Thin Air Mobile V7


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Thin Air Mobile V7

  1. 1. TITLE OF PRESENTATION crazybread Congrats! $1.99 Crazy Bread with Hot N’ Ready Pizza!
  2. 2. We wake up with it… We check it before bed…
  3. 3. We take pictures while our “real camera” sits on the sidelines…
  4. 4. Then Edit and Share…
  5. 5. We navigate our Day… Even find lunch
  6. 6. We definitely TxT… Twice as many people use text messages as email.
  7. 7. Fast becoming the “mouse” of our lives… Always with us…Always on…
  8. 8. Marketing is no longer a monologue. It’s a dialogue. To be part of the conversation you need to go where your audience goes. It starts with a simple conversation…
  9. 9. 1 2 3 4 Call To Action Opt-In Engage Extend Its 5:00…do U know where your Reply YES for Pizza is? pizzabowl 10 more entries Stop now and to Win & get show this TxT for more Xclusives Crazy Combo! TxT PIZZAB0WL to from Little Congrats! U R wings 91011 TO WIN ! Ceasars! entered 2Win! Consumer Consumer sends receives TxT that drives • Mobile Websites Keyword to a Short Code action… • Coupons number… • Sweepstakes • Entertainment • Information
  10. 10. Mobile is now our central Information Device… CAMPAIGN OUT-OF-HOME EVENTS MAGAZINE CATALOGUE RESPONSE DISTRIBUTION WEB PACKAGING ACTION BROADCAST PRODUCT PR GAMING …that ties marketing to one call-to-action
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing is Right - Right Now! 64.8b SMS (text) messages sent in the US in the first six months of 2009…Up 98.8% Year over Year! 82% of Americans never leave home without their phones. 1/3 of Americans now access the mobile web. Up a substantial 73% over 16 mos. 1% cell phone owners currently receive alerts about sales at their favorite establishments. 42% of 18 to 34 year old cell phone owners are interested in receiving Mobile alerts from their favorite establishments…33% of 35 to 44 year olds. 31% of men 18 to 34 report making at least one impulse purchase a week…27% of women ages 18 to 44. PIZZA is among the the most desirable impulse purchase categories at 31%! Sources: CTIA; Synovate; 1020 Placecast by Harris Interactive; Forrester Research; Pew Research
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing Pyramid APPS Over 2b Apps Served! $25B industry by 2014! MOBILE BANNER AD “For Dummies” series had 1.3m impressions in 4 months! 1.4% CTR = 4x Web CTR! SOCIAL NETWORK 27m people accessed Social nets from cell phones in Jan ’09! 1/3 of young adults regularly access Facebook & Twitter from Mobile! MOBILE WEB “WAP” SITES 54.5m Regular “Mobile Internet” Users! 172m Web Enabled Cell Phones! TxT MESSAGING 38 yrs old is the average age of Texter in the US! 4.1B TxT messages are sent PER DAY!! Sources: CTIA; Kelsey Group; comScore; CCS Insight; Wiley Publishing; VZW Wireless
  13. 13. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago Texting Beats Web in TV Spots •  :30 TV Spots announcing contest for trip to the show “Fantasea” •  TxT call to action generated 325% more entries than the web-based call-to-action •  Making up 52% of the total entries, though it ran in only 25% of the spots! “The mobile phone is always with you, it's nearby and immediate, even when you're watching TV.” -Shedd's Jay Geneske
  14. 14. Services… Content Events Messaging Mobile Web Sites Services Text-to-Screen IVR (Interactive Voice Brand / Mobile Integration Street Team SMS/MMS TxT Response) Integration Voting/Polls/Trivia Integration with Web, Apps Broadcast, OOH, Print, Props and Display Alerts Events Interactive Text-to-WIN Technology Consulting Video Text-for-INFO Mobile Ad Strategy Games Coupons Analytics
  15. 15. 888.469.0233