Evans Who Am I


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Evans Who Am I

  1. 1. Who Am ITravis Evans
  2. 2. My Birth DateMay 16, 1997• I was born at• Brandi Sherwood, replaces Brook Lee as Miss USA
  3. 3. My House33 Willcher Dr.
  4. 4. MY FAMILY!
  5. 5. My Sister…• She is 12 years old.• She plays many athletics.• She is attending Dalewood Middle School .• She likes to spend time with family.
  6. 6. My Dad…• Played hockey all his life and influenced me to play hockey.• Works for a car part company• He loves the outdoors and physical activities like sports
  7. 7. My Mom…• My mother has made me organised and knowledgeable about school• My mother works for a business called Metrics@Work
  8. 8. My Grandparents…• My Mother’s Father fought in WWII as a medic• My Father’s parents have traveled to many places around the world• My Mother’s Mother had 7 children… I think
  9. 9. (Me) Travis Evans• I like a lot of sports but hockey is my favourite• I also like to play video games such as Battlefield 3• I like to be outdoors and camping is an activity that I love to do
  10. 10. MY CLUTURE& HISTORYEvans’ and the Miller’s
  11. 11. Evans’ • Scottish Background
  12. 12. History• The name Evans is native to the Welsh• Evans, Evens, Evan, Evanson, Evenson and many more were spelling variations of Evans
  13. 13. Miller’s Culture • British Background