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My Hospital Advisor


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My Hospital Advisor - Coimbatore

Published in: Healthcare
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My Hospital Advisor

  1. 1. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Agenda  Problem  Our solution  Team  Business model  Technology  Marketing & sales  Competition  Status & timeline  Summary
  2. 2. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Problem Indian Healthcare consumers face severe confusion & challenges to search, evaluate and choose Healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, doctors, diagnostics, pharmacy, insurers & blood banks) due to inadequate info, biased extraneous environment, lack of a trusted platform & a robust marketplace
  3. 3. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Solution MyHospitalAdvisor (MHA) is a pioneering web-portal & mobile app-based discovery platform with user-generated reviews (social trust) and a vibrant e-commerce marketplace Empower Healthcare Consumers to search, read other patient reviews & experiences and choose the apt Healthcare Provider and the Healthcare packages suitable for their needs. Enable Healthcare Providers (hospitals, clinics, doctors, diagnostics) to have structured micro-sites, build their online reputation and reach out & engage with their target patient community.
  4. 4. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Founder Team o 8+ years of experience in healthcare industry o Part of promoter team at OrthoOne Hospital o Responsible for Strategy, Operations & Biz Development Prithveen E Rajan - Founder o 14+ years of experience in IT industry o Serial Entrepreneur with successful track record o Founder of ANGLER Technologies & Co-Founder of Trinetra Wireless o Responsible for Product Tech Platform & Strategy Jayanthra Jayachandran - Co-Founder & CTO
  5. 5. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Business Model Discovery Platform & App with user-generated reviews & ratings (Now) E-Commerce Marketplace (Next)
  6. 6. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Business Model Revenue Streams o Premium Subscription o Online Advertising o Targeted Digital Marketing o Referral fee (appointment, medical tourism, health insurance etc) Phase 1: o Qualified patient leads & Data analytics o E-Commerce Marketplace for standard healthcare packages & services o E-Loyalty schemes and its Revenue Share o Payment facilitation solutions Phase 2:
  7. 7. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Technology o User-friendly Mobile App (Android & iOS) for healthcare consumers o Scalable Web Portal o Powerful search algorithm (by specialty, region, name) o CMS microsites for healthcare providers o Versatile Online Ad management engine o Search engine friendly portal pages (listing, profile, reviews)
  8. 8. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Marketing & Sales o 8,500+ validated database of providers across 100+ cities in India o Continual data acquisition with BPO team o Welcome Kit, Credentials Claim & Upsell to Premium o Direct marketing for premium healthcare providers sign-up o Participation in Conferences / Seminars o ISC Coimbatore, Arthro Preserve Chennai, THIT Bangalore. Healthcare Providers acquisition o Digital Marketing - SEO, Adwords, Social media footprint o Branding and road show activity for user engagement o Outreach Programs with Hospitals / Clinics to engage patients to write reviews & ratings Healthcare Consumers acquisition Few premium providers Few providers who claimed their account
  9. 9. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Competition Direct competitors in India o Practo - (booking & cloud EMR software) o Qikwell (recently acquired by Practo) o (hospital & clinic mgmt. software) Associated Players & Potential Partners in India o (US) o (US) o (International) o (US) International Players Features MHA indiahospitalreviews Healthcare Consumers 1. Native Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) 2. Powerful Semantic Search algorithm (by name, specialty, layman terms, region) 3. Locate Provider by GPS location 4. Choose Provider by classification types 5. Useful healthcare articles Healthcare Providers 1. CMS-powered microsite 2. Unlimited Images & YouTube video linking 3. Content publishing (specialization topics) 4. Engage with reviewer (build social trust)
  10. 10. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Status & Timeline Healthcare consumers data Upto Sept 2016 Healthcare providers data Upto Sept 2016 Visitor Traffic 51,265 No. of Free Healthcare Providers 8,760 Mobile App Downloads 1,769 No. of Cities 100+ No. of Registered Users 3,313 No. of Claims 531 No. of Reviews 4,167 No. of Premium Providers 82
  11. 11. Healthcare choices, reviews & more Summary & Call to Action o Founder team with both healthcare domain & technology leadership skills o MVP in terms of platform, app for discovery platform, reviews & ratings o Innovative promotions to acquire User reviews & App downloads o Organic marketing executed to acquire listings, paid clients, app downloads and users Journey so far o All under one-roof Healthcare discovery portal & e-commerce marketplace is missing in India which is a huge untapped market opportunity for MHA to become ‘the Tripadvisor / Zomato for Healthcare Industry in India’ Business opportunity