Middle Earth 12 Board Authorized Course


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Presentation to accompany proposal for a BC Board/Authority Authorized Course - framework posted at http://db.tt/yCrfoQ6A. Middle Earth 12 is a senior Humanities elective course - a personalized, blended approach to the study of Language and Landscape. Middle Earth 12 is designed to work as a stand-alone course but will be implemented with a Humanities Program that also includes students seeking credit for BC English 11 and Geography 12.

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Middle Earth 12 Board Authorized Course

  1. 1. MIDDLE EARTH 12 Senior Humanities Elective Course - a personalized,blended approach to the study of Language and Landscape Glen Thielmann • D.P. Todd Secondary SD57 Prince George • Board Authorized Course Proposal
  2. 2. PROJECT BACKGROUND evolution of courses and programs field testing the BC Edplan... flexibility? blog, twitter, and conversations with students and colleagues push and pull from PLN
  3. 3. SR. HUMANITIES PROGRAM course combination pilot English 11 and Geography 12 personalized, blended approach needed a curricular backbone to support diverse themes needed flexible registration for other participants
  4. 4. PROGRAM OPTIONSGrade 11 Students Grade 12 Students2 blocks, 8 grad credits 1 block, 4 grad creditscomplete English 11 and complete BAA courseGeography 12 Middle Earth 12 shared learning activities different learning outcomes
  5. 5. COURSE OVERVIEWsurvey literary andenvironmental themesfrom diverse sourcescritical thinking anddecoding skillsmetacognitive andnarrative skills (photo source: John Neumann 2011)historical, geographic, and “fantastic” exemplarscompliments inquiry from other courses and disciplines(a context for cross-curricular learning)
  6. 6. CURRICULAR ORGANIZERSLanguage and Communication - Language in its many forms givesshape and power to our thoughtsExpressive Works - Literary and non-literary texts and creationsexpress the meaningful observations of history and the ongoingaspirations of humankindExterior Landscapes - Places, phenomena, and earth spheres have apatterned narrative formed from structures and processesInterior Landscapes - Building understanding and relationshipswith creative works and natural phenomenon is a path to self-discoveryAdaptive Culture - Humans have important economic, intellectual,ecological, political, and creative roles in all environments
  7. 7. BUILDING A PATTERN LANGUAGE reading and viewing along a path of personal synthesis deconstructive and re-creative research and writing critical thinking using Benchmarks of Geographic Inquiry authentic vision for sustainable environments portfolio approach to communication and representation embedding metacognition in self-reflective narratives multi-disciplinary techniques for creative expression
  8. 8. LEARNING RESOURCESworks of J.R.R. Tolkienlocal/BC landscapes & writingworks & exemplars submitted bystudentsexisting learning resources wherethey benefit http://www.amazon.com/Ents-Elves-Eriador-Environmental-Tolkien/dp/0813124182/
  9. 9. NEW CONTEXTSrole of the Learning Commonslearning curve for mixedcohorts,cross-curricularand blended learningexperiments in assessmentand “capacity”creating an ecology for (photo source: Rhea Woolgar 2012)project & problem based learningthe power of identity -- narrative inquiry, digital portfoliosnew audiences for student learning
  10. 10. MIDDLE EARTH 12 Map of “Middle Earth” http://3rin.gs/ ...an example of open source collaboration What else can happen when we open up some of the edges of traditional learning spaces? What happens when we answer “what if?” or “if only?” with “sure, let’s give that a try”
  11. 11. THE FULL STORY project development & program blog: http://landspeak. blogspot.ca documentation on how Middle Earth 12 fits into the Program: http://db.tt/Uziz9EBU