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Development Centres


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Our Development Centres are designed to support identifying development areas and meaningfully integrating feedback into future Development goals. This is done by focusing on key elements like participant experiences with the entire process, focusing on interpretation of inputs rather than the process by which they were collected and emphasizing action planning regarding a few key behavioral elements rather than just enumerating the strengths and development areas of participants.

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Development Centres

  1. 1. Development Centres Identification of future leaders from existing frontline managers Our Approach
  2. 2. Think Talent Services Confidential 2 In a world facing rapid change, organizations must move faster to get themselves ready for the newer challenges 41%of Indian CEOs cancelled or delayed a strategic initiative because of skills shortage PwC – 15th Annual Global CEO Survey, 2012 Image courtesy: In the efforts to meet the challenges posed by changing business landscape, TALENT is often the missing piece
  3. 3. Think Talent Services Confidential 3 Talent ManagementPromotion By providing detailed behavioral SWOT for participants, our Development Centres provide organizations with actionable insights to help them identify talent in the organization and manage their human capital more effectively Why Development Centers?
  4. 4. Our approach aims to support participants in receiving and assimilating actionable insights regarding their proficiency on critical leadership competencies Think Talent Services Confidential 4 Unbiased Observations Transparent Inputs Multi-Rater Feedback Shared Interpretation Competency Scores Actionable Insights Isolated Opportunity Continuous Dev Support Our Approach to Development Centres Traditional Approach Our Approach
  5. 5. Think Talent Services Confidential 5 CASE PRESENTATION (Case Study) CASE DISCUSSION (Group Exercise) PSYCHOMETRIC INSTRUMENTS INBASKET ROLE PLAYS (1 to 1) We use a comprehensive basket of tools which are customized to the specific Industry and role context of the participants Our framework design includes a robust tool- competency matrix, exercise specific rating scales and detailed assessment sheets BEI Overview of Development Centre design Our Assessment Centres leverage robust framework design and comprehensive basket of tools to assess participants on key competencies and highlight their development SWOT
  6. 6. Illustrative DC process Our DCs leverage our expertise in Technology, Executive Coaching and Consulting to provide participants with actionable insights and help them create focused IDPs Think Talent Services Confidential 6 Individual feedback from well-trained senior line & HR professionals from the Industry Abilities How they see themselves Goals & Values What matters to The person Perceptions How others see The person Success Factors What matters to others Where the person is Where the person is going Comprehensive IDP approach document to create focused individual IDPs Conduct Assessment using customized instruments. Use Integration templates to record and compile detailed observations on each participant Use scores and observations from the assessment process to create detailed individual reports
  7. 7. Think Talent Services Confidential 7 Transparent Inputs Shared Interpretati on Continuous Dev Support Actionable Insights Technology Executive Coaching Consulting We leverage our expertise in Technology, Executive Coaching and Consulting to deliver superior experience and customer value in our programs How Does It Work?
  8. 8. How does it work: Transparent Inputs Think Talent Services Confidential 8 Transparent Inputs Shared Interpretatio n Continuous Dev Support Actionable Insights We leverage technology to deliver our assessments virtually (if required) and capture observations in far greater detail. • Computer based In-Basket Exercises & Problem Solving Exercises • Computer based Case Analysis Exercises • Telephonic/ Video-based BEIs, Role Plays & Case Presentations Insights @ 24 frames per second !!
  9. 9. Think Talent Services Confidential 9 How does it work: Shared Interpretation Transparent Inputs Shared Interpretatio n Continuous Dev Support Actionable Insights We share the exercise observations with participants prior to the feedback session as far as possible. Facilitator’s role in our DCs is to support participants make sense of the Inputs already available to them From Sharing Observations to Supporting Understanding
  10. 10. Think Talent Services Confidential 10 How does it work: Actionable Insights Transparent Inputs Shared Interpretatio n Continuous Dev Support Actionable Insights Rather than enumerating competency-wise “scores”, facilitators in our DCs leverage their executive coaching skills to help participants create personalized action plans. From Feedback to Self-Discovery
  11. 11. Think Talent Services Confidential 11 How does it work: Continuous Dev Support Transparent Inputs Shared Interpretatio n Continuous Dev Support Actionable Insights Unlike traditional DCs, we continue providing development support to participants through development programs and collaterals From a single meeting to a journey together
  12. 12. Think Talent Services Confidential 12 Mumbai Think Talent Services Private Limited 1006, Atrium 2, Courtyard Marriott Compound, Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400093 Phone: +91 90400 84006 Bangalore 1568, 1st Sector, Outer Ring Road, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560102 Phone: +91 80 64006888 Hyderabad 301, 2nd Floor, Vaishno Kuteer, Puppalguda, Manikonda Hyderabad Phone: +91 90400 84006 Pune 102, Quartz, Niyati Empire, Kharadi, Pune Phone: +91 77740 09961 Our Coordinates Our Website : E-mail : Corporate Office Think Talent Services Private Limited 501, 5th Floor, Tower A Spaze I-Tech Park Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon – 122018 Phone: +91-124-4201824