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  • The chronic cultural myth of about videogames is this guy. A lonely numbed-out, anti social guy in his teens or twenties sitting in his basement playing video games.
  • Big and diverse and engagedBased on our internal research, we know there are 118 Miiion Active Gamers in these countries. Active gamer households are those in which someone has played at least one hour in the last week and purchased a game on any platform in the last year. This means about half of all households are Active Gamer households. That percentage increases to 81% among households with kids age 6+.83MM console76MM mobile94MM PC48MM HH
  • Note that Film includes all parts, not just box office ($33B, Games are way bigger)Most entertainment categories: Flat.Games are growing at a faster clip.There are other indicators that are pretty telling on this front too…
  • And these people are engagedMore gamers playing more games on more platforms for more hours.While number of households has remained steady vs. 2011, we’ve seen growth in the number of games played, driven by the proliferation of gaming options on all platforms. And importantly much of the growth has come from iOS and Android devices like smartphones and tablet. Mobile games have lowered the barrier to entry to nothing, creating almost frictionless access to the category. And the choices they’re finding are keeping them engaged and they’re willing to payGameplay hours are up for the 4th year in a row.We also seen in just the last year a growth in the number of hours per month gamers game, from 24 hours in 2011 to 27.2 in 2012.Part of what has swelled our ranks is the proliferation of devices on which to game, Variety of genres meeting a wide range of taste culturesHow do people play? It’s part of their entertainment lifestyle. Most people, play a bit, pretty regularly. Not unlike watching TV most nights our of the week. If you average it out, in fact – It’s grown to about an hour a day.It also looks like gamers are playing games wherever they are – fewer and fewer are “Console gamers” or “PC gamers”
  • Note: Male/female is pretty evenly split at all age rangesBecoming More Casual and More Hard CoreWe’re seeing growth at both ends of the spectrum, driven by different platformsAverage Age Still 25… but Age Range is ExpandingShare of gamers age 8-9 nearly doubled since 201060% are age 13-34
  • Among all Active Games, Males are 55%, Females are 45%Female gamers age 35+ grew from 3.4 to 5.3 million in one year, mostly due to PC/Mac and Mobile gamingConsole gamers/disc buyers still predominantly maleHow are male & female gamers differentGenres, platforms, hours played– tasting vs. gorgingWhat’s common is the fact that they do play
  • Play is a fundamental human pursuitPlaying video games is an extension of what we’ve always doneVideo games are just a different vehicle to express a human imperative to playSenet, the ‘game of passing’ or ‘journey of the dead’, was played in predynastic Egypt (3100 B.C)Chinese board game liubo was immensely popular during the Han Dynasty (202 B.C)Chaturanga , ancient Indian game that is the common ancestor of chess (1500 A.D)The British Mansion of Happiness (1843) was a 66 space spiral track game depicting various Christian virtues and vices
  • Play is a fundamental human pursuitPlaying video games is an extension of what we’ve always done– Marshall McLuhan Any tech that exists is merely an extension of some already existing human capacity. Video games are just a different vehicle to express the human imperative to playNew devices and forms of video game play has just introduced videogaming to new day parts and new places. And iOS and android devices have made it more socially acceptible to bring play into places where it did not previous exist– e.g. meetings, trains, busses, toilet stall etc.
  • It is not just entertainment-- The promise of gaming is bigger than just the business we’re building.Gaming can make a better world.Gaming is a parallel path of education. Kids in US spend as much time in school from 5th grade through high school as they do playing video games.
  • Gamification/Games can make us better peopleMatching the DNA sequenceMinecraft– educational use, creative expression, imagination stimulant, Henry– why do we make a distinction about the medium used for expression?Tell Jane McGonigal story about healing
  • The skill set of the gamer is the same one needed for making a positive impact on the world– and it is cool to know there areThis bigger promise of gaming is the application of the skillset to the meaningful problems of our time.
  • thinkLA Gaming breakfast 2012 - Lisa Welch

    1. 1. #thinkGaming
    2. 2. thinkLA Gaming Breakfast #thinkGaming
    3. 3. myths, facts andthe meaningof video games presented by lisa welch vice president global consumer strategy & insights activision
    4. 4. myth male niche numbed-out anti social
    5. 5. facts 118 Million Active Gamer Households in US, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Australia & New ZealandSource: 2012 Activision Internal Research
    6. 6. facts fastest growing entertainment category Global Forecasted Spend 4-YR CAGR 100,000 FILM & TV* 3.1% NEWSPAPER 1.5% 80,000 GAMES 7.3% MUSIC 4.0%$MM (USD) 60,000 40,000 MAGAZINES 0.0% 20,000 RADIO 2.2% 0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers Forecasts; *Film & TV includes box office, home video, digital, etc.
    7. 7. facts more games = 13.5 games a year more devices = console, PC, mobile, handheld more hours = 27.2 hours per month more price points = free to $60+Source: 2012 Activision Internal Research
    8. 8. facts more demographic diversity than everSource: 2012 Activision Internal Research
    9. 9. facts they’re not all dudes Gender Distribution Among All Active Gamers by Age Age 45+ 2.5MM 48% 52% 2.8MM Age 35-44 2.8MM 47% 53% 3.1MM Age 25-34 5.7MM 42% 58% 7.9MM Age 18-24 5.5MM 47% 53% 6.3MM Age 13-17 4.7MM 47% 53% 5.3MM Age 10-12 2.3MM 44% 56% 3.0MM Age 8-9 2.0MM 43% 57% 2.7MM Age 6-7 0.9MM 39% 61% 1.5MM Female MaleSource: 2012 Activision Internal Research
    10. 10. facts gamers are active and social More likely to hang out with friends every day (Index: 165) More likely to work out every day (Index: 133) More likely to play sports every day (Index: 143)Source: 2012 TRU Syndicated Study
    11. 11. the meaning why do we play?
    12. 12. the meaning the drive to play is nothing new
    13. 13. the meaning video games are just a different expression of this fundamental human pursuit
    14. 14. the meaning• gaming is… – an emotional experience – a creative expression – a means of social connection – a reflective experience – and maybe the means to a higher good
    15. 15. the meaning
    16. 16. Gamers believe they are capable of changingthe world. The problem is they believe they areonly capable of changing virtual worlds, notthe real world.That is the problem I am trying to solve. –Jane McGonigal
    17. 17. thinkLA Gaming Breakfast #thinkGaming