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thinkLA AdU: Media Planning 2014 - Laura Schneider


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thinkLA AdU: Media Planning 2014 - Laura Schneider

  1. 1. #BORNMobile @AdU by #ThinkLA Laura Schneider Mobile Manager OMD | Airwave
  2. 2. Ben Abt • Studied Advertising @ The University of Missouri’s School of Journalism (Best in the World) • 6+ years of Agency Experience “Lifer” • Pepsi, Visa, Apple, Hilton, Activision, HTC, HP, CBS, The CW, Nordstrom, Disney, Showtime, Levi’s, WB, Walgreens, eHarmony, GE, etc.
  3. 3. Mobile Adoption Rate Snapshot 5.1 Billon Mobile Devices 4.2 Billion Toothbrushes
  4. 4. Unprecedented Growth Time it took to reach an Audience of 50 Million 35yrs. 13yrs. 5yrs. 2.5yrs. 1.5yrs. We are just beginning to see what is possible…
  5. 5. The Old “Day in Life” The New “Day in life” Mobile Permanently Changing Daily Habits
  6. 6. 6% 9% 40% 22% 23% 29% 11% 43% 16% 1% Print Radio TV Internet Mobile/Tablet % of time spent in Media % of Ad spending Time Spent vs. Ad Spend per Media But Why Hasn’t The Industry Caught Up?
  7. 7. Mobile is an Entire Delivery Platform The Mobile Ecosystem
  8. 8. OOHPRINT TV/RADIO INTERNET/ ECOMMERCE Mobile Bridges All Mass Mediums
  9. 9. Apps Ad Networks Audiences Premium Mobile Lives Across A Variety of Sites & Networks
  10. 10. Mobile Targeting is Advancing
  11. 11. Mobile Devices Have Different Roles Utility, location, quick research, short content snacking, casual gaming, mobile payments Entertainment, leisure, heavy-browsing, shopping Smartphones: A Constant Companion Tablets: A Recreational Utility
  12. 12. vs. 94M average time spent 72M average time spent Mobile Web Apps Snack vs. Main Course Snack vs. Main Course
  13. 13. Mobile Web Apps Device agnostic Fragmented by OS and Device Creative limitations due to ubiquity Enhanced creative capabilities, ability to tap into native device functions (swipe, accelerometer, etc.) Ease of discoverability via mobile search Discoverability issues due to fragmentation, but a download lives n consumers devices Shorter time spent – consumers are direct, to the point, in and out Looking to spend time – play games, read content, watch videos, socially connect and engage
  14. 14. Once you have the user’s attention, it’s important to ensure the content you have after the click is engaging Short-form Mobile Video Hot or Not Mobile Ad Formats
  15. 15. How can I target my audience through mobile? How does this fit into my plan strategically? What unique value can mobile bring to the campaign? How does my target audience use mobile? What activities are prevalent amongst this group? What mobile destinations do they frequent? Is mobile the right platform to deliver my message? How can I tailor the message so that it’s relevant in mobile? Should I focus on handheld, tablet, or both? What can mobile do for the campaign that no other medium can? Can mobile complement another medium? Developing a Mobile Strategy – 3 quick questions
  16. 16. Mobile Basics Connecting with Consumers on- the-go Continue the Conversation Handset & tablet optimized destinations Banners Interstitials Using location- aware opportunities Driving consumers in-store Enhancing relevancy Mobile CRM Passbook Opportunities Enhancing in-store experiences Long Term Branding in Mobile
  17. 17. Holistic Approach to What’s Next 2020s FIRST People Used to Dance @ Concerts NOW They Video / Check-in / Share / Tweet / Instagram straight from their mobile devices NEXT hands free “wearables” to Video / Check-in / Share / Tweet / Instagram from Glasswear - powered by their mobile devices