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Client Story - Think Talent Services - VDC


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How we helped a leading FMCG organization conduct Virtual Competency Assessment of their entire managerial workforce in Sales, spread across the country.

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Client Story - Think Talent Services - VDC

  1. 1. VIRTUAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER AT AN FMCG LEADER A Think Talent Services Case Study HOW WE HELPED A LEADING FMCG ORGANIZATION CONDUCT VIRTUAL COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT OF THEIR ENTIRE MANAGERIAL WORKFORCE IN SALES, SPREAD ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Our client, a leading multinational FMCG organization, had a large sales team which was spread across the entire country. The managerial population in this team consisted of more than 50 employees who were based out of more than 20 unique locations across the country. As part of a comprehensive development process for this managerial population, we were required to conduct a comprehensive assessment of these employees on key competencies like Change & Collaboration, Experiential Selling and Strategy & Systems Thinking. The Situation Success Levers Given the geographical spread of the participant group, it would have been very expensive to bring the entire participant group to one or more common locations. Therefore, we proposed and agreed with the client business and HR leadership team to deliver the entire assessment exercise virtually. To ensure success in this project, the Think Talent team needed to create a set of assessment tools which were seen by the participants as relevant to their business context and reflected the operating language and common issues faced by them. 2018 Copyright Think Talent Services 1
  2. 2. The Solution The Outcome Self -awareness for participants about their development gaps and orient them properly for the development phase of the program Clear view on SWOT Analysis for this set of managers for the Leadership team. The entire Virtual Development Program turned out to be cost effective as there were no travel and accommodation costs incurred and hence, resulted in a cost saving of almost 60% for the organization.�The participants also had an engaging experience of the process since they could complete the exercises in their own time and most of them enjoyed completing the online exercises, especially the In-basket Exercise. The virtual development program helped the client team achieve two key goals: To kick-off the process, the Think Talent team worked with a diagnosis report created by the client HR team around key development themes for this group of managers and conducted a follow-up diagnosis process to further clarify and confirm the findings of that diagnosis report. Based on these studies, a competency framework and a set of assessment tools were designed. The assessment tools were designed to be delivered virtually for participants who were located outside the HQ. Our Assessment Solution consisted of: The entire Assessment Center was completed over a period of 12 days with participants logging in from their locations to complete the exercises and then completing the virtual interview process. Based on the inputs received from the multiple exercises, an Individual Feedback Report was created by a panel of Senior Assessors for each participant providing them feedback and recommended development areas for each competency.� A comprehensive group report was also created to provide senior management stakeholders with an overall competency view of the participant group and key collective development areas. In-basket Exercise Psychometric Test Behavioral Event Interview Skype/PhoneOnline 2018 Copyright Think Talent Services 2 CONTACT US: Phone: +91-124-4201824 Email: