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Think productive - We Love Our Work


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Published in: Business, Education
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Think productive - We Love Our Work

  1. 1. Love your workWorkshops with at-desk coaching to help you increase productivity,experience playful momentum and feel more in control.
  2. 2. Why we’re differentOur uniquely practical approach…At-desk coaching:Unlike other training companies, we’re passionate about making sure people implementthe things we cover on our workshops straight away so that real change happens. Westructure our sessions to include workshop-room time as well as at-desk coaching. Soon ‘Getting Your Inbox to Zero’ for example, people actually GET their inboxes to zero bythe end of the 3 hours - not just talk about it.Blended learning:We see learning as a process that happens from the moment your delegates receive theirinvite to the workshop, right through to the weeks and months afterwards. We offer anemail follow-up service to help make sure the learning sticks. We’re also available onemail if your team have any follow-up questions and we love sharing our ownexperiences with a full range of different tools - between us, we know all the best tips andtricks for Outlook, Gmail, PC, Mac, pen and paper, iPhone, Blackberry and whatever elseyou might use!
  3. 3. They our work s! “BA is the land of meeting This was a refreshing, to the point ch has and interactive session whi ely really made us think about using our time “I know this sounds complet tive ly and in some bonkers but I really think the for meetings more produc a meeting at all. A well o’ and cas es questioning our need for ‘Getting Your Inbox to Zer erbly timed ‘meeting’ prepared, presented and sup ‘How to Get Things Done’ sessions nity as a group to share sessions I have ever bee n which gave us an opportu are the most useful training find practical solutions. ” problems and helped us to that but it’s true! I don’t know if ays on. I never say things like Alison Jenson, British Airw have definitely felt calmer and less this is connected but I more s and I genuinely feel a bit stressed since the session in control of my workload.” ce s Zoe Pronger, TheCabinet Offi training ha x to Zero “The Inbo e - my m lliantly for worked bri ill at ze ro and my Inbox is st g direction are grea t for settin ns lue for ew sessio d great va weekly revi Brilliant an ming few days. for the co “I liked it. Short, snazzy, fo- money.” g Council olds, Ealin cussed and action-oriented.” N atalie Reyn Maire Burke, eBay “I liked that we got to work on our actual inboxes and get them to zero. It was very ‘satisfyin g’. I loved the approach.” “The session an Julia Ewald, eBay d workshop above all helped clarify in my mind an improv categorize item ed way to s and focus on output.” John Gibson, Th e National Trust y the most “Very impressed. Actuall productive and enjo yable course “Very good & I’ve been on.” productive se ssion which just from tol a psychologica l Lisa Hut chinson, University of Bris point is inspiri ng. I think I’m alittle more orga at framework for managing nised both in managing “An eye-opener and a gremy inbox and the way I now work.” the pressures of life.”Bharat Vadgam Bristol a, Barclays Co mmercial Bank Giles Couzin, University of
  4. 4. Practical In-House workshops, How to Get Things Done Time management, but for theimmediate changes… information age: learn how to manage attention, focus, projects, actions, priorities and decisions. This workshop will give you the ninja tips, tricks and tools to get more done in less time and with a lot less stress. Getting Your Inbox to Zero To book our in-house workshops, Introducing the ‘inbox zero’ email Format: 1 day / 6 hours methodology: Cut down on the or call us on +44 (0) 1273 913217 3 hour workshop then 3 hours at-desk coaching time and stress caused by email Maximum delegates: 15 overload and make friends with Result: 82% of delegates implement a new your email again. workflow system & feel more in control of their work Format: 3 hours 1.5 hour workshop, 1.5 hour at-desk coaching Making Meetings MagicMaximum delegates: 15 How to stop meetings beingResult: 96% of delegates get inboxes to zero a pointlessly long-winded waste of time and make them fresh, Email Etiquette impactful, action-orientated, The average worker spends 41% of their time on email productive and even fun. management. This workshop is a priceless opportunity for Format: 3 hours your team to discuss and plan how to make email easier and more effective for everyone. 1 hour workshop, 1 hour group work, 1 hour implementation coaching Format: 3 hours Maximum delegates: 15 1 hour workshop, 1 hour at-desk coaching, Result: 92% have planned up-coming meetings 1 hour group work to be more effective Maximum delegates: 15 Result: Your team develops an Smells Like Team Spirit email manifesto to make email easier A team should be greater and more productive than the sum of its parts. This workshop shows you how to cut out the unnecessary stuff How to be a Productivity Ninja and create a healthy, fun and productive working environment for your people. We have developed a unique, ninja-like approach to productivity. This short workshop will give you an overview Format: 3 hours of how we work and show you how Format: 1.5 hours 3 hour workshop with group-work and practical at-desk time to keep a zen-like calm as well as1.5 hour workshop with discussion and action-planning an agile ruthlessness in the face of Maximum delegates: 15Maximum delegates: unlimited the enemy – information overload. Result: Your team makes changes to its physical and digitalResult: individual action plans to develop ninja-level Ideal for lunch and learn, taster environments and makes practical plans to improve workshops or conference slots.productivity skills productivity
  5. 5. Our storyThink Productive was founded by Graham Allcott in 2009, after he made the transitionfrom charity Chief Executive to freelance consultant. For the first 2 years as a freelancer,he was suddenly working without a personal assistant and a great team of ‘do-ers’and having to rely on himself to be organised, productive and motivated.Graham’s ‘lightbulb moment’ was after reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (GTD),a book which ironically had sat gathering dust on his shelf during his busy, stressed-out ChiefExecutive days! It led on to him discovering a whole range of productivity books, blogs, ideasand practical tools which could be of real benefit to individuals and organisations, whilst at thesame time as a consultant he was seeing the waste that goes on – not through negligence,but from the stress and chaos of information overload.Think Productive was born. Our vision is “to make a million people in the UK happier by helpingthem replace ‘information stress’ with playful, productive momentum”.We’d love you to be part of making it happen! Our ethicsThink Productive has adopted a ‘social business’ approach from day one.We believe passionately in doing business in the right way, including...Sustainability - We are passionate about environmental sustainability: We operate as acarbon-neutral company, we only use recycled paper and we constantly review ourenvironmental sustainability and ethical purchasing.Charities - We help charities in a variety of ways: We offer discounts sothat charities can access our workshops and our founder Graham Allcottalso donates his time to 3 charities at board-level and mentors socialentrepreneurs. We also run our own initiative, “Girls, Stay in School”,which each year provides 2 scholarships for girls at Bhukhabusi PrimarySchool in Uganda to fund their entire secondary education. It helps thegirls and their families escape poverty but also helps the school promoteawareness of women’s rights in the area.Being a good employer - Think Productive’s early development also saw it train three peopleback into work after periods of unemployment through the Future Jobs Fund. We continue tooffer work experience, internships and apprenticeships as the business grows.
  6. 6. Public workshops How to Get Things Done & Getting Your Inbox to ZeroAs well as our in-house workshops with ‘at-desk coaching’ for organisations, we also run openaccess public versions of our two most popular workshops in cities across the UK.Our one-day How to Get Things Done workshop will leave you with a greater sense ofclarity and control. We will introduce you to principles from David Allen (GTD), Stephen Covey(7 habits) and other leading thinkers on personal productivity but crucially we’ll also help you todevelop your own personal workflow system on the day. Not just a workshop but ado-shop too!Our half-day Getting Your Inbox to Zero workshop also follows our uniquely practicalapproach: turn up with your laptop and we’ll coach you through principles from Merlin Mann(Inbox Zero), Peter Drucker and David Allen and show you how to email like a Ninja!To book, visit our website and click on “Public Workshops” to findyour nearest city.Full Price .............................................................................. £325SME/Public Sector/Large Charity Discount Price ................. £225Small Charity/Micro-business/Freelancer Discount Price ..... £125Get a Productivity Ninja in your office!Think Productive has a network of Productivity Ninjas based in cities around the UK, ensuring that we are never far away should you want to book an in-house workshop with us.Our Productivity Ninjas are exceptional people and arenot your common or garden freelance trainer!They all ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to their ownproductivity and are brilliant at training and inspiring others.If you want to book a Productivity Ninja to deliver workshops in yourcompany, email and we’ll explain more!
  7. 7. Too much information = stress= unproductive behaviour 1 in 5 people in the UK are off work with stress each year (Lotus Exchange) A recent study of Microsoft workers found that it took 15mins to return to serious mental tasks after an interruption (New York Times 2007) Workers spend 41% of their time on email management (Radicati Group) 71% of meetings are not productive (Microsoft study) 59% of middle managers in the UK and USA admit to missing important information almost every day in their jobs because they can’t find it (Accenture/Wall St Journal) 90% of managers squander time on ineffective activities (Harvard Business Review) 65% of those earning £40k or more waste time trying to find emails compared to 49% of those earning less than £25k (Egan Email Solutions) 46% of people are unsure what to do when given tasks to do by their line manager (HR magazine, UK)2nd Floor, 174 Church Road, Hove,East Sussex, BN3 2DJTo get in touch with a Productivity Ninja near youemail +44 (0) 1273 913217