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Music At Worcester Presentation


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Music At Worcester

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Music At Worcester Presentation

  2. 2. Introduction• This project will enable departments to further its research in the accessibility of music, broadening opportunities to learn, play and indulge in the exposure of all genres of music.• The project allows the student voice to be represented in the ongoing discussion about the development of teaching and provision of music, within and around its courses.
  3. 3. What’s Currently Happening• Music modules• University Choir• Shindig – from to shows on campus to connections with local festivals• Music events at UW• Student societies: Loco Show Co and Music Madness (new developing society)• UW collaborating with other music providers in Worcester
  4. 4. The Facebook Page•
  5. 5. Website•
  6. 6. The Pear Tree Potential to become a sophisticated music venue.Things to consider:PA hire/band hire costs &publicity
  7. 7. The Hive• The development of this remarkable building has become a catalyst for other creative pursuits for students at UW – the potential for musical involvement at the hive should be utilised as far as possible.• Recital rooms are available and the acoustics make it possible for live performances to take place in and around the Hive (viewable by students and the public).• The Hive Project.
  8. 8. Survey Statistics: OnlineWhilst 100% of studentswant more musicprovision,60% did NOTknow of any provisionthat already existed.
  9. 9. Conclusion• Enthusiasm for music provision does exist.• We’ve got the Hive, now lets get that creative buzz!• The future of music provision at the University of Worcester. Thank you for listening!