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Web 2 0


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Detailed Descriptive about Web 2.0

Published in: Technology
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Web 2 0

  1. 1. Web 2.0: Web 1.0: In earlier stage, Web 1.0 was the creation of web pages that provided information readers. Disadvantage: It is computer based, Individual working, tracking information down One way communication Web 2.0: But in Web 2.0 is commonly associated with interactive information sharing,interoperability,user- center design & collabaration on the world wide web It is mainly used for rich internet applications like(AJAX & FLASH) AJAX-Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml AJAX- Used for overall apllications FLASH-Better Presentation & User Experience Advantage: It is nothing but the platform Information can be received from various places People can express the ideas freely peer – peer communication
  2. 2. Examples: social networking sites video sharing sites wikis Blogs Disadvantage: Low quality Security is very low Websites can be easily targeted by hackers Future Enhancements: Web 3.0: (semantic web) Web 3.0 = 4C + P + VS (3C-content,Commerce & Community) C-Context P-Personalization VS-Vertical Search It is mainly used for keyword based search Examples: In web 2.0 photos & pictures are similar But in web 3.0 there are various searches namely:
  3. 3. contextual Search Tailor made Search Personalized Search Evolution of 3D Web Deductive Reasoning Open Source: Open source software is defined by its attached license guaranteeing anybody rights to freely use, modify, and redistribute the software. Open Source is a certification mark owned by the Open Source Initiative. Advantages:  Lower total cost of ownership Reduced dependence on software vendors Easier to customize Higher level of security Free redistribution Source code must be included Must allow modifications and derived works Integrity of the author's source code A single license must apply to all users
  4. 4. License must Be technology-neutral Stability Runs on old hardware Equivalent programs More technical ability needed Disadvantages: No support for existing software. Higher Installation cost No guarantee of updates Social networking sites: Social networking sites are not only for you to communicate or interact with other people globally
  5. 5. but, this is also one effective way for business promotion. A lot of business minded people these days are now doing business online and use these social networking sites to respond to customer queries. It isn't just a social media site used to socialize with your friends but also, represents a huge pool of information from day to day living.