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Career Day Saatchi LA Presentation


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Career Day Saatchi LA Presentation

  1. 1. IT’S READY, ARE YOU? Presented by the Talent Department
  2. 2. WHAT WE’LL COVER TO HELP GET YOUREADY!¢  Create the ultimate resume¢  Networking it¢  Finding the right job (job searching)¢  How to get the right job (interviewing)¢  The excitement of an offer¢  Don’t just take our word for it…Video presentation
  3. 3. GET YOUR RESUME READY¢  Who are you?¢  Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!¢  One page is standard¢  Make it memorable¢  Send in PDF format
  4. 4. TALK…TALK…TALK¢  To everyone you meet, ask them to introduce you to others¢  Have at least 3 good questions prepared¢  Find out what there is to do in the world – what interests you most in advertising¢  Start now! Don’t wait until you graduate!
  5. 5. SCHMOOZE ¢  Network…Network…Network —  Alumni and Professors —  Friends of parents, friends of friends —  Mentors, co-interns —  Ad Club Events —  Social Networking Sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc).
  6. 6. 4 MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT SOCIALNETWORKING¢  Having a profile of any kind and connecting will lots of people will get me a job¢  Just listing job title and company is enough¢  When a connection is made/accepted, that means they want to hire me or find me a job¢  The more updates/posts I make, the better —  Quality OVER Quantity
  7. 7. THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER —  Research companies you want to work for —  Are there certain industries that you are passionate about? Automotive, Consumer Goods, Fashion? —  Look at your Lovemarks and figure out whose doing the advertising —  Start with your neighborhood – you live in LA!
  8. 8. Lovemarks In The Age Of NOW •  A lovemark is a product, service or entity that inspires LOYALTY beyond Reason •  Participation, sharing is the new emotional genre. •  Lovemarks leads us to experiences not just ads. •  Involvement is the new ROI to measure. •  Ideas and creativity run on all screens…onscreen, online, in- store. •  Our business is creating lovemarks for clients through the ideas we generate
  9. 9. SEARCH THE JOB SITES —  Indeed —  LinkedIn —  SimplyHired —  CraigsList —  Krop —  Talent Zoo —  Monster —  Imediaconnection —  Hot Jobs —  Media Post —  Career builder —  Media Bistro —  Ad Week —  Creative Hotlist —  Ad Age —  Company websites —  NewsToday
  10. 10. ….AND GET THE DIRT! —  Gossip ¢ —  Search Blogs ¢ ¢ —  Office space ¢ —  YouTube ¢ Check out executive interviews, work, etc.
  11. 11. GET READY TO BE CONTACTED ¢  Keep a list of companies you’ve sent resumes to, and what jobs you’ve applied to ¢  Keep track of who you have contacted, when and about what ¢  ATS systems ¢  How do you answer the phone? ¢  What does your voice mail say about you? ¢  Make sure that anything online (aka MySpace, Facebook) is clean and presentable.
  12. 12. WAYS TO PREPARE¢  Interview Resource – “What color is your parachute?” by Richard N. Boles¢  Mock Interviews: —  How did you choose your school? Would you make the same choice today? —  Tell me about the courses you selected and why? —  Which courses did you find most interesting? Challenging? —  Why did you choose to apply at our agency? —  Tell me about your career objectives? —  What are you looking for in a job? If you could write your ideal job description what would it be?
  13. 13. THE INTERVIEW – TO BE……… —  Be on time, even early! —  Be appropriately dressed —  Be as knowledgeable about the company as you can —  Be prepared share your story to the interviewer —  Be able to ask good questions —  End the interview with a gracious note and make sure to follow-up afterwards with a brief thank you.
  14. 14. OR NOT TO BE……. —  Donot interrupt or use inappropriate language —  Do not seem disinterested in the position —  Do not be a passive candidate —  Donot come unprepared to speak about yourself, your experience and all you have to offer.
  15. 15. FOLLOW UP —  Persistent but not annoying —  Let it go if it’s not happening —  Don’t get discouraged, it’ll happen!
  16. 16. REFERENCE CHECKS¢  Inform your references that they might be contacted¢  Don’t put anyone down that you’re not 100% sure about¢  Use intern supervisors or professors
  17. 17. THE JOB OFFER —  Don’t say “YES!” instantly – unless it feels right —  Benefits —  Don’t accept it unless it feels right —  Be realistic… —  Get the offer in writing —  Get counsel
  18. 18. YOUR FIRST DAY —  Be enthusiastic —  Be a sponge- Ask questions!! Be prepared to pay your dues —  Be proactive