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Iago describes his best friends.

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Iago's Description

  2. 2. Hi! I’m Iago, and I’m going to describe my best friends. They are Miriam, Sara and Fran.
  3. 3. She is short and slim. She’s 14 years old. Her birthday is on 15th September. She has got long, very curly, brown hair. Her eyes has got light brown colour. I think they are beautiful. She has got fair skin, small nose and thin mouth.
  4. 4. She loves wearing T- shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, boots or Converse. She doesn’t like dresses. She sometimes makes up her eyes. She doesn’t usually wear tracksuit. She rarely wears earrings. She has got brackets on her teeth.
  5. 5. She is a fantastic person. She loves writing and listening to music. She likes Rock, like me. I have read some of her stories and I think she is a wonderful writer. She is kind, cheerful, clever, imaginative, comprehensive and friendly. But the most important for me, I think she is a very loyal person and she is a good friend.
  6. 6. She is thin and medium- height. She is 14 years old. Her birthday is on 20th August. Her skin is fair, her nose is normal and her mouth is slim. She has got long, wavy, brown hair. She often irons it. She has got brown, normal eyes.
  7. 7. She usually wears diverse clothes. She likes dresses, skirts, T-shirts, jackets, leggins, jeans, boots, Converse, frenchies… She always wears glasses and brackets. She usually wears the collar in the photo. She often makes up her eyes.
  8. 8. She loves dancing and singing. She likes playing the cello and listening to music. Her favourite band is Jonas Brothers (I disagree with her, but…) She is very sociable and friendly. She is lazy, intelligent, sincere, sensitive, happy, well-behaved, sometimes optimistic, sometimes pessimistic. She is a very good person and a very good friend.
  9. 9. Fran is tall and thin. He has got round face, light skin and normal nose and mouth. He is still 13. His birthday is on 22th November. His hair is short, dark and straight. His eyes are black.
  10. 10. Fran harldy ever wears black, white or grey clothes. He loves wearing sweaters, T-shirts, jeans and his white and green Nike. He usually wears a watch.
  11. 11. He loves cars (you can see it in the last photo). His favourite music style is electronic music. He likes swimming and cycling. He likes sport. He is a very good person and the best friend you can find I think. He is honest, very funny, hard- working, generous and a bit shy.
  12. 12. CREATED BY: Iago Rodríguez Peña 3º ESO A
  13. 13. They are the most wonderful people that I know. I love them