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Green Team Gazette 3.1 Back to School 2010


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Green Team Gazette
Season 3, Issue 1
Back to School 2010

Published in: Education
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Green Team Gazette 3.1 Back to School 2010

  1. 1. Lots of Lit (Literature, That Is!) What better way to start the school year than by diving into a good book (or 2 or 3)! Here are some great eco- friendly books if you are looking for a way to start the year off right….whether it’s a read-aloud, a classroom pick, or a way of getting your nature-centric kids even greener! Just Grace Goes Green by Charise Mericle Harper Just Grace is excited by Miss Lois’ new-found sense of fun…and her passion for the environment. This is a great book for grades 1-3 (both as a read-aloud for youngers or a chapter book for olders) to get your green classroom initiative going. Written in a reader-friendly way, with illustration galore, it’ll draw your kids in. Offering up a great chance to study idioms, endangered animals, comic strips, or even just the environmental facts that are housed within, it’s a great springboard for your students to share what’s on their mind! Hoot by Carl Hiaasen Older kids will enjoy this funny, mysterious, sometimes irreverent book that is ultimately about teen- agers who see something that need to be done, and do it. Plus, did I mention the cute burrowing owls that need a little habitat protection? Read this one, enjoy, and follow up with the movie! Scat and Flush are equal Hiassen good reads. Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French Again, a great read-aloud for youngers, or a super read for intermediate olders! The story turns readers into young activists who find the need to do something about the deforestation of the Californian redwoods! How can you NOT take part in this?! Everyone Needs a Super Hero! Whether you read Just Grace or not, everyone needs a superhero. Being both a mom & a teacher who has seen the magic of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid, kids LOVE comics. Invite your kids to create their own comic and design your own super hero to swoop in and make a difference here on this planet we call Earth!! Use GTG’s page 2 to design your Man or Woman of Eco-Steel! The Green Team Gazette Volume 3, Issue 1, page 1 Back to School 2010 Back in Business Here we are….back to the business of fall and school starting up. Exciting times to here this fall after watching the Plastiki—our favorite plastic water bottle boat made of 12,500 water bottles. It has trekked mucho miles across the Pacific Ocean. At the end of July it accomplished its goal of making it from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. We learned a little more about the Eastern Garbage Patch, and we learned a little bit about perseverance and how impacts can be made if people put it in their mindset. Exciting things to see here in the fall of 2010 with environmental strides on our horizons. One person can set an example, one team can make a difference, and changes can be made!! Thank you Plastiki for showing us that. To learn more, go to Green Team Gazette: The Blog This summer was a busy one for Green Team Gazette on both the blog site ( as well as the Facebook site ( Gazette/106416856056829?ref=ts) . Check in on the archives of both for classroom activities, news of the summer, philosophical findings and more. Be sure to take a peek at both sites for anything you might have missed while sunning and funning this summer! The Green Team Gazette is a publication co-sponsored by the founders of CynerGreen CGKidz, and Eagle Cove School (formerly “Gibson Island Country School”), a Green School in Pasadena, Maryland. Our mission is to educate and share ways to “go green”—both big & small-- and be environ-mentally-proactive at home, in school, and beyond. It is written by Vicki Dabrowka, 3rd grade teacher & co-Green Team Leader at Eagle Cove School. To learn more visit,, and You can also follow us at or find us at “Green Team Gazette” on Facebook. Please print on recycled paper. Copyright © 2010 Vicki Dabrowka
  2. 2.   The Green Team Gazette Volume 3, Issue 1 , page 2 Back to School 2010 Copyright © 2010 Vicki Dabrowka