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Impact Evaluation for Policy Making Learning about Rigorous Methods to Inform Decision_CR


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Impact Evaluation for Policy Making Learning about Rigorous Methods to Inform Decision_CR

  1. 1. Impact Evaluation for policymaking – Learning about rigorous methods to inform decision-making about what works in development policies and programming February 18, 2015 Istanbul, Turkey
  2. 2. Session Objectives • To raise awareness about IE among developing country think tanks to produce high-quality evidence to inform policymaking and programming • To share resources among TTI grantees interested in IE, including for enhancing their policy advocacy work and funding opportunities • To learn from TTI grantees their interest in further developing their capacity to use, commission or develop IE
  3. 3. Session Guiding Questions: • What is an IE and what it is not; What makes IE different, when is it important to use IE? What are the different types of IEs, and how to decide which one to use? • How do to design a rigorous IE that is useful to decision- makers and managers? • How to promote the uptake and use of findings? What are their limitations? • How to enhance TTs capacities around IEs (to do them, to commission them, to use IE evidence in providing advice and in advocating for policy change)?
  4. 4. Session coordinator/facilitator: • Carolina Robino, Senior Program Officer, IDRC Presenters: • Beryl Leach, Deputy Director, Head of the Policy, Advocacy and Communication Office, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), India • Miguel Jaramillo, Executive Director, Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE), Peru Discussants: • Anil Kumar Sharma, National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER), India • Ibrahim Kasirye, Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC), Uganda
  5. 5. Session format: • An impact evaluation step by step by Miguel Jaramillo • Comments by Anil Kumar Sharma • Q&A • Why doing policy relevant IEs is so important and how to achieve it through design and implementation – by Berly Leach • Comments by Ibrahim Kasirye • Q&A • Moderated discussion: learn from TTI grantees interest in developing capacity to use, commission or develop IE Inform the TTI Phase 2 Capacity Development Strategy
  6. 6. THANKS!!! #TTIX2015