Mobile Breakfast 2012, Paul Longhenry, Tapjoy


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Presentation slides used by Paul Longhenry, Vice President and General Manager, Global Business Development, Tapjoy

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Mobile Breakfast 2012, Paul Longhenry, Tapjoy

  1. 1. Advertising to theMobile ConsumerPaul LonghenryJuly 18,
  2. 2. Why mobile?Which models?What is working?
  3. 3. Gratuitous Market Growth ChartSales of smartphones overtook PCs in 2011…good thing to comeSource: Henry Blodget, Business Insider
  4. 4. We Love Mary Meeker’s AnalysesOpportunity for brand engagement shifting rapidly to mobileSource: Mary Meeker, KPCB
  5. 5. Which Ad Models Make Sense?So…we have Internet models to leverage…but mobile isdifferent1. Short engagements2. Apps…not websites3. Small screen challenges4. Same video push-back
  6. 6. Mobile Engagement = SnackingBest ad engagements will tailor to the audience mindset 51% Internet sessions: 52% of mobile sessions: LONG feasts of content SHORT snacks Search Dominates New Ad Models???Source: Google
  7. 7. Apps Dominating Mobile ContentMobile web usage flat…and follows Internet ad model(search) Monthly Minutes of Use (Billions) Monthly MOU on iOS + Android (U.S.)Source: Nielsen Smartphone Analytics, Google
  8. 8. Banner Ads = Bad Mobile User ExperienceYes, screen size does matter…Annoying to even the greatest fans of “bird vs pig wars”
  9. 9. Pre-Roll Video…is the Same (Annoying)We all know this…users don’t enjoy being captive audiencesSure, we’ll wait…but this hardly builds brand affinity
  10. 10. So…Does Anything Work?Yes! But ads must be relevant and explicitly add value to the UXSource: Interpret: Mobile App Attitudes & Usage, February 2012
  11. 11. Findings from Our 100M+ ConsumersSmartphone app audiences represent fantastic demographics…Source: Frank N. Magid Associates, May 2012
  12. 12. A Peek Into the Future?…and appreciate advertisers that sponsor their app experiences What types of advertising would you What types of advertising have you seen, clicked on and led find most relevant on your mobile phone: to making a purchase while using your mobile phone?Tapjoy users say incentivized ads are the ads onmobile and tablet that are the most likely to beclicked on and lead to a purchase.Source: Frank N. Magid Associates, May 2012
  13. 13. Bottom Line: Be a “Sponsor” of ContentPursue opportunities to provide a (near) explicit value exchange1. In-app brand placement where possible2. Scale with virtual currency sponsorship3. Allow consumers to select your message (don’t insist)4. Leverage VIDEO – in a way the consumers appreciate5. Utilize analytics and pay for real performance!NHL “Sponsorship” - “Sponsor” Mobile Allow Consumers to Data and Targeting Draw Something Content Shop for Your Brand are Crutial
  14. 14. Thanks! Paul Longhenry Tapjoy