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  1. 1. Forest and Wild life conservation By Prudhvi Ganesh
  2. 2. Forests & Wild life● Generally FORESTS are the large areas covered thickly with plants and trees.● WILD LIFE means the native animals of a region.
  3. 3. Importance of Forests● They provide raw materials to Industries.● They provide food, fuel etc.● They prevent soil erosion and preserve the fertility of the soil.● Trees clean the air,they absorb nitrous oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide.● They provide moisture and lower the temperature of earth.
  4. 4. Some of the facts Regarding Forests● Forests in India that constitutes about 2% of the World’s total area.● Arunchal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have the largest and the denser forest area in India.● Haryana has the lowest forest area.
  5. 5. Depletion of Forests● Large scale cutting of trees for different purposes like Industries.● Over grazing by cattle.● Forest fire, floods etc.
  6. 6. Conservation of ForestsFor the conservation of forests, following steps can betaken:● Conservation of forest is a national problem so it must be handle with perfect coordination between forest department and other departments.● The cutting of trees in the forests must be stopped at all costs.● The special programs like Van Mahotsava should be launched.● Celebrations of all functions, festivals should start with tree-plantation.
  7. 7. Conservation of Forests – continue..● Cutting of timber and other forest products should be restricted.● Grasslands should be regenerated.● Forest conservation Act 1980 should be strictly implemented to check deforestation.
  8. 8. Categories of Wild life There are three major categories of wildlife :● Endangered wild life animals : They require direct human protection for survival. Examples: Indian fox,the wild dog, pig tailed monkey,the sloth bear etc.
  9. 9. Endangered wild life animals Indian fox Wild dog Pig tailed monkey Sloth bear
  10. 10. Categories of Wild life – continue..● Threatened wild life animals : Threatened animals are any animals they need protection in the near future. Examples : Philippine Eagle-Owl,Philippine duck,Green Parrotfish,The Philippine Hawk-Eagle etc.
  11. 11. Threatened wild life animals Philippine Eagle-Owl Philippine duck Green Parrotfish Philippine Hawk-Eagle
  12. 12. Categories of Wild life – continue..● Rare wild life animals: A rare wild life animals are the group of animals that are very uncommon. Examples : Pinta Island tortoise,Javan Rhino,Red Wolf,Baiji dolphin etc.
  13. 13. Rare wild life animals Pinta Island tortoise Javan Rhino Red Wolf Baiji dolphin
  14. 14. Necessity for Wild life Conservation● The wild life helps us in maintaining balance of nature.● It can increase our foreign exchange with tourism.● Colourful birds, insects, beautiful flowers, trees make environment beautiful.
  15. 15. Modes of Wild life Conservation● Establishment of Sanctuaries and National park.● Shooting and hunting of wild life animals should be totally banned.● Research on wildlife should be encouraged.● Public should be educated on importance of wild life and forests.
  16. 16. Recent Advancements Conserving India’s Forests: A New Policy● The government of India recognizes that the future health of India’s forest ecosystems and they developed several policies like Wild-life Protection Act 1972 ,National Forest Policy 1988 and Project Tiger 1973.● 1972 Wild-life Protection Act : Shooting and hunting of wild life animals should be totally banned.● 1988 National Forest Policy : Preserving remaining natural forests.
  17. 17. Thank You