thinkLA Maker Workshop Rapid Prototyping Presentation - Per Hakansson


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thinkLA Maker Workshop Rapid Prototyping Presentation - Per Hakansson

  1. 1. Rapid Prototyping @perhakansson ThinkLA May 13, 2014
  2. 2. About Per Håkansson Helping people and organisations to transform Google, Hyper Island et cetera collaborator Tech startup veteran (Icon Medialab,Yahoo!, Blurb) Silicon Valley / San Francisco
  3. 3. “There’s just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product.And as you evolve that great idea, it changes and grows. It never comes out like it starts because you learn a lot more as you get into the subtleties of it.And you also find there are tremendous tradeoffs that you have to make.” –Steve Jobs in 1995 On Prototyping
  4. 4. Workshop What: Several mobile solutions (i.e. not only apps) How: Through the exploration of collaboration, design constraints, on-target feedback, building on the work of others, sharing and lots of imagination
  5. 5. Job to Be Done Job to be done is a user-centric method on how to quickly generate relevant problems to solve. Example: Help me get there (Uber) Task: Write down as many JTBD’s on individual post-its as you can think of during 2-minutes.
  6. 6. Idea Wall 1. Let’s share these individual “Help me’s…” 2. Then create small teams 3. Pick one “Help me” per team 4. Share your pick with the large group
  7. 7. Paper Prototype Task: Turn your idea into a single user experience on paper, using only three screenshots (not including loading or profile pages).
  8. 8. On-Target Feedback Task: One representative pitches the the solution to get feedback. The new, temporary team members gives feedback with focus on what is done well and what can be improved.
  9. 9. Building on the Work of Others
  10. 10. Iterate / Pivot Task: Share the feedback given and taken with your original team and iterate or pivot as needed.
  11. 11. Revenue Models 1. Paid app downloads (What’s App) 2. In-app purchases (Zynga Poker) 3. In-app subscription (NYT app) 4. In-app advertising (Flurry,AdMob) 5. Out-of-app advertising (AppKey, StartApp) 6. Push advertising (AirPush) 7. User conversion (Distimo) 8. Coupons (Beintoo) 9. Digital-to-physical (Red Stamp, Postagram)
  12. 12. Functional Prototype Task: Download the iOS application “Prototyping on Paper”, take photos of your screenshots and hyperlink them to create a functional prototype. Prepare a 2-minute presentation including JTBD, Demo and revenue model.
  13. 13. Reflection Task: Reflect on what you have experienced / learned today.