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How to Connect People and Ideas


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How to Connect People and ideas

1) Have a remarkable idea
2) Share the idea’s story
3) Find your Idea Anchors
4) Open a dialogue with them

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How to Connect People and Ideas

  1. How to Connect People and Ideas
  2. Let’s start with the three basic essentials
  3. IDEATOR Where the idea comes from The lead in the connection process
  4. IDEA A thought, conception or notion Usually defined by a “EUREKA!” moment
  5. PEOPLE The community around you Consisting of a collective conscience who will help move your idea forward
  6. What do you get when you combine these three elements successfully?
  9. Not so fast. There are some important steps to this process.
  10. Beginning with a remarkable idea “Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting.” -Seth Godin
  11. What is your remarkable idea?
  12. Next, share that idea’s story
  13. Story Elements Inspiration “Eureka!” Character Origin Message Direction Purpose Importance Meaning
  14. Who do you tell the idea’s story to?
  15. People who will stand by your idea, carry it forward and spread it throughout their communities. Those people are...
  16. Idea Anchors
  17. Idea Anchors are the filter of credible information. They are the ones that keep you connected to the information you are interested in. Idea Anchors earned their trust and respect by sharing valuable and reliable information. They are a source of confidence and vital part of the world today.
  18. Who can be Idea Anchors? Newspapers Blogs Mom Co-worker Brother Friend Sister Dad Personal Businesses Trainer Dog Walker Artist Hair Stylist
  19. Idea Anchors are trusted thought leaders in their anchoring communities “Anchoring communities help us manage information. Without my social network online, I would be in information hell. Creating anchors helps people feel part of a community while helping them navigate the digital never-neverland.” - Nick Bilton
  20. Idea Anchors play a critical role in the connection process IDEATORS IDEA ANCHORS IDEA SUPPORTERS SLAGGERS
  21. Which is why opening a dialogue with Idea Anchors is crucial
  22. The difference between dialogue and a discussion “A dialogue is all about give and take. It is about active listening, not for the sake of getting your point across or waiting for your turn to speak, but for the sake of learning. Learning is all about destroying old concepts and preconceptions. Discussion leads people to hold separate points of view, while dialogue can lead to shared meaning.” -John Winsor
  23. Connection Process 1) Have a remarkable idea 2) Share the idea’s story 3) Find your Idea Anchors 4) Open a dialogue with them 5) EPIC RESULTS
  24. IDEATOR Dialogue Remarkable EPIC RESULTS PEOPLE Story IDEA
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