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Growth Hacking with LinkedIn - By Peter Chee @thinkspace

Growth hacking tips with LinkedIn. Tips by Peter Chee

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Growth Hacking with LinkedIn - By Peter Chee @thinkspace

  1. 1. Growth Hacking with Growth Hacking with LinkedIn Presentation by: Peter Chee Founder and CEO, thinkspace LinkedIn Small Business Cocktail Reception at Melrose Studios Seattle November 13, 2014
  2. 2. Growth Hacking Tip #1: Use LinkedIn Groups to email anyone. It’s a free InMail work-around!
  3. 3. Growth Hacking Tip #2: Export all your contacts into a CSV and that’s the start of your newsletter list.
  4. 4. Growth Hacking Tip #3: “Alert me when someone in my network meets Marissa Mayer”
  5. 5. Growth Hacking Tip #4: Install SellHack browser extension. Great for finding almost anyone’s email address.
  6. 6. Growth Hacking Tip #5: Search for any company or person based on software install-base. Pro tip: mention “thinkspace” and get 100 free searches! [full disclosure] is incubated inside thinkspace
  7. 7. Growth Hacking Tip #6: Each morning look at your calendar from the previous day and connect with them on LinkedIn. It’s a great safety net to regularly increase the size, value and ROI of your network. -Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing
  8. 8. Create a WTWW list! (want to work with) Build a list of “A Players”. Always be recruiting, even if you don’t have an open position.
  9. 9. Use the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” but don’t be this person Did you get my message about my other messages?
  10. 10. Q&A Peter Chee @pchee @thinkspace