health Management: • Coordinates care delivery across population • Manage and improve clinical and financial outcomes Healthcare Professional (HCP) Patient Management: • Treats individual patients through the health continuum of care • Manages population of patients Healthcare Consumer (HC) & Caregivers Self-Management: • HC understands and manages health and health conditions • Caregiver supports HC in self-management HSDP Back-end service that enables the development of solutions for health organizations and healthcare consumers to manage the healthcare consumer’s health across both episodic events and normal daily life Developers HCO and Independent software and hardware developers create applications
  4. 4. 6 Case Study : uGrow System Overview Sleep Best time to put Liam to bed Smart ear thermometer Smart Insights Educational & Inspirational content Celebrating & sharing special moments Store Observations Partnership Services
  5. 5. Key Focus Areas App Security
  6. 6. November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential6 What is personal data? and sensitive personal data… A p p Security PRIVACY
  7. 7. November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential7 What can we do? What are the main principles….  Transparency  Consent (if needed)  Third party data processing PRIVACY
  8. 8. November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential8 Provide transparency Privacy notice…. PRIVACY
  9. 9. Security : Awareness at grass roots Three deadly sins • Using default passwords • No patch management • No encryption Rules to avoid common attacks • Don’t try to design you own crypto, always use well published cryptographic primitives and protocols. • Training is important as it creates awareness. Most security issue are actually stupid errors that where not made if the software engineer was security aware. • If you have configurable security then make sure that all security controls are activated by default. Do not rely on the user to do this himself. • By performing a number simple security tests we can ensure that no trivial security errors (OWASP Top 10) where made because those get typically exploited. • Monitor your product and if vulnerability are uncovered, pro-actively patch them; don’t wait for something to happen. • The Product Security Policy will certainly help not becoming a sinner! A p p Security SECURITY
  10. 10. CES & IFA -2016 IoT
  11. 11. IOT : Connectivity • Traditional gadgets in the space get connected – Thermometer – Baby bottles – Baby monitors etc • Technology enables new types of tracking – Smart socks, Baby kimono, Smart beds, Prenatal care….. • IoT Cookbook – Standardize as far as you can. – Security is key both in data transfer and device control – Adding connectivity to a device is cheap, generating value out of it is not so straight forward – Often controlled by regulatory standards. – Usability of the device is key A p p Security IoT
  12. 12. • Achievements • Based on your tracked feeds, you’re consistently switching between your left and right breasts. Well done! • Comparison against norms • From your tracked feeds, we've noticed that your left breast is stealing the spotlight a little. Feeding evenly from both breasts can lead to a more stable milk supply, especially in the first few weeks. • Way to go! From your recorded feeds, it looks like you're now more consistent at switching between breasts when you feed. • Patterns • The temperature data from you baby camera indicates that the room has been quite warm the last few days. Babies tend to sleep most comfortably at about 21 degrees C. Analytics -> Insights Enjoy parenthood confidence Feeling of control/ regaining control Ensure child is developing well Responding to needs of baby Tracking A p p Security ANALYTICS
  13. 13. Geographic Expansion • Traditional device oriented country roll out focused on: – Complying to local standards – Building the retail chain • Geo Expansion – things to consider – Device to Data centric focus-> Country specific rules to be followed on private data – Partnerships – Local partners are often preferred. This requires flexibility to be built into the software. – Value add to customers depends on many intangible parameters like Culture, Ecosystem etc. – Start with a ‘platform’ thinking from day 1 of your software development life cycle to ensure customization per country is easier to handle A p p Security Geo Expansion
  14. 14. User Engagement • Getting initial user engagement is tough. Maintaining the user engagement is tougher. • Sharing data/analytics is important. But sharing it in a way not to confuse the user is even more important • Every user irrespective of gender, age etc, requires encouragement. Planning achievable goals, rewarding achievements and keeping user’s focus is important. • Creating a coherent, richer user experience across devices, services, partners etc requires one to create configurable experience • Content should be ‘social’. Connect with the consumers through notifications, chats, chatbots…. A p p Security ENGAGEMENT
  15. 15. Why should you apply data to your teeth?
  16. 16. 16