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Think sceam presentation for gloria jean's cafe


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Think sceam presentation for gloria jean's cafe

  1. 1. ThinkScream aims to provide scalable andaffordable Networking Solutions to variousconsumer chains.Setup by two NM-ites, the Company wantsto enhance the front end as well as the backend user experience with the use oftechnology. We at ThinkScream want toengage audiences via innovativeapplications.ThinkScream also helps the managementmake better and more informed decisionsby providing efficient Data ManagementSystems
  2. 2. Socialise
  3. 3. Food and Drinks
  4. 4. Have a Good Time
  5. 5. Our End Objectives
  6. 6. One to One Customer Connect Customer Loyalty
  7. 7. Increase Sales
  8. 8. Increase BrandAwareness
  9. 9. How do we get there?
  10. 10. The Idea! Setup Local Networks at all Locations accessible via Wi-Fi enabled devices Users can carry out a variety of activities on the network Features and Apps to help enhance the experience for the Consumer as well as the Company Internet Connectivity along with Interconnectivity of all Outlets in a particular chain
  11. 11. Network- Setup a WiFi Network accessible by any device- Applications on the network to enhance the User Experience
  12. 12. Network Today, The networkInternet is a is the basenecessity. It helps on whichenhance the everythinguser’s utility else is setupexperience.
  13. 13. Network: How?- Registration Module via the mobile number- Access the profile from all outlets using the mobile number as the UID- Complete network-infrastructure to be provided by us
  14. 14. Remote OrderOrder directly off your DeviceGet detailed information about each item including Popularity, Specials, Favourites etc.Track all the orders placed off the network
  15. 15. Remote Order Why?| Easy to Use | Modernisation | Data: collection and analysis | Makes the Process more Linear
  16. 16. Remote Order- The menu with all the items and prices will be setup on the network- Users can directly order on the network- Detailed statistics available about the orders
  17. 17. Games What? Peer to Peer gamesUsers can play with other users across the outlets
  18. 18. Games Why? Helps increase user interaction | Retains users Users can be given in game benefits/incentives
  19. 19. Games How?Games will be installed over the networkAll games will be tracked to User ProfilesGame Records will be saved
  20. 20. What? Request songs Directly off the network The entire playlist is crowd-sourced and played on the basis of VotesLibrary of songs will be uploaded from which customers can vote for songs
  21. 21. Virtual Jukebox- Customers feel an active part of the system- They get to hear songs they really want
  22. 22. Virtual JukeboxA player with the library and a system to vote for songs will be setup on the network.Users can vote from songs directly off the browsers in their devicesThere will be checks to maintain the shuffle of the Playlist and ensure a song is not repeated toooften
  23. 23. Brand AwarenessIncrease Awareness about Gloria Jean’s amongst customersMake customers aware about activities at Gloria Jean’sMake the customers feel a part of the Gloria Jean’s family
  24. 24. Brand Why? AwarenessTo create a sense of belongingCreate a direct connect with the CustomersIntroduce the lesser known things about Gloria Jean’s
  25. 25. Brand Awareness How?Product IntegrationIntroductory Page links to various aspects of Gloria Jean’sBranded Landing Page
  26. 26. Gamification What?- Gratify your customers- Reward them for their patronage and loyalty- Increase connect by getting them to try out more things at your cafes
  27. 27. Gamification Why?| High ROI | Works on customer mindset | Engages Customers |
  28. 28. Gamification• Track all customer activities • This will be divided into• Reward them three phases
  29. 29. Gamification Phase 1Unlock Achievements and Gain Rewards
  30. 30. GamificationIntroduce Goals
  31. 31. Gamification
  32. 32. Thank You! Raj Desai +91 98677 61412 raj@thinkscream.c om Pratik Agarwal +91 98330 88830 pratik@thinkscream.c om