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Thinkspace Twitter Sammamish Chamber

Twitter why it matters for business. This was the PowerPoint deck that I used at the Sammamish Chamber Luncheon on May 21, 2009.

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Thinkspace Twitter Sammamish Chamber

  1. 1. WHY IT MATTERS Brought to you by:
  2. 2. What you’ll be learning today 1. Social Media Overview 2. What is Twitter 3. Why Twitter is useful 4. How to use Twitter for your business
  3. 3. Background: Web 1.0
  4. 4. Image Source:
  5. 5. Web 2.0 linking people… people sharing… collaborating. Image Source:
  6. 6. What is Twitter? • Definition: a social networking and micro- blogging service that allows you answer the question, quot;What are you doing?quot; by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called quot;tweetsquot;, to your friends, or quot;followers.”
  7. 7. A nice halfway point Less personal than More chatty than is not a walled garden.
  8. 8. The Growth of Twitter 3x Increase!
  9. 9. Trending News • Google is no longer the place to look for trending news. • Twitter is the place to hear about what people are really talking about. • Search tools: – –
  10. 10. Twitter Profile Brand your company
  11. 11. Twitter Search by Location • Use: • Follow active people like @realtordan62 in your community • ocation/Sammamish,+WA/
  12. 12. Value of Twitter • Trust • Sales • Visibility • Research • Relevance • Marketing • Relationships • Networking • Social capital • Customer service • Community • Traffic • Ideas • News • SEO
  13. 13. Signal versus Noise
  14. 14. Influence (was) Attracting attention to yourself
  15. 15. Influence (is) Providing attention and value to others
  16. 16. Value: Traffic Website traffic up 500% over daily average
  17. 17. Value: Sales
  18. 18. Value: Lead Generator
  19. 19. Case Study: Breathable Glass Use to get alerts for keywords
  20. 20. Case Study: Breathable Glass 1. Username: Eisch; BreathableWineGlass; MercerImports; CathyMercer and use a real photo of yourself. 2. Use a tool to search people’s bio’s: 3. Search for: wine, love wine, wine lover, ceo, entrepreneur 4. Follow those people 5. Find someone w/ huge following: 6. Tweet: wines that you like to drink; “Amazing! Just opened up a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787 check out my tasting notes:” 7. Other things to Tweet about: Customer testimonials, events, specials or promotions, handle customer service via Twitter.
  21. 21. What to Tweet About • What are you doing?
  22. 22. Closing Quote “If You're Not at the Table, You're on the Menu” - Caroline Arnold
  23. 23. Social Media Intelligence Experts Dave Schappell Steve Broback @sbroback CEO of TeachStreet Jason Preston @jasonp107 @daveschappell Questions? Twitter: @thinkspace
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