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Cardio Mini Brochure Active Relationships


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At Cardio we work actively in partnerships across your organisation to provide critical cultural insight. Our goal is to identify, surface, engage, connect and practically apply all the talent within your organisation to help you create your own internal ‘Intelligent Client’ consultancy capacity. Once you have enhanced your own in-house capability, we may be the last external consultants you’ll ever need.

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Cardio Mini Brochure Active Relationships

  1. 1. the heart of a thinking organisation
  2. 2. Active Relationships. If your organisational relationships aren’t as productive and effective as you want them to be, how do you begin to change them… CARDIO are Corporate Culture Consultants, and we work in active partnerships with organisations to provide critical cultural insight combined with corporate coaching. Using our Corporate Culture Curriculum (delivered in partnership with The Open University), we help you to see your internal working culture and values more clearly and then provide the action learning coaching which enables you to resolve conflicts, as well as accelerate performance and enhance change. With our accredited thinking, reflective, and meta-leadership techniques we enable:  A change in your colleagues’ attitudes…  Better thought through plans…  More value..  Less cost…  Co-ordinated individuality…  Outcome-focused partnership working… …Lets talk!
  3. 3. Transforming organisational energy and individual motivation needs a disciplined, outcomes-led framework. Energy needs to be directed. Individual motivation needs to be focused… We have developed a Corporate Culture Curriculum® with The Open University created specifically to promote sustainable action learning. The programme is designed to develop a deeper understanding of critical thinking, meta-leadership and reflective skills, as well as significantly improve individual relationships and team working. We coach your staff to help build your internal capability, capacity and skills to enhance:  Active Culture – our Corporate Culture Transition Toolkit for leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing or partnerships  Active Relationships – our Conflict Resolution and Brokering practice  Active Talent – our Internal Consultancy Development Programme for succession planning, retention and income generation  Active Change– our Change Management Readiness Toolkit  Active Communities – our Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit for the public sector, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs
  4. 4. We can help your organisation to:  Identify, reflect and build upon your collective talent  Create better connected, multi-disciplinary, outcome-driven teams  Foster greater interdependence and collaboration inside and out  Develop a shared, focused corporate and social purpose  Achieve accredited best practice leading to higher performance  Renew commitment to delivering your vision and goals We coach your talented people to:  Recognise, surface and develop their innate skills  Develop breakthrough thinking for breakthrough performance  Add seriously relevant value to their capability  Connect with other networks of talent to drive change  Engage with stakeholders for higher quality, needs-based delivery  Fulfil their potential as accredited Active Thinking Practitioners
  5. 5. The most robust relationships are those which respect the roles and contributions of each individual, the most productive are those which are reflective and flexible, and the most beneficial are those which are sustainable beyond the requirements of the workplace… Working in partnership with you we are very close to your business and its changing needs. We aim to inspire, involve and create a sense of fulfilment within your organisation, as well as help you to establish a transformed and sustainable culture which significantly enhances relationships and performance:  We work in partnership with clients to shift motivations – to build stronger, more resilient, more consistent relationships and culture models which effect real and sustainable change…  We, like you, have a passion and mission to develop your culture with common rules of internal engagement...  We want to help you to add value to your business through enhancing the capability of your talented people by coaching them with our unique blend of commercial, reflective, and thinking techniques…  We can accelerate the development of your talented people as thought-leading innovators, who deliver benefits, value, and compelling influential messages both locally and afar...  If you want to connect more effectively with the wider community – then you’re an organisation after our own heart.. …Contact us now!
  6. 6. Find us on these sites… CARDIO LTD 9 Wood Street Old Town Swindon Wiltshire SN1 4AN email: Published by Cardio Ltd Copyright  CARDIO Limited 2009
  7. 7. the heart of a thinking organisation