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Polar climateluisandenrique


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Polar climateluisandenrique

  1. 1. Polar Climate By: Enrique Gamarro Sanmartín and Luis González-Miret Zaragoza
  2. 2. What is polar climate? Polar climate is a cold climate. It has the lowest temperatures. It is the worsest climate for the human life.
  3. 3. How is polar climate? The polar climate has very few rains. In winter, the temperature is -50º C and in summer the temperature is -10º. Summer is ever day and winter is ever night.
  4. 4. Where can we find it? We can find it in the north and the south poles.
  5. 5. How is polar landscape? In polar landscape we can find the tundra. It is composed by mosses and liches.
  6. 6. A Climate from the UK: Oceanic Climate
  7. 7. What is Oceanic Climate? Oceanic climate is a mild climate. It is similar to the Chinese climate. It is also called Atlantic Climate
  8. 8. How is Oceanic Climate? Oceanic Climate has mild temperatures along the year and a lot of rainfall all the year, especially in winter
  9. 9. Where can we find it in the UK? We can find the Oceanic Climate in most of Great Britain, except some parts in the west and in the north coast and in some parts in north Ireland
  10. 10. How is the Oceanic Landscape? The Oceanic landscape is characterization by the forest. The principal vegetation are deciduous trees
  11. 11. The End Thanks for your atention!