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Company ppt 2011 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Company ppt 2011 2012

  1. 1. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Thinnkware “Technology & innovation kiosk” Ph: +91-120-6494440C-20/1, STEP-ITBI Fax: +91-120-2401451JSSATE SEC-62, Noida W: www.thinnkware.comU.P. - 201301 E: 7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 1
  2. 2. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Business Concept Thinnkware imparts quality education in niche areas of Embedded Systems, Robotics & MATLAB to the Engineering Students and young professionals . The courses run by Thinnkware compliments the traditional education received by students and bridge the gap of present Industry requirement. Vision To be the leading provider of Educational Robotics and embedded system products & services globally. Mission To gain the intellectual attainment and technical competence by R&D in Hardware & Software of Embedded Systems & Robotics.7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 2
  3. 3. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Company Portfolio: Products & Services Thinnkware-Technical Workshops & Training: We provide in/off campus Thinnkware-RoBoNiche: An online workshop in Embedded Systems, portal for Robotics parts & Electronic Robotics and Matlab domain. And also Components. Offline sale through our long duration courses come as dealers. SIPP & SBW.Thinnkware-LabSetup:Thinnkware provides KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.customized solutions to thecolleges to set up a Robotics labas per their Requirements. We Roboteer: Bringing Robotics as aalso supply electronic tool for STEM education. SettingComponents to colleges. up Robotic lab & Services for schools. Thinnkware-RoBoHub: A long term hand holding with students- Setting up an exclusive centre of excellence in Text Robotics, Embedded System & Digital processing at colleges.7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 3
  4. 4. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Recognition & Credentials Our novel idea of “Shepherding-Intelligent-Tomorrow” was appreciated by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Supported by the DC-MSME under incubator support scheme through JSSATE-STEP. Awarded with Amity HR Excellence award for best team efforts. Appreciated by NIESBUD, GOI. Published in many Newspapers & Magazines (like EFY, Youth for Asia & free radical etc.). Training delivered to more than 3000 students Shared technology through seminars with more than 10000 students Active participation in India International Trade Fair and EFY expo 2011, Pragati Maidan7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 4
  5. 5. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Thinnkware Workshops & TrainingsElectronics & Embedded Systems (X-Sensotronics: Design & develop Sensors & Interfacing with AVR, X-BEES: Basic electronics & embedded system) Robotics (X-AutoBOT: Learn µC using Robot, X-PentaBOT: Learn Electronics using Robots & X-Mice: Micromouse) MATLAB (X-MATDIP: Image Processing & X-MATBOT: Vision Robotics)SIPP(Summer Internship program with Project) & SBW (Skill building in winters) Text 7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 5
  6. 6. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” RoBoNiche Portfolio“RoBoNiche” An online portal for Robotics kits, accessories & Electronic Components Sensor Kits Development Boards Robotic Kits Self learning kits & module MechBOT Sound Sensor 8051 Dev. board Arduino SLK Bump Sensor AVR Development Board 8051 Platform based RobotObstacle Detector Module Opto Coupler board AVR Platform based Robot Analog IR Sensor AVR Serial Comm. With Prog. Micromouse Authorized distributor of DF Robot 7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 6
  7. 7. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Lab Setup: Customized Solutions to Engineering colleges Thinnk Ware provides customized solutions to the colleges to set up Robotics lab as per their Requirements.Consultancy for lab Components/Instruments Training support Services & Applicationsetup: supply : Support: Guidance for infrastructure All Technical equipments, kits Technical Assistance design of Lab & tools are supplied Teachers training on kits Fleet management7/12/2011 ThinnkWare 7
  8. 8. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” RoboHUBRoBoHub, its purpose… RoBoHub will be a center of excellence in field of Robotics, Embedded System & Digital processing It will give students a chance to do constant R &D in these domains . Experiencing hands on training with Hardware & Projects in the most common domain of Electronics (as per industry needs) Giving students a platform from very first year to work on projects so that developing final year project must not be a landmark Seminars for giving time to time Scenario of Market, current technologies & about Subjects Putting a halt to the practice of directly buying the Final year Projects from Market and rather implementing practice of developing Projects themselves. Grooming technical skills to the students to present themselves confidently in job interviews Best knowledge & learning in Summer training/Internship rather than simply getting certificates Exposure to the students with PAN India technology to make them confront them with Technical festivals @ IITs, NITs and other top Institutes Promote college to conduct technical events & festivals in that region exclusively. 7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 8
  9. 9. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Management Team & Key PersonnelTeam ThinnkWare comprises of 11 people. Management team Student Counselor & HR-Admin Chetanya Sahu Vandana Vitika Kapil Kumar Garg Vijyant Suri Technical Team Ankur Saxena Chartered Accountant Virender Bangar Mr. Anupam Parashar Vijay Bharti Deepak Panchal Company Secretary Mr. Manish Marketing Team Deepak Jha Megha Wadera Tushar Mishra 7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 9
  10. 10. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Associate OrganizationTeam ThinnkWare has been associated with various organizations to strengthen their businessand looks forward for such more associations. Orkire Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Thinnkware web portal development & Maintenance. Ecollabs Infomix Pvt. Ltd.: E-learning service provider. Our Associates: • Network of ICT Entrepreneurs & Enterprises “NITEE”. • Member of TIE, Delhi Supported by: • JSSATE-STEP Noida. • DC- MSME. 7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 10
  11. 11. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Partner colleges for Thinnkware Workshops For Complete List browse www.thinnkware.com7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 11
  12. 12. A venture of “KC Robotics & Embedded Pvt. Ltd.” Thank you7/12/2011 Thinnk Ware 12