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Preparing Your Credit for Home Buying


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Preparing Your Credit for Home Buying

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Preparing Your Credit for Home Buying

  2. 2. PreparingYour Credit for Home Buying • Think Credit Reports provides an important service for individuals who are interested in monitoring their borrower profile. By providing reports and scores from all three credit bureaus,Think Credit Reports makes staying aware of one’s current borrowing situation easy.This is particularly important when preparing to make a major purchase such as a home. In the period of time leading up to applying for financing, there are a number of things consumers can do to help raise their scores.
  3. 3. PreparingYour Credit for Home Buying • It is generally recommended to keep old credit lines open, because closing them can cause a reduction in your score. If you have many different cards that you do not use often, for example, consider using each of them occasionally to make small purchases and then paying off their balances in full.
  4. 4. PreparingYour Credit for Home Buying • Be sure to avoid applying for new cards or loans in the six months prior to applying for a mortgage.The three bureaus view these events as risk factors since they are not sure how you will handle your recent borrowing limit increase. Additionally, monitor your borrowing profile closely, and be sure to take steps to resolve any inaccuracies you notice right away.