thinkLA Breakfast: Marketing to Women Now 2013 - Nuance


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thinkLA Breakfast: Marketing to Women Now 2013 - Nuance

  1. 1. The rapid adoption of connected devices among women has presented significant opportunities for marketers. But the relationship women have with their mobile devices has been radically elevated to a more emotional level— an unbreakable bond. Do you know how to get your message through? Time Inc. has partnered with Nuance Digital Marketing to provide a first-of-its-kind research study that explores how mobile devices have transformed the way women communicate, shop, and engage with advertising. GOALS To Understand: The relationship women have with their mobile devices, and how it differs from men How mobile has impacted the way she communicates, connects, and shops How she interacts with and responds to mobile advertising APPROACH Qualitative and Quantitative: Online discussion forums Focus groups with men, women, and couples National online survey among 1200 women, 500 men KEY THEMES It’s a love affair with her mobile devices Down time has become Now Time Mobile amplifies her social and creative values Moments and mindset matter when understanding her path to purchase She has high expectations for mobile advertising For more information or to schedule a presentation please contact: Jackie Stasi Caryn Klein Nuance Digital Marketing Time Inc. 310.773.3150 212.522.7704 women+mobile: the unbreakable bond How to get your brand inside the inner circle