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TravelInk'd Brochure


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TravelInk'd Brochure

  1. 1. Visibility Solutions for the Travel IndustryHere...There...Everywhere!Visibility strategiesthat reach yourcustomers, whereverthey are ...TravelInk’d. hotels & revenue managementBased in the US with coverage in travel technologyCanada, the UK and Asia-Pac, we meetings &are a communications rm specializing incentivesin PR, social media and visibility aviationsolutions for companies in the airline,travel technology and hospitality mobileindustries in every corner of the globe. loyaltyWe help build reputations for airlinesthese companies; we tell their events & exhibitionsstories to the world, to increasetheir visibility where it counts most. business travelNeed some ink? Want to be visible?Contact us and let TravelInkd tellyour company ’s story to the world.US: + 1 . 3 0 5 . 7 4 9 . 5 3 4 2UK: + 4 4 . 2 0 3 . 3 7 2 . 4 8 0 9AUS: + 6 1 . 4 1 1 . 8 8 1 . 6 6 1CAN: + 1 . 6 4 7 . 8 6 7 . 0 0 9 3t r a ve l @ t r a ve l i n k d. c o mw w w. t rave l i n kd. co m
  2. 2. Insight, Experience,Intelligence… Airlines, AviationIn the travel industry, change happens overnight.It’s been more than a decade since travel agentswere the primary hotel booking channel forconsumers. Legacy airlines have never faced as and Business Travelmuch competition from low-cost operators or an The airline industry is a force to be reckoned with. In just a short periodincreased consumer demand for transparency as after the worst recession in recent history, airlines have already generatedthey do today. New hotel systems are rewritingthe operations handbook for hoteliers worldwide revenues in excess of $4.4. billion and are projected to generate more thanand corporate travel and meeting planners are $8.9 billion in total profit in 2010. Yet there is more uncertainty, morecompeting with increasingly e cient competition and more opportunity at this time than at any other, possiblycommunications technology. In fact, technology since the deregulation of the industry. Low-cost carriers and their no-frillsin every aspect of the travel industry – from hotels, business model continue to penetrate, and sometimes dominate, marketsto airlines, to meetings/communications, to mobile – across the world while the legacies gobble one another up and then scrambleis revolutionizing the entire travel experience and to reduce capacity. New regions have emerged as high-growth areas whilethe way in which companies build and support others see traffic decline precipitously.their operations. And all of this evolution – whichcan be overwhelming at times – continues at what And consumers continue to change as well. The business traveler is noseems to be the speed of light. longer necessarily the corporate-card-wielding road warrior of yesteryear; more often, he or she is a web-savvy deal hunter on a budget. The leisureAt TravelInk’d, we create awareness, instill beliefs, passenger, once putty in a travel agents hands, is now armed with anchange behaviors and motivate actions to keep arsenal of fare comparison sites and OTAs – online sites that favor increasedyour company at the top of the constantly changing transparency and increases competition between carriers. As with mostindustry and on the radar of in uential media. Someof our strategies and methods are traditional, while everything else, the web has forced the aviation industry to redefine itsothers aren’t, but they all have the same goal: relationship with its customers and reconsider its pricing strategies.increased visibility of your travel product or service. The airline industry experts at TravelInkd understand this shifting landscapeThe travel industry isn’t a place for dinosaurs. Get perhaps better than any other public relations firm: our clients include airlinesdiscovered, get inked, and let TravelInk’d help keep and airline services companies, as well as booking platform designers andyour edge over the competition. airline software developers. So whether you are in the business of flying planes, selling seats, or catering to business travelers, TravelInkd can help you develop the communications and marketing strategies to keep your business flying high.
  3. 3. Hotels, Vacation Rentals and Travel Technology The hospitality industry has endured many challenges in the last decade, and in the process has reinvented itself. Although the main product offered at hotels has remained the same – after all, how much can a room and a bed change? – everything on an operational level has undergone significant changes over the decade, and especially over the past few years. Boutique and independent properties are gaining market share over the big-brand chains that used to rule the industry. The booking window is shrinking, with more customers booking on-the-go, in-flight or even while standing outside the hotel. The way that consumers are booking is also changing. Telephone and travel agent reservations are dwindling and replaced by the quick, easy, and affordable online channel, which is available to consumers worldwide 24/7. Another big change in how consumers are booking is the growth of the mobile channel, allowing customers access to mobile booking websites from anywhere, at anytime. With each new change, the internal processes of a hotel need to adapt in order to remain successful. GDS, RMS, CRM, ADR, POS, OTAs… new technologies are emerging every day that revolutionize the job of a hotelier, a revenue manager, a reservations agent, or a hospitality marketer.TravelInk’d understands the ever-shifting permutations of the lodging and travel technology industries, and we never lose sight of the ultimate goal -to make one more sale, to land one more client, to put one more head in one more bed and to helpyou make the most money doing it. We leverage our years of experience in thisfield to develop effective and powerful messaging, and generatemeaningful media coverage for your hospitality business.In short, we know the hotel and hospitality industry.We understand your business, your target audiences the perks of partnership:and we know how to reach them. We have excellentrelationships with the media outlets that cover •Strength in (small) numbersyour industry, and can leverage these •Strong media relationships inrelationships to the benefit of your company. the travel and tourism industryIsn’t it time for your •Attention to and quick identification of emerging travel trendshospitality companyto get ink’d? •Responsiveness to changing client, media and market conditions •Transactional results - lead generation, revenue development and an emphasis on ROI •Global perspective from a team of multicultural and multilingual experts
  4. 4. We represent thetravel industry -Here and nowDespite the many challengesthat come with constant change, The TravelInk’d Differenceit’s an exciting time for companiesin the travel industry. TravelInkd is more than just a travel-oriented public relations agency churning out press releases. To us, public relations means “building the relationship withBut to be successful in such an publics”, first and foremost. It is no longer about simply crafting a message orenvironment, your company’s placing a story, especially in a world where transparency and authenticity iscommunications strategies must so important.keep pace with your marketplace –and your competitors. We strive to be a trusted advisor, an expert consultant, a developer of effective strategy and generator of fresh perspectives.TravelInk’d meets the needs oftoday’s organizations, consumers More than anything, we are a partner to our clients, understanding the nuancesand media the world over – taking of their industry and speaking the language of travel and everywhere you need to be. Our primary role is that of PR consultants, but we believe a partnership goesWe embrace social media, storytelling deeper than primary roles; we are also event planners, copywriters, agents,and relationship building and we business advisors, crisis managers and designers. And we provide these servicesspeak the language of both travel on three continents, effectively expanding the reach of your company worldwide -and technology, not just PR. giving you a partner here, there and everywhere.So whether you are developing the As a firm, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness and ability to find innovativelatest ancillary revenue platform, solutions to complex challenges - skills particularly critical to the dynamic travelvirtual meetings technology, a new and tourism industry. TravelInkd has never sacrificed these qualities in favor ofsocial media app for the travel industry, a large corporate structure, allowing our clients to retain an independent,or the latest concierge program to responsive PR partner with a global loyalty for your hotel brand,TravelInk’d has the visibility So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you got Ink’d?solutions to get your company ink.It’s that simple.Visibility Solutions for the Travel IndustryUS: + 1 . 3 0 5 . 7 4 9 . 5 3 4 2UK: + 4 4 . 2 0 3 . 3 7 2 . 4 8 0 9AUS: + 6 1 . 4 1 1 . 8 8 1 . 6 6 1CAN: + 1 . 6 4 7 . 8 6 7 . 0 0 9 3t r a ve l @ t r a ve l i n k d. c o mw w w. t rave l i n kd. co m