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Product management roles and missions


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Product management roles and missions

  1. 1. Product ManagementRoles and Missions @thierry_lefort
  2. 2. The Goal of Product Management is to Avoid this Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  3. 3. HOW ? Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  4. 4. Product Development Lifecycle Conducting market analysis Ensuring products Identifying new quality product candidatesDeveloping products Gathering customers on schedule needsAssembling product Defining product roadmaps requirements Evangelizing new Determining products business-cases Building customer oriented solutions Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  5. 5. Conducting Market Analysis• Analyze the competitive landscape• Define and size market segments• Conduct technology assessments• Monitor and incorporate industry innovations Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  6. 6. Identifying New Product Candidates• Discover and validate market opportunities (both for existing and future customers)• Seek new market opportunities by leveraging the company’s distinctive competence• Determine buying/building/partnership decisions• Create and maintain the business plan including pricing Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  7. 7. Gathering Customers Needs• Define user personas for individual products• Create a detailed understanding of the customer’s requirements• Key input for the setting of appropriate design specifications for the new product or service Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  8. 8. Defining Product Requirements• Participate in the Marketing requirements document (MRD)• Write the Product requirements document (PRD)• Validate the Technical requirements document (TRD) Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  9. 9. Determining Business-Cases• Define what the idea, problem or opportunity is about• Analyze how and who it will impact• Look at what competitors are doing• Evaluate the associated impacts, risks costs and benefits of each alternative• Make recommendations Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  10. 10. Building Customer Oriented Solutions• Conduct usability study of existing assets• Build user stories or scenarios• Build wireframes (screen blueprints or storyboards)• Prototypes (for interactive or in-the-mind simulation)• Design graphic mockups (precise visual of the expected end result) Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  11. 11. Evangelizing New Products• Maintain a status dashboard for all portfolio products• Organize frequent demos of the completed work to the stakeholders• Be the communication hub on product-related matters Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  12. 12. Assembling Product Roadmaps• Populate the product backlog• Be the clearing house for new ideas• Conduct risk analysis• Evaluate the customer value and complexity of each features in the product backlog• Prioritize features based on best value/complexity ratio for quick wins Higher Smaller Faster Customer Scope Iteration Value Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  13. 13. Developing Products on Schedule• Monitor and control project activities• Determine how best to allocate resources so the product can be delivered on schedule• Assess how delays will impact the product release schedule• Track project progress Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort
  14. 14. Ensuring Products Quality• Create User Acceptance Test (UAT)• Conduct software testing• Ensure the product complies with the given design Thierry Lefort – @thierry_lefort