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  1. 1. OpportunityIn 2008, the number of internet-connected thingsexceeded the number of people on earth. By 2020 there will be 2010 2000 50 billion
  2. 2. OpportunityMany of the internet-connected things will besmall, low-cost sensorsthat will measureeverything:- Your fitness activities- Your health- Your plants„ wellbeing- Your home environment
  3. 3. ProblemToday, internet-connected things don„t interact witheach other. They have their own specific software and arekept within their vertical silos.How can we make things interact with each otherand with you ?
  4. 4. SolutionLet„s create a platform, just like a “facebook of things“! “facebook of things“ YouThere is a graph of things with you in the center.A feed that keeps you up to date. Rules to connectthings, both physical and virtual, with each other. Andrecommendations to get most out of your things.
  5. 5. ScenariosConnect your favorite photo sharing services with a digitalphoto frame.Scenario: Every time you upload a photo tagged with yourkids name, it will show up on their grandparents imageframe.
  6. 6. ScenariosConnect the location sensor in your mobile phone withthe heating.Scenario: Your goal is to save energy in winter. Every timethe location sensor in your mobile phone detects thatyou„ve left your appartment, the heating is turned offautomatically. As soon as you„re back, the heating isturned on again. You can also use the mobile app to turnon the heating from wherever you are, so that it„s alreadywarm and cosy when you„re back.
  7. 7. ScenariosConnect the audio sensor in your mobile phone with adimmable light, stereo and an alarm clock.Scenario: Every time the audio sensor in your mobile phonedetects that your baby starts crying at night, the followingthings happen:• the dimmable light is set to 10% brightness• the stereo is turned on and plays the favorite song• if the baby doesn„t stop crying within 5 minutes, the alarm clock next to your bed goes off
  8. 8. Product Demo: Thing List Thing List shows all things in your graph, their current state and lets you control them.
  9. 9. Product Demo: Thing Rules Thing Rules connect things using triggers and actions.
  10. 10. Product Demo: Thing Feed Thing Feed shows the activities of your things and gives recommendations.
  11. 11. Real Things Virtual Things Device Connector ServiceManufacturers Developers Providers Connectors Graph Feed Rules Store Recommendation Engine API App Apps Developers
  12. 12. Customers Device Manufacturer Service Provider Connect their devices to Integrate their services to provide triggers and actions. provide triggers and actions. Connector Developer App Developer Develop software to connect Develop software for various virtual and real things to the use cases on different platforms ThingCloud platform. (iOS, Android etc.). End User Use the platform or apps to achieve different use cases, like controlling and monitoring things.
  13. 13. Customer Value Proposition Device Manufacturer & Service Provider(1) Customer satisfaction & connection: Provide more value to theircustomers with their devices & services (2) Cost-reduction: Outsource complex software system integration (3) New revenue: Reach more potential customers through the store and recommendations Connector & App Developer(1) Fun: Help change the world by connecting everything to the web (2) Fame: Show the world what you can do (3) Earn money: By offering connectors and apps to the users End User (1) Productivity: „get most out of your devices“ (2) Comfort: „be in control“ (3) Energy-efficiency: „use wisely“ (4) Fun: Be innovative and have fun :)
  14. 14. Revenue Models B2C Thing Store Freemium Integration Sales Fee Commission B2B
  15. 15. Revenue Model „Freemium“• Get a quota of 10 rules and 10 things for free• Get additional quota by: – Inviting others – Being active on the platform – Buying quota (one-time payment)• No subscriptions to avoid high customer acquisition cost and churn• Take advantage of the Starbucks effect: user gets immediate gratification
  16. 16. Revenue Model „Sales Commission“• Buy device through our store: – User gets the connector for free – ThingCloud earns a sales commission• Buy device somewhere else: – User pays a connector fee to ThingCloud
  17. 17. Revenue Model „Integration Fee“• Device manufacturer wants to offer a device which is ThingCloud-connected by default• Pays an integration fee to ThingCloud per – Sold device – Connected device
  18. 18. Revenue Model „Thing Store“• Developer publishes a connector or app in the store for money – revenue split 70/30 with ThingCloud – developer fee every 12 months• Not a profit center
  19. 19. Market Environment• Home automation – Hardware focused: BUS Systems, DIY Installations • KNX/EIB, Homematic – Software focused: plug-and-play, internet based • Android @ home, RWE SmartHome, Telekom Qivicon• “Device guys” – Nest: intelligent thermostat – Pebble: internet-connected watch ($10m on Kickstarter) – SmartThings ($1m), Twine ($1m), Ninjablocks ($100k)• “Web guys" – Ifttt: rule engine for internet services, no real devices – on(x): code based rule engine focussed on Android phones – Cosm / Pachube: platform for collecting sensor data – platform for connecting devices and visualize data – Paraimpu: rapid prototyping for connecting sensors and actuators – Evrythng: product lifecycle platform for marketiers
  20. 20. Market Entry Ideas• Photo sharing community – A connector to an internet-connected photo frame that is automatically updated with the latest pictures from your favorite websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr etc.• Prototyping community (Arduino, Lego, Robotics etc.) – A connector that allows to quickly connect various hardware devices with the platform• Home automation community – A connector that extends existing home automation systems and allows to monitor, control and automate home devices• Android / Windows (Phone) community – A connector to control and extend the capabilities of Android mobile phones, Windows PCs and Windows phones• Car community – A connector to a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter that retrieves car data
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