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IO Learner Grid

  1. 1. Marking Grid Course: Internet Operations Name: _____________________________________________ Class: ____________________ Unit: ____________________ Assessor Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________ Sign: ____________________ Interpretation Use these codes to rate the learner: Grade Marks Outstanding A 81-100 Strong B 61-80 Proficient C 41-60 Weak D 21-40 Poor E 0-20 Grade Formative SummativeLesson 1 Connect to the Internet. 1 Get online with an Internet connection 2 identify different types of connection methods that can be used to access the Internet 3 use help facilities to solve any Internet connection problems 4 include the benefits and drawbacks of the connection method used.Lesson 2 Use browser software to navigate webpages effectively. Select and use browser tools to: 1 navigate webpages 2 adjust browser settings to optimise performance and meet needs 3 identify ways to improve the performance of a browser.Lesson 3 Use browser tools to search for information from the Internet. Select and use appropriate search techniques to: 1 locate information efficiently 2 describe how well information meets requirements 3 manage and use references to make it easier to find information another time 4 download, organise and store different types of information from the Internet.Lesson 4 Use browser software to communicate information online. Select and use appropriate tools and techniques to: 1 communicate information online 2 create post or publish material to websites 3 use browser tools to share information sources with others 4 submit information online.Lesson 5 Understand the need for safety and security practices when working online. Describe and explain the following: 1 threats to system performance when working online 2 threats to information security when working online 3 threats to user safety when working online 4 how to minimise internet security risks 5 the importance of the relevant laws affecting Internet users. Work responsibly and take appropriate precautions when working online: 6 safety and security 7 manage personal access to online sources securely 8 apply laws, guidelines and procedures for safe and secure Internet use.Lesson 6 Troubleshooting 1 Identify problems and take appropriate action.