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Geekgirl : A Life Story


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Geekiness is something that resides on the inside - it is an attitude. Geeks explore stereotypes, geeks have a gaming attitude to challenges and geeks do not care about conforming. That is true geek spirit and to connect with one, you have to be one. And yes, geeky pick up lines work!
My accompanying talk is at on you tube

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Geekgirl : A Life Story

  1. 1. GEEK GIRL <ul><li>Life story: What can YOU take from it? </li></ul>
  2. 2. GEEK Understands, creates, fixes RCS NERD Understands, collects RCS DORK Is confused by RCS
  3. 3. MisFIT Jeopardy and geeky pickup lines
  4. 4. Aha!
  5. 5. Geek Inside
  6. 6. 1. CONFORM – DON’T
  7. 7. Story
  8. 8. My lesson? It is an unreasonable expectation
  9. 9. For You? Don’t dismiss – challenge constructively
  11. 11. Story
  12. 12. My Lesson? Pink is a color too
  13. 13. For You? Explore stereotypes to excel Role models are powerful
  14. 14. 3. CHALLENGES
  15. 15. Story
  16. 16. My Lesson? Don’t make it personal if it does not have to be
  17. 17. For You? The gamer response system
  18. 18. So where are they?
  19. 19. Nonconforming, exploring gamers Busy being just that
  20. 20. BE A GEEK-MIND Grow the tribe thanks! @thinkmaya