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Module 03 communication on internet


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Module 03 communication on internet

  1. 1. Alpha Tech Program
  2. 2. Recap Module 2
  3. 3. Module : Communication On Internet
  4. 4. How Email Works
  5. 5. How Email Works Desktop based: Email client “MS Outlook” Internet based: Gmail / Yahoo
  6. 6. Create An Account In Gmail
  7. 7. Write And Send Email Send an email to one teacher in the group Write in not more than three lines your experience of creating an email account
  8. 8. Use Your Email Account To Display a list of received messages. Read the message. Create new messages. Reply to, forward, and delete messages. "Attach" files (called attachments) to messages you send. Save the attachments you receive.
  9. 9. Manage Emails Folders / labels Flags Attachments
  10. 10. Etiqutte Email Do's Do include a descriptive subject line Keep it short Email Don'ts Don't ignore spelling and grammar mistakes Don't bother with excessive formatting Don't use excessive punctuation Don’t use CAPITAL LETTERS Don't use emoticons like: :-) = happy :-( = sad ;-) = wink :-o = shocked
  11. 11. Lesson 2: Instant Messaging For instant messaging you need: IM service IM software. Sign up for a free account Determine a user name and password. Ready to go. Google talk MSN messenger Yahoo messenger
  12. 12. Features Create a contact list (buddy list). Add, Edit or Delete people from your contact list. Know who in your contact list is online at any time. Send and receive messages from those in your contact list. Functions may include: chat, voice, video
  13. 13. Practice Use Google talk Send an IM to one person Mention two software that can be used to IM
  14. 14. Summary
  15. 15. Quiz