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Personal identity


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There are name, age, tall, weight, appearance, characteristic etc related about someone's personal identity.

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Personal identity

  2. 2. Name Age Tall Weight Appearance Characteristics Born Talkative Face Fat Guess Slim Style Old Young Younger Think Family Complete Talk Good Secret
  3. 3. What is your name? What is your complete name? What is your nick name? NAME My name is ….. I am ….. My complete name is ….. You can call me …..
  4. 4. When were you born? AGE I was born on 21 December, 1990 Where was Anna/she born? Anna was born in ….. (city,province,country)
  5. 5. What is your age? I am 19 (years old) How old do you think I am? I think you are 25. I guess she is 21. How old are you? How old do you guess she is?
  6. 6. You look older/younger than your age. I can see from your face/ from your style/ from her appearance. Why do you think/guess I am 18 years old?
  7. 7. TALL I am 170 cm tall. What is your height? He is 1,7 m tall. How tall is he?
  8. 8. WEIGHT I am 48 kilograms. What is your weight? He is 60 kilograms. What is Mr. Jerry weight?
  9. 9. LOOK He is tall, fat and dark. What does he look like? What does your grand parents look like?
  10. 10. CHARACTERISTIC What is her characteristics? She is shy calm bad tempered sensitive serious smart
  11. 11. What is his sister like? Is she shy calm bad tempered sensitive serious smart girl? Not at all, she is funny. Yes, she is smart. No, I think she is very serious girl.
  12. 12. Making small talk with your partner, then tell to the class about your partner identity at the front of class.