thinkLA Search 101: Search Retargeting 101


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In this introductory course, industry experts and leading publishers will provide valuable tips and guidance on managing search campaigns and maximizing performance.

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thinkLA Search 101: Search Retargeting 101

  1. 1. Search Retargeting 101Combining the performance of search with the reach of di lC bi i th f f h ith th h f display thinkLA: Search 101 – April 24, 2012
  2. 2. Search and DisplaySearch and Display advertising are very different. The greatest differences are culturalSearch and Display are converging. Display can power search Search data is targeting display (Search Retargeting)
  3. 3. Display Powers Searches Display drove 155% lift in Search Activity v. Non‐Exposed v Key finding: y g Nearly 1/3 of all Internet users respond to a display advertisement d i by performing a search. Source: Yahoo! /Specific Media Study/iProspect, 2009
  4. 4. Display powers Search results A more impactful, online advertising experience p , g p • Exposure to display leads to increased searching • Display ads result in significant increases in related brand-term searches brand- • Observed 83% lift in search conversion rate1 when a searcher was also exposed to graphical advertising • Maximizes a campaigns effectiveness by creating a single online advertising g g experience for usersSource: Media Contacts Insight; March 2010 4
  5. 5. What is Search Retargeting?It’s tIt’ a targeting solution th t enables you t ti l ti that bl to: Deliver your message to prospects who have actively demonstrated interest or intent for your brand or product category through a search query. Deliver that message beyond the standard search engine results page (SERP). Deliver that message multiple times. Deliver that message using rich display creative.Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential 5 4/24/2012
  6. 6. How Search Retargeting Works With Search Retargeting display ads appear within seconds on sites Retargeting, 3 2 1 Search results conducts user visits on Yahoo! search results page User for that product appear on the the a search for a particular product running shoesYahoo! Presentation, Confidential
  7. 7. Over 350 million O illi searches d il h dailySearch data on Yahoo!Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential Source: Yahoo! Internal data
  8. 8. 680 million 180 million unique visitors in the U.S. unique visitors worldwide 11.6 billion 3rd most dvisits per month globally visited site in the U.S. Average 26 visits 4.7 billion per consumer per month in the U.S visits per month in the U.S. Advertising inventory on Yahoo! Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential comScore Media Metrix, U.S. and Worldwide, March 2011
  9. 9. Two Flavors of Yahoo! Search Retargeting • Easily plan campaigns using pre-built keyword categories.Search Select • Leverages Yahoo!’s proprietary keyword expansion technologies for high-performing scale. Custom • Advertiser-selected keyword groups based on your Search optimized keyword lists.Retargeting • Greater flexibility and control.
  10. 10. Many Search Campaigns Need More Scale Search engine results p g 3 g page 1 60% of search referrals are from the top three positions on Your Text Ad Here the search engine results page
  11. 11. Many Brand campaigns need more impactDeliver marketing messages with morebranding impact.Clarify positioning against competitors. “5 Worst U.S. Banks for Consumers”ControlC t l your b d message. brand “Financial Crisis Not Over” “Economic Doomsday Ahead”Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential
  12. 12. Continue the Conversation with Qualified Sea c e s Searchers Ad Formats Y! Network Plus & Devices Y! Premium Display Target expensive upper funnel Awareness keywords more efficiently y ySearch Retargeting Deliver your message toDrive searchers through g Engagement & g g qualified searchersthe purchase cycle Consideration Retain valuable customers Action & and increase loyalty Retention Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential
  13. 13. Dynamic Creative & Personalized Search Retargeting the the reach granular and intent engaging capture of effect of search display the scale and personalization of dynamic creativeYahoo! Presentation, Confidential
  14. 14. Yahoo! Search Retargeting Case Studies Online Retailer Software Company Automotive Company A t ti C
  15. 15. Giving Advertisers a Second Chance The Background The Results A premium online shoe retailer wanted to go beyond search engine marketing to reach 4x 4 customers interested who are searching for their products but are not yet familiar with their brand. Conversion Lift The Challenge High PPC’s and competition make it difficult to win t ad spots f popular search t i top d t for l h terms. 79% Limited ability to showcase brand through Increase in small text ads. ROI The Solution Leveraging intent signals from search, the online shoe retailer created tightly themed custom search retargeting keywords for their different lines of business, as well as brand terms and b siness ell competitor terms.Yahoo! Presentation, Confidential
  16. 16. Generating Conversions at ScaleThe Challenge• Leading software company• Generate conversions at scale while hitting aggressive ROI targets gg gThe Solution• Created several custom themed search retargeting segments• Implemented portfolio approach with other targeting tactics to achieve performance at scaleThe Results+20% conversions delivered through search retargeting Combine the performance of p search with the reach of display130M impressions delivered over the course of 4 months
  17. 17. Search Retargeting Drives ResultsThe Challenge• Leading import automotive company• Reach audiences who have displayed interest in automotives at scaleThe Solution• Combined Search Select and Custom Search Retargeting with Behavioral Targeting to increase reach to qualified audiences.The Results 20% increase in campaign impressions 33M impressions delivered over the course of 2 months
  18. 18. Rev Up Your Auto Advertiser Car SalesA 2012 Yahoo! Insights Auto Study found: Consumers engaging with automotive brands in the 3 months leading to purchase are fickle. › Manufacturers should be aggressive with consumers who seek them out: • Search Retargeting can build on the interest g g generated from search & site visits. • Use Search Retargeting for consumers who search for your brand, but don’t visit your site. Consumers engage with non-automotive related content online while shopping for their next vehicle. › Use Search Retargeting to reach in market car buyers when they are consuming non auto specific non-auto content. 18 4/24/2012
  19. 19. For more on Yahoo! Search Retargeting… Learn more online L li Search Retargeting Webinar Recent Case Study Recent Yahoo! Insights Study on Auto Shopper Behavior Contact C t t your Yahoo! Account Executive Y h !A tE ti Contact today’s presenter: y p David Caswell, Product Manager, Search Retargeting
  20. 20. ThankTh k Q&A You!