Open Source trilogy slides from Poster at EDUCAUSE 2013


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Open Source trilogy slides from Poster at EDUCAUSE 2013

  1. 1. From eLearning to Social Learning: An Open-Source Trilogy - Moodle, Mahara, Elgg at Paris Descartes University Eric Cherel, CIO Thierry Koscielniak, ICT for Education Exec. Director
  2. 2. Contents   S  The Trilogy within the Pedagogical Information System S  Moodle architecture S  Moodle skill assessment S  Mahara linked to Moodle S  Elgg’s public view of the ePortfolio
  3. 3. The  OpenSource  Trilogy   Use" Online Courses" Users" Teachers +" Students" Visibility" Internal" ePortfolios Management" Academic " social network" Students +" Descartes Community" Orientation People" + Alumnis" Internal" Internal and public!
  4. 4. Pedagogical  Informa:on  System   Personal Learning Environment
  5. 5. Moodle  2  virtual  servers  architecture   S  Modularity S  Redundancy S  S  Scalability High Disponibility   The LMS is a vital service for students and faculty. This architecture provides all the security needed for a 24/7 load of the plateform for more than 40,000 users. HTTPS Heartbeat STUNNEL STUNNEL HAProxy HAProxy Virtual IP HTTP …   NFS Credits : Mr Mohamed Lamaachi, IS Architect
  6. 6. vMoodle  Topography   One  can  authen*cate   to  any  node  of  the   constella*on  and   navigate  seamlessly.     Credits : Mr Valéry Frémaux, Consultant
  7. 7. Moodle  virtualiza:on   The  access  through   the  Medecine  node   (right  red  arrow)  is   redirected  to  the   Medecine  data  via   the  virtual   configura*on  from   the  Moodle  admin.     The  admin  is  master   to  perform  network   services  :  deploy   plugins,  updates.   Credits : Mr Valéry Frémaux, Consultant
  8. 8. Skill  workbook  :  Student’s  view   Skills reference bar green : validated red : declarative item grey : to be validated Credits : Mr Jean Fruitet, Nantes University
  9. 9. Skill  workbook  :  Teacher’s  view   Students selection boxes - Edition - Validation - Comments Credits : Mr Jean Fruitet, Nantes University
  10. 10. Student’s  Outcomes   Outcomes imported from Moodle to Mahara
  11. 11. Student’s  Workspace  and  ePorfolios  Tools     Internal contents S  Some internal contents come from Moodle activity assessed by the teacher S  Some external contents come from the PLE* of the student   * Personal Learning Environment External contents
  12. 12. Student’s  ePorEolio   Outcomes One skill per tabs Skills Carnet2 contents External Network Profile
  13. 13. The  Academic  Network   S  The network is focused on the student-tutor relationship ePFMG S  Working groups S  Users’ shared knowledge S  Public profile visibility for researchers Works on an elgg platform Open Source Social Networking Engine
  14. 14. The  History   From RenéD.blogs to Carnets2 Descartes and Carnets d’anciens" "anciens = alumni"
  15. 15. The  Strategy   S  Carnets2 has been defined by the President of the University as a strategic tool to build strong academic bonds between faculty, students, alumni and partners. S  A process has been set up to enable alumni to activate their previous academic account and interact within the community. " " "" S  All faculty and researchers are asked to fill in and keep accurate their Carnets2 profile in order to share academic informations : research topics, publications, international collaborations, association memberships. "
  16. 16. Account  ac:va:on  page  for  alumni  
  17. 17. Carnets2  Profile  and  Dashboard   Profile Web site + ePortfolio Contents Networks links Publications Contacts Tags Wikis Groups Twitter feed
  18. 18. Contact  us   IS Office ICT for Education Paris Descartes Eric Cherel, CIO Thierry Koscielniak, PhD, Exec. Dir. Bruno Bouret, Dev. Mng. Valéry Frémaux, Consultant Yann Sallou, Lead dev.
  19. 19. Paris  Descartes  University   S  Multidisciplinary university S  Spread over 9 colleges and 1 institute of technology S  38,900 students S  200 PhD + 600 MD granted each year S  5,600 members S  Faculties, researchers, staff and technical people S  1,300 researchers S 82 research labs
  20. 20. Paris  Descartes  University Institute of Technology Biomedecine Maths & Computer Sci. Human & Social Sciences Headquarters + Medecine Pharmacy Psychology Sports Odontology Law – Economics