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Client Story Think Talent Services - Employee Engagement


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How we conducted employee engagement surveys to understand engagement drivers at a reputed Logistics organization.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Client Story Think Talent Services - Employee Engagement

  1. 1. IDENTIFYING ENGAGEMENT DRIVERS AT A REPUTED LOGISTICS ORGANIZATION A Think Talent Services Case Study HOW WE CONDUCTED EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEYS TO UNDERSTAND ENGAGEMENT DRIVERS AT A REPUTED LOGISTICS ORGANIZATION Our client a reputed logistics organisation with widespread presence across North, East India & Bhutan through 80 Branches was looking at conducting an Employee Engagement Survey to understand: Context 2018 Copyright Think Talent Services 1 Drivers of engagement in the organization better Identify current engagement hot-spots Create a focused action plan to address emerging issues.
  2. 2. The Solution The Outcome A customized organizational level dashboard Business unit level dashboards Team reflection cards Survey analytics were presented through: Using our cloud-based platform, we integrated the questionnaire already designed by the client HR Team, aligning reports along themes and elements already mapped in the Questionnaire. The survey was conducted online comprising of: 2018 Copyright Think Talent Services 2 CONTACT US: Phone: +91-124-4201824 Email: 1400+ employees Unique link sent to each employee to complete the survey Mobile usability leading to ease of use A multi-level theme wise survey analytics done. The Survey Analytics were then shared through a set of comprehensive online dashboards at Corporate and Business levels along with Team level score-cards. The dashboard was customized as per the 3 indexes. This three-level analytics approach enabled better cascading of results and in turn resulted in effective action planning. The online dashboard will allow the client to compare data in coming years as and when surveys are conducted.